All New Business Ideas in Technology

2 Feb 2016

Eco Batteries Made From Leaves

When we gaze up at a tree full of lush, green leaves we are actually looking at hundreds of tiny batteries. These tiny appendages save energy for the tree to use at a later time, a natural
29 Jan 2016

How Faster Internet Benefits Digital Startups

Image credit: Average Internet speeds per country, reddit In the recent years, digital startups have been disrupting traditional business models. This has been made possible by several digital companies tying in their services directly with otherwise offline
20 Jan 2016

Headset That Monitors Brain Activity For Under $500

You probably associate EEG headsets with hospitals and research labs, and although the technology is invaluable within these industries, the sheer expense of headsets in the past meant that it was rare for individuals and smaller teams
15 Jan 2016

OM Smart Bra

Introducing the ‘OM Bra’, the first-ever smart bra that will keep records of all the essential data for every active woman. Designed by San Francisco-based company OMsignal, the smart bra is an alternative to other wearable techs.
4 Jan 2016

AVG Invisibility Glasses Help Protect Privacy

Developed by AVG Innovation Labs, the AVG invisibility glasses help protect your visual identity in the digital age. Through a mixture of technology and specialist materials, privacy wearables such as invisibility glasses can make it difficult for
4 Jan 2016

Social Trading with wikifolio

The Internet allows anyone to connect with individual in more advanced way. One can also follow and copy trades of top investors. Traditional asset managers and mutual funds that charge quite high fees might become obsolete in
16 Dec 2015

New Wearable Technology Concepts Coming to Market

Wearable technology is all the rage, but the craze goes beyond connected eyewear such as Google Glass. Designers are creating timepieces, apparel, accessories and fitness wear that can do everything from monitor your heart rate to charge
3 Dec 2015

Robot Designed Lamp

Atelier Robotiq, a design company based in Rotterdam, uses a combination of design software they developed and a robot that weaves in their first product, the Fiber Pattern Lamp. The software tells the robot what to weave
2 Dec 2015

Bacteria For Breathable Clothing

From mechanics to textiles to 3D printing, the fashion industry has been leaning hard on collaborations with the tech world in recent years. In a new twist for the overlap between fashion and technology, a research team
1 Dec 2015

Wearable Aircondition

Researchers at the Technical Research Centre of Finland — VTT — have developed a mass production method for wearable air conditioning technology. The system — called Alykangas — consists of microscopic channels of plastic that can be
30 Nov 2015

Oxygen Capsules

There’s nothing more satisfying or more cleansing than sucking in a deep breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, clean air is increasingly hard to find. Cities, especially in quickly industrializing countries like China and India, are choking in
12 Nov 2015

Breathable Glass

We are seeing more examples of architecture that marry sustainability with design, such as these solar energy generating stain glass windows. US-based Gensler have created a passive ventilation system, which ‘breathes’ to regulate building temperature. The facade