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27 Nov 2013

Injection of Nanoparticles Through Ultrasound

There could be hope for diabetics who are tired of giving themselves insulin injections on a daily basis. Researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are developing a system
3 Sep 2013

Teddy the Guardian Bear

Teddy the Guardian is a plushed teddy bear with embedded sensors that measure child’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and body temperature, and send the data using wireless technologies to parents’ smartphone. Every time a child
1 Jun 2013

Personal Pain Control

Dr. Amy Baxter, pediatric ER physician, invented an inexpensive, reusable device to block needle pain. The “Buzzy” device began as a vibrating bee for her kids’ shot phobia, but quickly became a solution for adult injection pain
28 May 2013

The Single Handed Barber

The Single Handed Barber is the electric hair trimmer that cuts evenly in any direction, enabling you to maintain your own closely cropped, clean-cut hairstyle. As simple as combing your hair, the circular trimmer’s rotary cutting system
2 Mar 2013

Valkee Light Treatment

The Valkee bright light headset makes the treatment of SAD (or general glumness) as effortless as popping in a pair of ear buds. Traditional light therapy treatments typically require the subject to sit in front of a
26 Jan 2013

iCouch Counselling

Getting happy just got easier. is a new site for people to get matched to great online counseling professionals. is the easiest way to get great counseling online. It’s hard to find qualified, licensed therapists,
27 Dec 2012

Breathable Sleeping Bag for Babies

Every parent will tell you that one of the biggest concerns keeping them up at night is worrying whether their baby is too hot or cold during sleep time. Well finally there is a solution! Parents and
8 Nov 2012

Workout Trainer

Workout apps are becoming a dime a dozen, but Skimble’s “Workout Trainer” still heads the class with the sheer variety of workouts, exercises and features. Some people like to focus on one major activity or goal when
17 Oct 2012

Review Gym Instructors at RateYourBurn

Physique 57′s Katie Mitchell? “Total rockstar of a teacher.” Chris Griffin at Equinox? “James. F*ing. Bond.” But skip Danielle Wettan’s Crunch class: “Maybe I signed up for karaoke by accident?” Fitness buffs weigh in on their instructors’
24 Sep 2012

Smear Test At Home

Cervical cancer is the 5th most common cancer in women worldwide with approximately 471,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Approximately every 2 minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer. %80 of the cases occur in low-income or
14 Sep 2012

Winter Wake-Up App

Winter Wake-Up is an app that functions as a standard alarm clock, but (by connecting to online weather forecasts) wakes users earlier than usual if there has been unexpected snow or icy conditions during the night. Users
31 Jul 2012

Go Gym, Make Money

The GymPact app assigns a real cost to the common practice of skipping trips to the gym. People who use GymPact make 90% of the workouts they commit to. Have you ever bought a gym membership and