All New Business Ideas in Technology

13 Jul 2015

Smart Steering Wheel to Detect Drowsiness

We’ve already seen systems that detect driver fatigue via steering wheel movements or by analyzing drivers’ faces. German engineering firm Hoffman and Krippner, however, has developed what its designers believe is a better alternative – a fatigue-sensing
8 Jul 2015

Potentially Pay With Your Face

MasterCard announced on Thursday that it’s looking to add a layer of biometric security to its credit cards and all user will need to do is simply take a selfie. The system will create a digitized map
6 Jul 2015

3D Printed Office

The United Arab Emirates likes to be first when it comes to amazing feats of construction and technology, and architecture in Dubai is constantly pushing the envelope. The world’s tallest building already towers over Dubai’s skyline, and
18 Jun 2015

Invest and Charge For Free Forever

Amsterdam-based Fastned is looking to gin up some extra startup cash to expand its fast-charging station network beyond its current count of 31 stations throughout Europe. The company is launching Fastned Founders Club, which is reserved for
1 Jun 2015

Touchscreen Anywhere

Computer technology giant Lenovo has officially announced its brand new projector phone, named ‘Smart Cast’, which is the world’s first smartphone featuring a “surface mode” that transforms any flat space into a touchscreen. At its Tech World
20 May 2015

Programmable Table

Good news for lazy people: We’re one step closer to buying furniture that will assemble itself. I know, I know, we’ve heard this before. We’ve been teased with tiny self-building chairs and phase-changing materials that might someday
30 Apr 2015

Comcast Gives You a SIP of the Future

Lately, Comcast has been taking a beating in the press. Consumers have been unhappy on a number of fronts. And due to its near-monopolistic size and power, the company has had very little reason to care. In
22 Apr 2015

Tiko – $179 3D Printer

You could dip your toes into the world of 3D modeling and print your very own designs with the Tiko, an upstart compact 3D printer unveiled at SXSW which brings the formerly cost-prohibitive technology well into the
21 Apr 2015

Paying Coffee With Your Cup

Tech-savvy Australians will soon be able to pay for their daily coffee as simply as tapping their reusable SmartCup, which is embedded with smart payment capabilities. Customers who purchase one of environmentally friendly SmartCups, designed by Australian
13 Apr 2015

Have a Virtual Doctor’s Visit Without Ever Leaving the House

The future of technology seems to always be rooted in the entertainment industry. New formats like the CD, and later, the DVD, are based on either movies or gaming. It is as if we think cool technology
23 Mar 2015

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Reaches for the Stars

Elon Musk made his mark in the business world when he founded PayPal, the highly successful internet payment platform, in 1998. Musk, however, has much bigger plans for the future with SpaceX, a company he founded in
13 Mar 2015

Communicative NFC Business Cards

PhoneHome Project presents the first communicative, customizable, and convenient NFC Business cards. On a date, at the bar, or just networking? Add your contact info to another person’s phone instantly. Your name, phone number, email, address, title,