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28 Sep 2015

Ultimate Guide to the Best Video Conferencing Equipment for your Business

Now that you’ve decided you need interactive video conferencing for your business, where do you go? Choosing the right video conferencing equipment may seem like a daunting task, but with this guide you’ll find it to be
23 Sep 2015

Unboil An Egg

Un-boiling an egg may seem like a breakfast experiment, but Raston’s findings could make serious waves in other industries. With the Vortex Fluidic Device, the scientists were able to isolate and unravel the egg’s congealed proteins, returning
17 Sep 2015

10 Most Innovative Bits Of Car Technology

There’s no doubt cars are much safer, cleaner, more efficient, more comfortable and easier to drive than their predecessors. The rate of progress has been rapid in recent years. The rules of the road might remain the
8 Sep 2015

Solar Battery

What if future solar cells can capture and store solar energy at the same time? Researchers at Kogakuin University in Japan strive to do just. Their translucent lithium-ion battery-solar panel recharges itself when exposed to sunlight, fusing
1 Sep 2015

Nima Food Allergen Sensor

Nima is a food allergen sensor, an easy and fast chemistry test for your food that can be done at the table, discreetly. The device is made up of two main parts, (1) a disposable cartridge fits into (2) a reusable
24 Aug 2015

The Sun-Seeker Solar Generator

Admit it: As much as we may talk about getting outside and away from it all, we are still tied to technology and that means tied to some form of electricity production. Till now portable solar power
18 Aug 2015

Nymi Wearable Multi-factor Authentication

Using HeartID, Nymi’s patented biometric authentication technology, The Nymi Band is able to confirm your identity using your heart’s unique signature. The Nymi Band is a secure, wearable authenticator that increases both convenience and security through continuous,
13 Aug 2015

JAR Hack-proof Biometric Device

JAR biometric security device replaces your password with a beautiful piece of hardware. Instead of using passwords to access websites, you can login or register with the touch of your finger. This removes the complexities and frustrations
6 Aug 2015

Food Rings

Using 3d printing, laser cutting, and CNC technologies, TourDeFork designs easy and accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the monthly Italian magazine CASAfacile’s website and taken to the nearest FABlab to be transformed into
13 Jul 2015

Smart Steering Wheel to Detect Drowsiness

We’ve already seen systems that detect driver fatigue via steering wheel movements or by analyzing drivers’ faces. German engineering firm Hoffman and Krippner, however, has developed what its designers believe is a better alternative – a fatigue-sensing
8 Jul 2015

Potentially Pay With Your Face

MasterCard announced on Thursday that it’s looking to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all user will need to do is simply take a selfie. The system will create a digitized map
6 Jul 2015

3D Printed Office

The United Arab Emirates likes to be first when it comes to amazing feats of construction and technology, and architecture in Dubai is constantly pushing the envelope. The world’s tallest building already towers over Dubai’s skyline, and