All New Business Ideas in Technology

19 Feb 2018

Revolutionary 3D Printing For Architecture

Three-dimensional printing is one of the most talked-about technologies of this decade. Some consider it the beginning of the third industrial revolution, while others point out the constraints of the technique. Is 3D printing changing our architecture,
18 Feb 2018

Falling In Love Through VR?

In Virtually Dating, two strangers meet for the first time in a virtual world, both wearing VR headsets and various motion-tracking body gear. Presumably because the gear needed to track their facial movements would be prohibitively expensive, the
16 Feb 2018

Eel-Style Electricity

  Scientists are always on the lookout for safer, more natural ways to power devices that go into our bodies. After all, who really needs toxic battery elements and replacement surgery? One organism that is pretty good
7 Feb 2018

Using Wifi Signal To Rescue The Lost

If you’re lost or injured in the wilderness, there’s a good chance that there won’t be cellular coverage where you are – that means you can’t just phone for help. Your smartphone may still get you found,
6 Feb 2018

Using “Kevin” To Keep Off Burglars

Bold they may be, but most burglars would avoid an encounter with an angry homeowner if they can. But because we can’t stay at home 24/7, maybe we can leave it to Kevin? He’s a light-emitting speaker
3 Feb 2018

Future Surgical Robots

Surgical robots of the future will have to be fast, careful, and powerful in their capabilities. Movies, such as The Fifth Element, now more than 20 years old, have given us a glimpse into the future of medicine and bioprinting
1 Feb 2018

No More Language Barrier!

Imagine if understanding a foreign language you have never learned was as easy as just listening. Australian startup Lingmo International has leveraged IBM Watson technology for its Translate One2One, an earpiece that can translate languages in near real-time.
28 Jan 2018

Nordic Cities To Be Connected By Tunnel Through Sea?

Peter Vesterbacka may not be a household name, but many of us are familiar with the hit mobile game he helped create, Angry Birds. After taking the world by storm with a puzzle game that involved launching various
27 Jan 2018

Golden Bacteria?

Geologists in Queensland, Australia have discovered a unique type of bacteria that forges small bits of gold into solid nuggets. The discovery could allow mining companies to reprocess previously undesirable gold into market-ready products, and transform the ways in which gold-containing
27 Jan 2018

Self Sailing Drones To Navigate The Impossible

Australian research group CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) will be using aquatic drones to explore the Southern Ocean. The government agency has announced a partnership with San Francisco-based Saildrone, and will be utilizing three of