20 Jan 2018

The Future Smartphone

DOUBLE-SIDED SMARTPHONE When it comes to smartphone screen design, Samsung seems to be bending possibilities more than other mobile phone manufacturers. Or at least, they beat the others to it. The South Korean tech giant was the
20 Jan 2018

A New Kind Of GoPro

The REMOVU R1+ is a device that allows GoPro users to remotely operate their camera and enjoy Wi-Fi live view capabilities while you are in action. The major improvement of this “Plus” version over the previous model is a
20 Jan 2018

Turning Boring Rehab Into Fun Moments

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NEOFECT, a South Korean firm, was showing off its RAPAEL Smart Pegboard, a new take on a simple rehab device. Pegboards are commonly used in rehabilitation settings to practice hand dexterity, as
19 Jan 2018

Sneakers As Subway Passes?

No ticket? No problem. If you’re wearing Adidas’s limited-edition EQT Support 93 sneaker, you’ll be able to hitch a free ride on Berlin’s metro through most of 2018. To satisfy the conductor, simply kick up your heels. An

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19 Jan 2018

Houses To Float When Flooding Occurs

Architects, designers, and other climate change researchers are always exploring new ways to deal with coastal flooding, from retrofitting entire cities to be flood proof to changing domestic building plans to account for weather events like hurricanes. On both large
19 Jan 2018

The Trending Hologram Design

The hologram design trend is a force to be reckoned with. In its simplest terms, a hologram is a photograph of light that’s scattered from an object and then displayed in a three-dimensional way. You’ve seen holograms in many different
18 Jan 2018

Interactive Tiles

This product is great for both children and adults. These colorful gel tiles are an amazing addition to playrooms, classrooms, studios or for any party. Turn any floor into an interactive ad responsive surface. Simply walk on
18 Jan 2018

Turning Trash Into Gold Again

Actress Nikki Reed has announced her partnership with Dell through her company Bayou With Love. Together, they’re recycling gold scraps from Dell’s old motherboards and turning them into a new line of jewelry, Engadget reports. The line includes
18 Jan 2018

“The Farming School”

A secondary school in Denmark hopes to be more engaging with students with a solar-powered building that teaches them how to grow and cook food in the rooftop garden. Not only will it boost an education, but
17 Jan 2018

A Woven House

Located in the small Maharashtra town of Ichalkaranji, India, Woven House was designed by Sunil Patil & Associates with inspiration coming from the textile weaving industry that the city is known for. Throughout the house, the textiles can be spotted on