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5 Jan 2018

Exciting Engineering Projects You Need to Know About

While technology has changed the world as we know it and continues to impact industries around the world, engineering is one sector in particular where all sorts of new developments and projects are becoming reality thanks to
19 Dec 2017

VRHero 5K Plus Headset with High-Density 5K OLED Displays – Topping Those of the New iPhone X

VRHero 5K Plus is the world’s first VR headset with high-density OLED displays—topping those of the new iPhone X—delivering unparalleled image quality in virtual reality. The stunning double Quad HD OLED displays, each with resolution and pixel
18 Dec 2017

Amimon’s Wireless VR Solution Lets You Experience The Virtual World Without Getting Tangled Between The Cords

Until now, VR technology has struggled to deliver a fully HD wireless, multiuser and real time video for a truly immersive virtual world. Imagine navigating your VR experience freely, just putting on your headset, not having to
16 Dec 2017

ConserWater Uses NASA Satellite Data to Save Water

ConserWater just released ConserWater™ Web, a web dashboard that not only helps farmers but also anyone with land to save water bill! This technology, priced starting from $1.99 a month, uses NASA satellite data, along with patent pending geospatial deep learning to
15 Dec 2017

Sound Huggle: The World’s Coziest Hi-Fi Headphones

Sound Huggle created the world’s most comfortable hi-fi winterproof headphones.   Picture this: It’s 5:30’re finishing your last sip of coffee in anticipation of your morning run.  As you open the door to the world outside, you’re immediately
13 Dec 2017

Handlr, The Easiest Solution for Excessive Perspiration

Handlr is the simplest solution for excessive perspiration. Handlr is a portable device that reduces excessive sweating, so you can always bring your A-game anytime, anywhere. Just 15 minutes of using Handlr reduces unwanted sweating in your hands
12 Dec 2017

SOMNOS Innovative Bed Comforter Targeting US Sleep Epidemic

SOMNOS Innovative Bed Comforter combines the medical benefits of traditional weighted blankets with innovative textile design to achieve a better functionality and the comfort of a bed duvet. Having filed a patent in summer 2017, “SOMNOS’ incorporates
11 Dec 2017

Cleep Wristwatch Camera and Video

Cleep is a groundbreaking smart bracelet designed in Italy that lets you take pictures and record videos directly from your wrist. Save your best memories of travels, weekends and special days and store them for yourself or
1 Dec 2017

Fynoti – The $9 Home Security System

Fynoti is a Danish-based startup company that aims to deliver the most cost-effective home, personal and neighborhood security solutions to its clients. Customers can buy a Fynoti for as low as $9 with no ongoing monthly fees.
29 Nov 2017

Dittach Attachment Finder for Gmail

Dittach is a beautiful file-finder for Gmail, an attachment manager for Gmail that saves you time and stress. – Search or browse every email you’ve ever sent or received – Search directly from the Gmail search bar