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23 Jun 2016

Why Don’t People Like Your Restaurant?

Restaurateurs frequently find themselves in an uncomfortable situation: people used to like your restaurant, now customers are dwindling, you don’t know why. Anyone who has seen TV shows in the vein of Kitchen Nightmares can understand that
28 Mar 2016

The Cool Tech Transforming the Daycare Business

If you don’t have children, or have never worked in daycare, you probably don’t think much of child care as a dynamic and evolving industry. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the
3 Mar 2016

VirtualSpeech Public Speaking Training Platform

VirtualSpeech provide the first photo-realistic public speaking training platform, allowing you to master your public speaking skills. The service offers a selection of high quality conference rooms to choose from, all with immersive stereoscopic 3D. Have your own
18 Feb 2016

Is Conference Calling Cost-Effective for Your Business?

Whenever the implementation of a technology is suggested and considered, the first question should undoubtedly be: is it worth it? Unless the return on equity of any given investment, whether financial or otherwise, isn’t profitable, then there
30 Jan 2016

A Traditional Marketing Method That Can Increase Profits

Business success comes down to offering a great product or service at great value, having friendly and helpful staff who can offer expert knowledge and advice about what you have to offer, making sure your business looks
28 Jan 2016

Understanding Merchant Accounts as a Sole Trader

When customers enter your shop the majority of them will probably want to pay for goods using a variety of payment cards. In order for a sole trader to offer this easy and convenient method of receiving
19 Jan 2016

Snap, Send and Post with Shyp

Shyp is the easiest way to ship anything.  When you send with Shyp, you don’t need to worry about packing your stuff or standing in line at the post office. Just open the app, and snap a photo of what
10 Jan 2016

How To Turn Event Planning Into a Viable Business Idea

An event planner is a person who coordinates events, including (but not limited to) weddings, graduations, conferences, benefits, and more. It’s the planner’s job to make sure the event runs smoothly and that all preparation is completed
16 Dec 2015

Job Management App Goes to the Cloud with WorkflowMax

Sometimes, increasing your business’s productivity is just a matter of using the right tools. No need for rocket science concepts, ideas, or anything of that sort. Just plain old tools. With how business works online there are
30 Nov 2015

Doorman Schedule Your Own Deliver Timing

Doorman, a company tackling the problem of missed deliveries by allowing consumers to schedule their own deliveries as late as midnight, has now gone live in Chicago and is preparing to soon launch in New York. The
4 Nov 2015

Cocktail Courier Delivery

We curate award-winning recipes from top local, professional bartenders around the country to be featured on Cocktail Courier. Whether you like vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila or rum drinks, each month our cocktail lists change. Order a la carte or
4 Nov 2015

Financial Rehab Services

There’s one market that’s never going to disappear: people whose finances are royally messed up. This is the perennial state of most people’s money. And without outside help, most of these individuals and families aren’t going to