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23 Feb 2018

Plogging Starts Today!

There’s a new trend for environmentally-conscious fitness addicts who love to multi-task. You might think that’s a narrow overlap, but enough people are partaking in this new hobby to give it a name: plogging. According to Buzzfeed, plogging
20 Feb 2018

Use This To Correct Your Neck Posture

There is a whole lot to love about today’s world of constant connectivity, in which the smartphones in our pockets are thousands of times more powerful than the computer that put a man on the moon. Something that is
18 Feb 2018

Take Your Sleep To The Next Level

How many times a week do you wake up feeling groggy? And how many times do you hit snooze before clambering out of bed? If the answer is more often than not, it’s likely you’ve tried to rectify
15 Feb 2018

3D Printed Hearts Targets To Save More Lives

Heart cells grown in a lab and assembled in the shape of the organ will eventually start beating in unison–and create a heart for a patient that has a higher chance of success in a transplant than
7 Feb 2018

Auto Killing Germs Door Pads

Look around any hospital, and you’ll see plenty of hand-sanitizer dispensers. Unfortunately, not everyone uses them, and their germs can spread rapidly on commonly-touched surfaces such as door handles. With that in mind, a University of Leeds
4 Feb 2018

Earn While You Run!

Look, I know you’re probably sick to death of hearing about Bitcoin by now, but what if I told you that there’s a digital currency that can be earned just by putting one foot in front of
3 Feb 2018

A Portable Surgery Room?

A well equipped surgical team not only has a bunch of equipment, but also an operating theater to work in. There are charitable organizations traveling the world over providing free-of-charge surgeries, but their reach is limited because
31 Jan 2018

Biohacking, The Method For Increased Productivity?

Stronger, faster, better – man has always been striving to achieve higher and higher levels of performance. Currently, companies try to speed up public transportation with hyper-loops reaching top speeds of 1125 km/h, create stronger, more robust
27 Jan 2018

3D Printing For Replica Brain & Lung Tissues

Printing biological tissues, a necessary precursor to creating replacement organs, is not easy, but constructing extremely soft and fragile tissues that resemble the brain and lungs is even more difficult. Researchers at Imperial College London and Kings
25 Jan 2018

Meditation Pod

We all know work can be draining and tedious after sitting behind a computer screen for countless hours everyday. Luckily companies are doing more and more to combat work burnout in hopes of increasing employee productivity and