Is Conference Calling Cost-Effective for Your Business?

Is Conference Calling Cost-Effective for Your Business

Whenever the implementation of a technology is suggested and considered, the first question should undoubtedly be: is it worth it? Unless the return on equity of any given investment, whether financial or otherwise, isn’t profitable, then there is no point. That’s especially true for startups, where the return on investment has to be phenomenal to consider introducing another potential liability.

It’s a math game. And if the values don’t add up in a way that the numbers turn black, a cost gets much harder to justify. So, in terms of video conference technology, you have to ask yourself – what can video calling a bunch of people do for me and my operation? Well, there’s a whole bunch of stuff it can do, actually, if you know how to properly use it.

If You’re Looking to Waste Less Time

Time-wasters are a bane in any business. It’s natural to procrastinate – on the inside, most of can be a little lazy sometimes. Developing a personal work ethic is an admirable feat – and applying something like that across an entire department, let alone an entire company, requires remarkable effort and leadership. But, sometimes, introducing comfortable and simply technological shortcuts can also help do the trick.

Video calling shortens meetings, improves intercompany communication, and expedites the decision-making process – according to a survey conducted by the Agency Group, these are the primary benefits observed by roughly 90 percent of thousands of respondents. That’s a lot of time, and a lot of potential earnings saved.

If You’re Looking to Cut Down on Travel

It’s a straight-forward equation – if you eliminate meetings and turn physical meet-ups with clients into professional face-to-face video calls, you cut down on time, money, and the mental stress related to a lot of travel. The world is becoming smaller – so much so that, in the palm of your hand, your phone can help you see and speak to anyone else with an Internet connection.

On the professional level, that’s an amazing thing to have – and it doesn’t reduce the quality of communication in the slightest, as long as your conference calls are hosted through a premiere software like Blue Jeans. You’ll want to use a high quality service, of course, to keep your video calls running smoothly and remaining engaging.

If You’re Looking to Speed Up Efficiency

Efficiency isn’t about taking the humanity out of work, and turning people into cogs, machines, or numbers on a spreadsheet – if anything, that kind of mindset promotes inactivity. Efficiency is produced when people want to be productive, and by engaging with people within a company through video calls, anyone – no matter how far away they are – can check in and feel what it’s like to be a part of a working group of humans. Not a machine, but a company that prides itself on quality.

Pride and productivity make people efficient, not just technology on its own. But with the right leadership, video calling can become the window leaders need to check in on their coworkers and peers and turn the corporate feel of morning memos and meetings into personal messages to promote effort, and a love for work. That kind of relationship between employees usually takes thousands of dollars in training seminars and team building, and the effects don’t last because they don’t translate into the office-space.

If You’re Looking to Improve Client Relations

Imagine replacing the email and the message with a dedicated call to every major – and, if you’re a smaller business, every minor client. Clients and customers value being valued – and the statistics are there to back it up.

According to Inc. Magazine, client relations management (CRM) technology is booming, because it helps businesses connect with clients and quickly solve their problems – creating repeat customers. Instead of an expensive CRM suite, a premiere video calling software can be a cost-effective alternative, and an excellent CRM tool, alongside social networking and earned media – both of which cost next to nothing compared to explosive marketing techniques and ad campaigns.

If You’re Looking to Build a Stronger Audience

If you’re a marketer, entertainer, or educator, then you want ways to get more people to listen to and enjoy your content. You’ve got a message, something to teach, something important to say, and you know that as soon as someone will listen they’ll be hooked – as long as they start listening.

Nothing builds a trusting and interactive audience like live audio – webinars are cheaper, easier than and as effective as seminars, and while they’re not used as often as social media, they still produce more leads within shorter periods of time than most other alternatives, states ReadyTalk.

If you’re looking to tighten your purse strings and pursue the same, or even greater success in your field, then video conference software is becoming a tool that’s becoming more and more useful to have every year.