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26 Jul 2005

Personalized Postage Stamps Have a great photograph of yourself you’d like the world to see? Maybe a picture that proves you really did reach the top of Mount Whitney, or catch a 50-pound King salmon in Alaska, or hang
15 Feb 2005

My Own Podcast After getting a taste of the radio business in college, software designer Craig Patchett never lost his interest in broadcasting. But without a job in radio, it seemed likely to remain one of those unfulfilled passions
4 Feb 2005

Small Business Owners’ TV Channel

Small Business Trends: Here’s an excellent resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs: is an Internet site where you can go to watch and listen to video on business topics of interest to small business
5 Jan 2005

The Sales Comic Book

Anyone who sells for living can read true, often tragic, often side-splitting tales of sales-pitches-gone-bad in a new comic book that shows anyone who sells for a living what behaviors to adopt and what to avoid –
20 Dec 2004

New Media

Red Herring Blog: The media is self-organizing. Not the old fogies, such as daily newspapers, magazines, and television networks, but the legions of self-publishers and producers on the web. In recent months, the rise of podcasting has
12 Dec 2004

Video Magazines?

Adrants: Acknowledging the decline of people’s intelligence by saying, “People don’t read anymore, and kids in particular don’t read. This gives them content in a 5- to 7-minute package that matches their attention span,” NEWgame Communications CEO
21 Sep 2004

Protecting your Content

Sick of blatant plagiarism of your content on the Internet? Fear not. Thanks to a new free service called Copyscape, you may be able to stop people from lifting content from your site and using it at