All New Business Ideas in Technology

15 Mar 2017

Blockchain Technology To Track Uk Health Data

Forays by Google subsidiary DeepMind Health into the UK’s medical institutions have been characterized by health tech major themes. The initiative is called the “Verifiable Data Audit,” and was announced this week in a blogpost written by
10 Mar 2017

Aura Powered Suit

When we talk about designing for an aging population, the standard approach has been to provide aid in the home– completing tasks, welfare modules, accommodating lack of mobility, which results in a life lived more statically. While
9 Mar 2017

Virtual Reality: Taking 2D Business to The Next Level

Virtual reality has always been a carrot, so to speak, at the end of a stick in the technology industry. No matter how fast they have run or progressed, the carrot continued to sit in front of
3 Mar 2017

Rewritable Paper

Developing efficient photoreversible color switching systems for constructing rewritable paper is of significant practical interest owing to the potential environmental benefits including forest conservation, pollution reduction, and resource sustainability. Here we report that the color change associated
2 Mar 2017

Facial Recognition for Boarding

Dutch airline KLM has started a pilot project to see if facial recognition software would make boarding any easier and quicker for passengers. The “biometric boarding” technology has been designed so that passengers do not have to show their
21 Feb 2017

Kuri Home Robot: Insanely Cute with Some Serious Technology

With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1080p cam and sturdy wheels designed to traverse any interior flooring, Kuri has a lot going for it. What I first noticed, though, were the eyes. For better or for worse, every inch
8 Feb 2017

Legitimate Business Ideas for Torrent Technology

There’s no doubt about it – torrenting’s got what can only be described as a very bad rep these days. But then it’s hardly surprising as its growth in popularity as a way to download huge files
31 Dec 2016

NexD1 Multimaterial and Electronics 3D Printer

The NexD1 is the first multi-material and electronics 3D printer that lets you print fully functional circuits and PCBs. It’s affordable, fast, precise and fits on any desktop. You can mix and match up to six materials
14 Dec 2016

Cool Tech is Great, but Only if You Protect Yourself

Here at Cool Business Ideas we’re all about finding the best new technology. Devices, gadgets and gizmos that make your life easier, more entertaining or more profitable are not only good for you, but your business, your
14 Nov 2016

Smart Bra

A startup out of MIT is creating a wearable specifically aimed at better monitoring and understanding women’s cardiovascular health through an article of clothing worn closest to a woman’s heart: her bra. Bloomer Tech is developing flexible, washable circuits
2 Nov 2016

Sundrop Farms Grows Tomatoes with Seawater and 23,000 mirror

Sundrop Farms, a tomato production facility that is the first agricultural system of its kind in the world, celebrated its grand opening in Port Augusta, South Australia, Thursday. Instead of soil, pesticides, fossil fuels and groundwater, Sundrop
24 Oct 2016

Wallpaper Solar Cells

Imagine being able to tape thin, affordable solar cells anywhere: the top of a trailer, the side of a building, or the roof of your car. Sunflare‘s new solar technology could make that possible. The Los Angeles-based