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31 Mar 2017

Wuu Sharing Love Network

Wuu’s ethos is all about creative expression in the interest of sharing love without the worry of being seen. “A lot of the reason social media makes us feel unhappy is that you feel like you’re losing
20 Mar 2017

Eye Smartcase for Mobile Phones

Eye is the swiss-army knife of smartphone cases with dual SIM card capability that allows users an additional 5” inch display, up to 256GB of expandable storage, an infrared blaster to control IR devices, and the ability to
22 Feb 2017

Unique Business Ideas that Helped with Overcoming the Urban Jungle

The big cities can be difficult to navigate, even for those that have been living in the area for quite some time. It’s often why these large cities are referred to as an “urban jungle” – it’s
12 Jan 2017

Smartphone Eye Doctor

Despite the fact that many of us spend a good portion of our day in front of a computer or pouring over documents, chances are we don’t get our eyes checked as often as we should. Whatever
10 Jan 2017

Now Is the Right Time to Get Into Ridesharing

Within the past few years, it has become abundantly apparent that consumers are eager for alternatives to traditional transport. Personal vehicles are expensive, public transit is inconvenient, and taxis have all sorts of hidden fees, which is
27 Dec 2016

INSTO First P2P Payments

INSTO is the world’s first person-to-person payment platform that allows buyers and sellers to schedule payments over time. Buy or sell anything, and schedule recurring payments for things like services or rent. Once the Buyer and Seller
27 Dec 2016

WNNA AI Recommendation App

WNNA recommends activities you could do based on decisions you would usually make. Activities may include listening to music, watching movies, eating food, visiting attractions and so on. It does this by scurrying through different sources over
23 Nov 2016

What to Look for in a Financial App

Regardless of what kind of investments you have, you need to keep track of your holdings to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. This means keeping an eye on the headlines, looking
11 Oct 2016

Ripple On-the-Go Wireless Phone Charger

A sleek cordless and wireless portable charger that charges your phone without having to plug anything in, neither the phone nor the charger, Ripple transforms charging from a nuisance into a pleasure, letting you charge elegantly and independently wherever you choose.
12 Sep 2016

City Living just got Smarter with Nello Tello

The current problem with city living: People living in cities are hardly ever home to answer the door, meaning they miss out on deliveries and have to be at home when a service provider rings. This is not
25 Aug 2016

“Bars” Adds Musical Twist to Messaging

New app Bars launches on iOS to bring music lyrics to texting. Smart algorithms allow Bars to quickly identify song lyrics creating an interactive chat experience drawing from a comprehensive library of songs and artists. The app
27 Jun 2016

Saent Focused Living

Saent (pronounced “saint”) creates the ideal conditions for doing amazing work and offers positive behavior change recommendations that lead to healthier and more productive work habits. The app removes digital distractions, and uses data to offer personalized insights