Five Business Ideas to Advertise Your Company with Webcasts


Webcasts provide businesses with an efficient form of communicating with their customers and clients. However, you can also use them as a first-class source of effective advertising and exposure. Using the instant gratification and quick delivery times of the Internet will expose your brand internationally if done correctly. Here are several reasons why you should consider using webcasts to advertise your company to the rest of the world. 

The Popularity and Prevalence of Mobile Devices 

The worldwide popularity of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, provide companies with a major selling point for investing in webcasts. When using webcasting services from companies such as BlueJeans, you can potentially share your message with millions of people around the world in a manner of seconds.

With the hundreds of millions of people using smartphones around the world, studies show that the number of consumers using these devices to access online content will continue to grow exponentially. One study projects that over 90 percent of Internet users will use their phones to access online content by 2017, according to Statista. Therefore, using webcasts will allow your company to take full advantage of that growth. 

Engagement, Engagement, Engagement 

One of the biggest problems that companies experience with advertising their brand is the lack of engagement. Traditional advertising methods make it difficult to keep customers engaged – especially if they are not familiar with or interested in the brand itself. When introducing a brand new business into the market, for example, traditional advertising may cause a company’s marketing efforts to slip through the cracks unnoticed and overlooked.

However, webcast advertising places your company’s message directly in front of your target audience – keeping them engaged and informed almost immediately. As long as you maintain your customer’s interest with your webcast, you will be able to keep them engaged with your company. The advertising embedded within each webcast is more likely to generate a high response rate with that type of engagement, making it an effective advertising tool. 

Breaking Through the Wall of Fine Print 

Advertising your brand through successful webcasting, such as those hosted by companies like BlueJeans, make it easy to scale the wall of restrictive fine print. Keep in mind that numerous websites and online resources prohibit conventional advertising techniques, according to the Houston Chronicle. Using webcasts allows you to advertise your business under the radar discreetly, exposing your products and services to a wide variety of people – including prospective clients and customers.

Getting your audience exposed to your brand through webcasts makes it easy to provide them with high-quality bait. That bait will lure them into wanting to find out more about what your company has to offer. Therefore, you will be able to use your webcasts as indirect advertising for your business without running into any red tape or restrictions by doing so. 

An Interactive Source of Data Gathering 

The amount of data that you can gather from your prospective customer base after a successful webcast is substantial to say the least. Keep in mind that your audience members are given a number of different ways to engage with and learn about your company during the webcast session.

Once the session ends, you will have a key marketing resource filled with valuable information about your potential customers and clients. For instance, you will see how long they were engaged, what questions they asked during the session, what content they shared as well as which resources they downloaded. You can then determine what interests and motivates your audience members, which will make it easier to rank your potential sales leads accurately, according to Entrepreneur. 

Shine a Positive Light on Your Brand 

Chances are that the majority of your first-time attendees will not know very much about your brand. Most people decide to get involved with a webcasting session for the first time because of the message offered by the company – not the company offering the message. It is the product or service featured in the spotlight of the webcast that draws the crowd more than the actual company.

However, providing this type of valuable resource to the masses indirectly places a spotlight on your company as well. It gives you the opportunity to allow your company to shine, placing you on a pedestal as a credible expert and trustworthy provider. Once that type of relationship is made, it does not take very much to convert a first-time audience member into a first-time paying customer. 

The Bottom Line 

Using the Internet to expose your business to the rest of the world should be viewed more as a requirement than an option. Whether you have a small business in a rural town or a large corporation in a metropolitan city, a successful webcast can expose your business to a substantial number of new people around the world. Take full advantage of this indirect marketing opportunity, which can generate direct results for your bottom-line sales and profits.