All New Business Ideas in Technology

15 Apr 2014

All In One Mobile and Computing

Owning a number of different devices can often mean having to regularly transfer data between them to keep them synced, or storing private information in the cloud. Offering a truly connected alternative, Seed is a set of mobile and
26 Mar 2014

Pottery Printer That Reads Computational Logics

The pottery printer is an analog machine that uses computational logics and automation processes to form pottery. With the combination of all these factors, the machine can create a variety of objects, from tableware to candle holders
21 Mar 2014

Smart Food Scale

Smart Diet Scale is the world’s first patented smart food scale capable of calculating nutrition value entire mail on your plate all at once. It is  iOS  and Android compatible –  over 315,000 food items can be
10 Mar 2014

Wearable Automatic Calorie Tracker

GoBe is the only way to automatically measure calorie intake by calculating the amount of glucose in your cells—through your skin.  Simply wear it to see calories consumed and burned, activity, hydration, sleep, stress levels, and more, delivered
17 Feb 2014


Innovega will change how we look at our world – “both” our real-world and our digital world that today provides us with so much of our entertainment and valuable information. By enhancing our normal vision using special
11 Feb 2014

Baby Monitoring Wearable Gadget

The first wearable gadget based on the Intel Edison chip is a onesie that monitors your baby’s breathing and sends audio and data to your smartphone. Staying connected to your baby has never been more wireless. The Mimo
4 Feb 2014

Scan and Fax 3D Objects

Wouldn’t it be great to buy a 3D printer, take it out of the box, plug it in, and be able to use it right away, the same way you would with any other piece of consumer
4 Feb 2014

3D Printed Pizza

Snacking on a freshly-made pizza in outer space just got a whole lot closer thanks to Anjan Contractor’s 3D pizza printer. Contractor, who won NASA’s US$125,000 grant last year to create a 3D printer that could print
23 Jan 2014

Vigo Alertness Gauge

Vigo is the first wearable device to quantify your alertness. With this data, Vigo can do cool things like nudge you when you’re dozing off or give you recommendations about when to take smarter breaks. With Vigo,
22 Jan 2014

3D Experience for the Blind

Scientists have used 3D printing technology to transform images taken from the Hubble Space Telescope into tactile “pictures” for the blind. Astronomers Carol Christian and Antonella Nota of the Space Telescope Science Institute are experimenting with 3D
17 Dec 2013

Will The BYOD Trend Force Business Cloud Adoption?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is an irrefutable success, exploding thanks to cheaper and more powerful smartphones, the widespread adoption of tablets and the general increase in technological capability (or at least the perceived capability!) of employees.
16 Dec 2013

Dog Controlled Washing Machine

JTM Service, a U.K. based laundry appliance company, created the new “Wash to Woof” washing machine. The purpose of this machine is to add another task for support dogs to perform when living with the disabled. As