23 Sep 2017

WG Portable Camping Grill

The WG Grill is the world’s most robust portable camping grill. Consisting of only two pieces, a rollable surface and a collapsible frame, it takes mere seconds to set up and is fully height adjustable. It is
20 Sep 2017

Gym Pods

Making time to go to the gym can be easier said than done—especially when your couch is so comfortable. But if getting to the gym is your problem, perhaps having access to tiny gyms all over the city would
18 Sep 2017

Organic Lip Balms From Fruit Waste

When Terence Chung was a schoolteacher, he realized his students were on board with sustainability as a practice they should observe in and out of the classroom. He also saw, though, how sustainability didn’t seem to be
14 Sep 2017

A Guide to Small Business Startup Loans

Getting a loan for your startup can be daunting if you don’t know how to go about it. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult as anticipated by many people. When you are starting a small business,

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14 Sep 2017

A Step by Step Guide to Nailing Your Business Plan

Every business regardless of its type needs a business plan. Not only will your business plan provide you with direction, it’s an important document required for when you need to seek finance from a bank or an
14 Sep 2017

Spice up Bedtime Stories with Own Sound Effect

Technology is coming for kids’ story time, but maybe not in the way that you think. The future of bedtime stories, as MIT Technology Reviewdescribes it, won’t involve tablets or reading off screens, but it will have sound
13 Sep 2017

Zero Waste Shop

You don’t have to worry about 5p carrier bags – as customers are expected to take their own pots, jars and sandwich bags in order to carry anything home. The shop opened earlier this year in Totnes,
11 Sep 2017

Re-Integration For Veterans

Heroic Food is an opportunity to train veterans for employment that is surprisingly congruous with their past experiences, while also helping to solve America’s farming crisis. With six times more farmers over the age of 65 than farmers
9 Sep 2017

Changing Business Needs: Your Organisational Checklist

If your business has been up and running for a while, you’ll have noticed that some aspects of managing it have changed beyond recognition. The processes you historically followed have become inefficient, and staying on top of
8 Sep 2017

UrbaNext Converts Any Bike to Electric in 60s

UrbaNext is an all-in-one, 60 second solution to convert your traditional bike into an electric bike with a 30 mile range and a 20mph top speed. UrbaNext works great on road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, beach