All New Business Ideas in Technology

12 Nov 2015

Breathable Glass

We are seeing more examples of architecture that marry sustainability with design, such as these solar energy generating stain glass windows. US-based Gensler have created a passive ventilation system, which ‘breathes’ to regulate building temperature. The facade
29 Oct 2015

Ikea Futuristic Table

Check this out, ladies and gents: IKEA concept kitchen 2025. According to company’s head of design Marcus Engman, it’s going to be all about the table. For EXPO Milano 2015, IKEA previewed a concept table called the Table For
21 Oct 2015

Foam Heart

Perhaps you sleep on a memory foam mattress. Well, in the future, a similar material could be used to create artificial body parts. Researchers at Cornell University recently used their new “elastomer foam” to build a functioning
20 Oct 2015

Dandelion Metal

In 2011, scientists revealed a metal so light that it could sit atop a dandelion without crushing its delicate, fluffy seeds—and now we can finally see how it works. The microlattice material is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam
28 Sep 2015

Ultimate Guide to the Best Video Conferencing Equipment for your Business

Now that you’ve decided you need interactive video conferencing for your business, where do you go? Choosing the right video conferencing equipment may seem like a daunting task, but with this guide you’ll find it to be
23 Sep 2015

Unboil An Egg

Un-boiling an egg may seem like a breakfast experiment, but Raston’s findings could make serious waves in other industries. With the Vortex Fluidic Device, the scientists were able to isolate and unravel the egg’s congealed proteins, returning
17 Sep 2015

10 Most Innovative Bits Of Car Technology

There’s no doubt cars are much safer, cleaner, more efficient, more comfortable and easier to drive than their predecessors. The rate of progress has been rapid in recent years. The rules of the road might remain the
8 Sep 2015

Solar Battery

What if future solar cells can capture and store solar energy at the same time? Researchers at Kogakuin University in Japan strive to do just. Their translucent lithium-ion battery-solar panel recharges itself when exposed to sunlight, fusing
1 Sep 2015

Nima Food Allergen Sensor

Nima is a food allergen sensor, an easy and fast chemistry test for your food that can be done at the table, discreetly. The device is made up of two main parts, (1) a disposable cartridge fits into (2) a reusable
24 Aug 2015

The Sun-Seeker Solar Generator

Admit it: As much as we may talk about getting outside and away from it all, we are still tied to technology and that means tied to some form of electricity production. Till now portable solar power
18 Aug 2015

Nymi Wearable Multi-factor Authentication

Using HeartID, Nymi’s patented biometric authentication technology, The Nymi Band is able to confirm your identity using your heart’s unique signature. The Nymi Band is a secure, wearable authenticator that increases both convenience and security through continuous,
13 Aug 2015

JAR Hack-proof Biometric Device

JAR biometric security device replaces your password with a beautiful piece of hardware. Instead of using passwords to access websites, you can login or register with the touch of your finger. This removes the complexities and frustrations