22 Nov 2017

Sustainable Stockings

Sustainable fashion is having a moment. After years of fast fashion dominating the scene and subsequently polluting the environment, small designers and big companies alike are turning to more sustainable methods to produce everything from sneakers to jeans to T-shirts. And
21 Nov 2017

Paint Keeps Heat Away

SolCold, a company based in Herzliya, Israel, has developed a novel way of cooling buildings that uses absolutely no electricity. The innovation comes in the form of a coating that can be painted on buildings’ roofs, which
21 Nov 2017

OMI Bottle with Hidden Pill Dispenser

OMI is a premium and stylish reusable water bottle with a hidden pill dispenser designed to keep you healthy and hydrated in style. OMI Bottle’s beautiful metallic color options and unique design makes it the perfect accessory to
20 Nov 2017

Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch Blocks Identity Theft

Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch blocks all RFID cell signals, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, mic and camera interception to protect people from identity theft. Inspired by the Faraday Bags used by Military Special Forces to transport critical documents and

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20 Nov 2017

Nommi Personal Hotspot

Nommi is a personal hotspot for digital nomads. Overall Nommi is world’s first device that is useful both at home and while travelling. It has 4 main features: virtual sim to have best data plans in 150
18 Nov 2017

Home-Based Businesses on the Rise: 5 Good Reasons to Work from Home

In recent years it was thought that home-based businesses were on the rise due to the Great Recession and a widespread loss of jobs across every industry. However, as the economy began to improve, fewer people than
18 Nov 2017

Fulcrum Sleeve – World’s First Laptop Stand in a Sleeve

The world’s first laptop stand-in-a-sleeve, with support for both lap and table needs. Say goodbye to ugly postures and uncomfortable laptop heights while you hustle hard. Hassle-free, posture-free. Fulcrum Sleeve elevates your laptop to the most optimal viewing position,
17 Nov 2017

Google Voice Assistant Enabled Tea Making Robot

Teamaker.io recently invented the Smart Tea Maker that can make your favorite tea using real ingredients and no premixes. Talk to the machine, and it can make your favorite tea recipe in 5 minutes. Everyone has a preference
16 Nov 2017

Singapore Airlines Unveils New Hotel-like Suites

Singapore’s redesigned first class suites (Photo: Singapore Airlines) Singapore Airlines unveiled the new cabins for its Airbus A380 aircraft. Included in the changes will be new seats in first, business, premium economy and economy classes. The biggest
15 Nov 2017

Hybrid Chair

The Hybrid Chair is currently Kickstarting by Rotterdam based Studio Lorier. A desk chair by day and a lounger by night (or during breaks), the piece is the ultimate small space staple. The frame, made of locally sourced solid oak wood,