All New Business Ideas in Services

8 Apr 2014

Wineist Wine Delivery

European startup Wineist is disrupting the wine industry with it’s unique way of online wine tasting. Curated premium wine tasting experience delivered to your home. Enjoy a monthly delivery of new quality wine samples, from the wine
1 Apr 2014

Protest Handling Service

Tiltor is a location-based group-challenge service used by law enforcement agencies around the world to undermine, diffuse, or and disrupt riots. Tiltor presents authorities with a non-violent way of handling large, potentially riotous crowds.
19 Mar 2014

You Move Me, Fun Moving Experience

You Move Me’s mission is to make the painful experience of moving almost fun. Small touches like morning coffee service (because the coffeemaker is already packed!), a housewarming plant at the end of your move and a
18 Mar 2014

Stormboard Collaborative Tool

Stormboard is an online brainstorming and collaboration platform. The name comes from a combination of brainstorm and whiteboard. It is easy, fun and flexible and you can access your data anytime. It’s useful before, during and after your meetings.
14 Mar 2014

Date in a Box

Every month the Unbox Love team puts our heads together and comes up with an awesome date. Unbox Love will plan activities that allow couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories
3 Mar 2014

Grey Fleet Management: The Basics

A grey fleet car is a vehicle that belongs to an employee and is used for business purposes. A grey vehicle has been purchased with an employee’s own money but is reimbursed on a pence per mile
28 Feb 2014

The Importance of Customer Service

The world of business is characterized by intense competition and a fast pace. Companies that fail to keep up can find themselves in deep financial trouble. One of the best ways to increase profits and guarantee sustainable
27 Feb 2014

Payments for Start Ups

If you are in the process of or are thinking about starting up a new business one of the most important things to consider is your financial plan and cashflow. This covers a massive part of your
25 Feb 2014

Cost Effective Ways to Maintain a Positive Business Image

  In the fast paced and ever-changing world of commerce, businesses must seek creative solutions to remain ahead of the competition. All companies need to expand and appeal to wider audiences if they intend to remain successful.
18 Feb 2014

Agree to Lend to Friends

A new app has been launched which aims to encourage borrowing between friends and family on Facebook, pushed as an alternative to payday loans. ‘Agree It’ – which is free to download and use – enables Facebook
21 Jan 2014

Doctor on Demand

Anyone who’s ever spent an hour in a doctor’s office only to have their lingering cough be diagnosed as a virus that just needs to be waited out knows the hassle incurred by minor medical issues. Doctor
19 Dec 2013

Period Subscription

The Period Store offers monthly goodie bags to women by subscription, delivering essentials and comforts according to their individual cycle. Customers first register their details, including their usual menstrual cycle, before selecting the items they’d like to receive