All New Business Ideas in Pets

21 Oct 2013

DogWatch: A Smart Collar for Dogs

Pet owners are always forgetting to feed their pets at specific times or give them water when the bowl is empty, but what if you knew exactly when your dog needed food or when its water had
21 Aug 2013

Murphy’s Pet Bed for Beloved Dogs

Murphy’s Pet Bed is a new award winning Architect designed, Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed for the pampered pet and the stylish modern owner. Perfect for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs, these beds provide your pampered pets a
19 Aug 2013

Modern Fold-Out Pet Bed

Perfect for large dogs or multiple smaller dogs, these beds provide your pampered pets a comfortable bed when needed but fold up into a stylish piece of furniture when not in use. This modern design allows for
9 Jul 2013

Digital Collar for Pets

Ever wondered what your pet gets up to while you’re at work? With the AnyPet Digital Collar you don’t have to wonder. It’s a durable collar with inbuilt technology to track your pets’ steps, it’s waterproof, and
26 Jun 2013

Insect Shield Dog Bandana

Whether you take your four-legged friend camping, hiking, to the lake, or just out for a summer evening stroll, the Insect Shield Dog Bandana will keep the bugs away, and keep him a happy camper. Using a
10 Dec 2012

The Dog House Sofa

As I have said before, I love pet-friendly furniture. Incorporating pet lounging areas into human furniture pieces is a great idea, especially in small spaces, where there isn’t enough room to separate the two. The Dog House
8 Aug 2012

Under-Chair Hammock

Every well-loved cat deserves their own place to catch a nap.  Problem is, even the best-designed cat beds can still leave your living room looking cluttered and unsightly.   If you’ve been looking for a cat bed that’s
22 Jul 2012

Milk Home for Pets

The Milk Box by MOISSUE is a milk carton-shaped home for cats, but as we mention over on Dog Milk, we think it would be perfect for small dogs. You can decorate it with stickers or just
4 Jul 2012

See What is Your Pet Up To

Did your cat chase a mouse or a sparrow, did the doggy pee on your car tire or was it the tabby that scratched your new linen sofa? To answer these and many more questions we have
28 Jun 2012

Glowdoggie: Finding Your Poodle In the Dark

Your dog has a habit of leaving the house and taking a dump in the vacant lot two blocks away after dinner every night.  And you’re cool with that — saves you from having to clean up.