20 Mar 2014

Money Saving Ideas for Your Business

In the current financial climate, it can be tough for small businesses to make a profit in the face of stiff competition from rival firms. However, this doesn’t mean that start-ups can’t flourish in the world of
20 Mar 2014

Cloud-Based Fresh Food Delivery

Fresh Realm, a technology startup with a mission to make fresh food available for all, partnered with RKS to define, design and introduce a disruptive delivery system that enables to ship fresh food straight from growers to
19 Mar 2014

You Move Me, Fun Moving Experience

You Move Me’s mission is to make the painful experience of moving almost fun. Small touches like morning coffee service (because the coffeemaker is already packed!), a housewarming plant at the end of your move and a
19 Mar 2014

The Benefits Of Freelance Work

Contrary to what some people may think, freelancing is not reserved solely for the creative types such as artists and writers, nor is it just for computer whizzes who freelance in IT, SEO and social media. Whilst

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18 Mar 2014

Cola Cola Herbal Drink

Consumers needing a reprieve from Thailand’s hot, tropical weather and fast-paced lifestyle can cool down with Habu, a new all-natural herbal tea drink. The ready-to-drink beverage is made with four cooling herbs — roselle, licorice, luo han
18 Mar 2014

Stormboard Collaborative Tool

Stormboard is an online brainstorming and collaboration platform. The name comes from a combination of brainstorm and whiteboard. It is easy, fun and flexible and you can access your data anytime. It’s useful before, during and after your meetings.
17 Mar 2014

Candid Camera Video

Tel Aviv-based startup Samba wants to expand the video messaging category to straddle the space between MMS and video chatting. The app, which launched last month, lets users record a video to send to a friend, and
17 Mar 2014

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 184

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Greeting Gift Box
- Bottle Caps Lego
- Liquor Delivery App And Service
- Pretty Shoes For Ikea Furniture
- Stealth Kitchen
- Rocking Coffin

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14 Mar 2014

Date in a Box

Every month the Unbox Love team puts our heads together and comes up with an awesome date. Unbox Love will plan activities that allow couples to learn about each other, experience something new together, and make memories
13 Mar 2014

Chune Music Sharing

Music is inherently social, but almost all of the popular music services that exist today are optimized for individual listeners. Chune is a new social music concept designed for parties, offices, and other shared use settings. Users who have
13 Mar 2014

TravelCard – Charger in a Wallet

People love their Smartphones – until they run out of power.  Usually at the worst possible time:  Traveling. Outdoors. During a blackout. Or having car trouble. With the TravelCard, you always have reserve power available, in your wallet. It’s the exact
12 Mar 2014

Spritz Re-imagines Reading

Reading is inherently time consuming because your eyes have to move from word to word and line to line. Traditional reading also consumes huge amounts of physical space on a page or screen, which limits reading effectiveness