29 Jun 2017

Algae Shoe

A bucket of pond water might not seem like a performance enhancer. But that could change this year with VIVOBAREFOOT’s latest shoe. The VIVOBAREFOOT x Bloom running shoes will be the first made entirely of algae-EVA foam. They
28 Jun 2017

Boro Lend Out Clothing To Strangers

With fast fashion wreaking havoc on the environment, the founders behind a local startup wanted to help divert clothing from landfills by giving barely used garments new life. That’s why they started Boro, a company that lets people lend
27 Jun 2017

Do You Have What It Takes to Run Your Own Business?

You hear about the “big idea billionaires” – swashbuckling entrepreneurs who make huge fortunes making risky bets on high technology ideas that change the world.  Is that you?  Is that what it takes to succeed in business?
27 Jun 2017

How to Start A Booming Online Business In 4 Crucial Steps

If starting a booming online business were easy, everybody would do it. And everybody would make a lot of money. But it’s not easy. Anyone who says differently is probably trying to make a quick buck off
27 Jun 2017

How to Have the Ultimate Weekend House Clearance

It doesn’t matter who you are; you’ll have piles upon piles of useless items that have accumulated over the years. Whether it’s gifts that never left the box, or just items that you haven’t touched in years
26 Jun 2017

HONGi Takes Modular Design To Bed With Its Customizable Mattresses

Imagine waking up each morning and not having to drag yourself out of a standard, boxy bed, but instead feeling rested and energized to start your day. With HONGi mattress, the sleep of your dreams is as
23 Jun 2017

Cutwater Canned Vodka Sodas

Cutwater is producing new canned vodka sodas in fresh flavors like cucumber and grapefruit, which are especially fitting summer cocktails.
22 Jun 2017

Movavi Convenient Screen Capture Studio Done For MAC

If you are wondering how to record videos on the gadgets you use, we have the answer. It is obvious that there are times when you want to record a clip or a video or whatever is

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22 Jun 2017

Houseparty Group Video Chat App

Group video chat app Houseparty, which boasts more than one million daily users, raised $50 million from Sequoia this winter. The service bills itself as a “living room” for youth, allowing up to eight people to video
22 Jun 2017

Top Suite Japanese Train

The dining car on the Shiki-shima train. Photo: AFP A Japanese railway company has launched a new luxury sleeper train with sky views, bathtubs and dark wood interiors, joining the race for well-heeled tourists. The top suite
21 Jun 2017

Flo Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence Camera and Movie Maker App

Flo is an Intelligent Camera and Movie Maker app that auto-edits raw video footage into short cinematic movies using Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence. Everyone loves to shoot videos but don’t know what to do with them.
21 Jun 2017

The Handbag Dyetonator

  Snatch thefts are a rampant threat to Malaysian society. In January 2016, 365 cases were reported in the Dang Wangi district of Kuala Lumpur alone. That same year, snatch thefts increased 36% nationwide. The most common