Issue 33: 16 October 2006 - 28 October 2006

In this issue; we have for you the newest business ideas which you may not have seen before in your country or region. Check them out: RoboMop machine, Bossaball game, ATMs for churches, scent branding, jeans made from organic material, and more.

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This Week's New Business Ideas


Straight Up Hair Styling Machine
Beautiful Vending, a UK company, has released a hair straightener vending machine. Their site describes, “We all know how frustrating the British weather can be, the rain, wind and even the heat can cause perfectly styled hair to ‘frizz’ and ruin the best night or day out.”
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Laundry Packs
The new product offers Tide Liquid Detergent Travel Sink Packets in single-use "sink" packets, making laundering a few items by hand simple and convenient when traveling.
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Organic Levi’s
For the first time since it started making trousers for cowboys more than 100 years ago, the famous clothing company is bringing out a pair of "sustainable" jeans to satisfy environmentalists.
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Scant Branding
The smells, pumped into shops and the foyers of hotels, range from melon, which psychologists have found induces feelings of friendliness, to figs, said to be welcoming, and the invigorating whiff of lemons.
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Bossaball Phenomenon
Bossaball combines many sports – soccer, beach volleyball, capoeira, and gymnastics into one giant pitch that consists of trampolines and inflatable cushions. Bossaball has become somewhat of a "phenomenon" in Spain.
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Chemoluminescent Hair Gel
Voltage iGlow is a sulf illuminating hair gel. By mixing fluorophors with an appropriate catalyst a chemical reaction occurs that produces the byproduct of light.
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RoboMop is a battery powered 8.5 centimetre dusting machine, replete with electro static pad no less helping to keep the house free from dirt and dust.
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Green Info
Ideal Bite recognizes that people don't turn green overnight, they do it one shade at a time. Everyday information for being a more conscientious consumer resonates with people who don't have time, energy or money to do the research themselves.
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Temp Social Networks
Islandoo: The concept behind this site is to find candidates for the UK reality TV show Shipwrecked (similar to Survivor). Users of this temporary site create a profile with photo and video and can then opt to become a fan of other users.
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ATMs for Church
Baker began studying the electronic payment business and designed his machine and found ATM companies willing to assemble it for him, to be sold to churches.
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