18 Mar 2015

Urinal Powered Prototype

Not only is this prototype an ingenious way of providing electricity by using a set of microbial fuel cell (MFC) convertor stacks powered by urine, but it may also help to harness and reduce the vast amounts
17 Mar 2015

Gift Economics

Mark Boyle, better known as the “Moneyless man“, is bringing his message of unconditional giving to a permaculture project in Ireland called An Teach Saor; Gaeilge for “the free house.” When it’s complete, Boyle’s community center will offer
16 Mar 2015

Sustainable Travel Rewards App

Changers is a free tracking app that rewards users for choosing sustainable transport options. When users take a journey on foot, or by public transport, the app compares the carbon imprint of the journey to that of
16 Mar 2015

Build From Retired Materials

Seattle-based design/build firm Dwell Development LLC partnered with architect Julian Weber to realize this net-zero house in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. The eco-friendly digs combine modern design with consciously chosen, local materials, that are either natural, recycled,
13 Mar 2015

Communicative NFC Business Cards

PhoneHome Project presents the first communicative, customizable, and convenient NFC Business cards. On a date, at the bar, or just networking? Add your contact info to another person’s phone instantly. Your name, phone number, email, address, title,
12 Mar 2015

Breezeworks Brings Big Company Tools to Independent Service Pros

Breezeworks is a smartphone-based, all-in-one business manager for on-site service pros – the plumbers, electricians, maid services, dog groomers, etc., that make up 1-in-8 of all US businesses. Breezeworks brings the CRM/business management tools that big companies
12 Mar 2015

Trunki Ride-On Suitcase for Kids

Trunki Inc is ready to roll out a brand new line of Trunki ride-on suitcases direct to the US. The new designs have great ‘wild west’ appeal with Bronco & Bluebell, pony inspired cases to get any
11 Mar 2015

Cronus Titanium Cigar Pod

Some things are destined to become legendary. The Cronus cigarillo/cigarette holder with Colt cylinder design is precision engineered and CNC machined from titanium. Rotating cylinder with interior bearings, and unique revolver sound. Holds up to 6 cigarillos

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10 Mar 2015

Enabling Efficient Communication Is Vital to Achieving Business Efficiency

Communication for businesses is all-important that failing to make it efficient also makes the rest of the business inefficient. There is hardly business operations efficiency without communication efficiency. Even automated systems still employ communication methods to work.
10 Mar 2015

Elbee: Control Devices With Voice or Head Gestures

Introducing the Elbee, smart wireless earphones that can perform custom shortcuts to your favorite actions without the need to use your hands. They enable you to receive notifications directly in your ear and to control devices with
9 Mar 2015

Luggage-free Travel

Source: http://packnada.com/ Travelling can be made more fuss-free when you are able to travel without any check-in baggage (containing your clothes, toiletries etc.). Packnada is a travel baggage concierge-like service that allows you to do just that. Packnada,
6 Mar 2015

10 Business Ideas to Streamline Your Sales Funnel Using Automation

More and more, the sales process is becoming increasingly professional and organized. Today, sales people utilise automation to increase efficiency and boost turnover for their companies. There are 10 good ways to streamline your sales funnel by