All New Business Ideas in Technology

25 Jul 2014

3D Printed Earbud

The fit on earbuds varies wildly, largely because each person’s earlobe is a unique and beautiful snowflake. Okay, maybe not beautiful. But if a pair of earbuds matched the exact shape of your ear, the days of
18 Jul 2014

Vessyl Smart Cup

After seven years of development, engineer Justin Lee created Vessyl, a smart cup that helps people master their health by tracking their liquid intake. The cup has sensors built into the walls that measure the amount of liquid
16 Jul 2014

Wireless-Charging Trousers

Ever wondered how cool it would be if you could charge up your mobile phone by simply placing it in your pocket? Well now you can! British designer, A. Sauvage, has created the first ever pair of
2 Jul 2014

Super Fast Nano Particles Charging

StoreDot’s technology for energy storage can be applied in batteries for mobile devices, providing a sustainable solution that can replace lithium-ion batteries. Due to the size of StoreDot nanodots, the electrode capacitance is increased, resulting in next-generation
26 Jun 2014

House Printing

The 3D printing revolution is almost at the point where there can be a printer in any home. But what about using a printer to build the house itself? The Dutch company DUS Architects is working on
14 Jun 2014

Volumetric Printing Looking Glass

Looking Glass is the world’s first volumetric printing service over the past year so that we could bring any 3D scene from digital space into the real world in magazine-resolution color.  A bioluminescent jellyfish. An amoeba magnified 100X.
30 May 2014

Chui Intelligent Doorbell

Chui is a no frills security system that memorizes the contours of a person’s face so that at a press of a button one time, instant access is granted or denied.If you are a mom and you’re
7 May 2014

Paper-Thin Electronics from Printoo

Portuguese startup Ynvisible submitted its project on crowd funding platform Kickstarter. The project, called Printoo, is an open-source, paper-thin, flexible, and modular Arduino-compatible platform. Printoo runs Arduino software and is modular, making it extremely easy to create new
1 May 2014

The Coffee Connecting Machine

The Singapore Economic Development Board has created one of the most interesting brewing units the world has ever seen: the Coffee Connector. Here’s a machine which removes all awkwardness of initial contact, and as a bonus, gives
1 May 2014

Auto Clean Car

Nissan is currently testing out a prototype that it says could make car washes a relic of the past. The test car benefits from a new nano-paint treatment that repels dirt and grime. The automaker is putting
15 Apr 2014

All In One Mobile and Computing

Owning a number of different devices can often mean having to regularly transfer data between them to keep them synced, or storing private information in the cloud. Offering a truly connected alternative, Seed is a set of mobile and
26 Mar 2014

Pottery Printer That Reads Computational Logics

The pottery printer is an analog machine that uses computational logics and automation processes to form pottery. With the combination of all these factors, the machine can create a variety of objects, from tableware to candle holders