15 Apr 2015

Invest the Change from Everyday Purchases

Acorns is the first mobile investment application that lets you open your own investment account on your phone in a few seconds. With Acorns, invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio. Acorns constructs and optimizes
14 Apr 2015

Got an Idea? Check Out These Tips to Turning It Into a Business

While watching her young son wrestle with his stuffed animals to fall asleep, Jennifer Tefler, came up with the cool idea that is known as Pillow Pets. These cute, plush, pillows in the shape of animals were
14 Apr 2015

Pay or Share Content

German platform PayOrShare allows readers to first enjoy the content and then decide how they want to pay for it by choosing one of two options: a small amount of money or a post on their social network of
13 Apr 2015

Have a Virtual Doctor’s Visit Without Ever Leaving the House

The future of technology seems to always be rooted in the entertainment industry. New formats like the CD, and later, the DVD, are based on either movies or gaming. It is as if we think cool technology
11 Apr 2015

Selling Your Home Through Video Marketing

Spotted: new business idea of video marketing your home instead of the usual traditional way. In truth, there may be many reasons why you would want to complete a quick house sale. Maybe you are bound by
10 Apr 2015

Quirky Cabinets

Israeli design company Magenta Workshop designed a family of quirky, gravity-defying cabinets that rethink how storage is supposed to look. Made up of boxes in different shapes and sizes, the cabinets not only provide you with a bit of
9 Apr 2015

Pivot table

Pivot table by Amsterdam based designer Lex Pott is all kinds of cute. It makes a lot of sense for a small dwelling too. The piece is tiny and comes in four geometric variations, made to fit
8 Apr 2015

Phone to Game Boy

A gaming peripheral development company called Hyperkin is in the process of creating the Smart Boy, a device that will allow you to plug and play Game Boy cartridges on your iPhone. The project, originally planned as

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7 Apr 2015

Backyard Chicken Cabinet

Dutch designer Ton Matton teaches at the Wendorf Academy, a design lab in the German countryside that creates “productive urban living concepts.” As raising “backyard chickens” is notoriously difficult for non-farmers, Matton created the Chicken Cabinet in
6 Apr 2015

Sock Society Service

The Sock Society philosophy is that socks are the new tie in the workplace. With the de-formalization of the workplace from suits to business casual, socks are now the new way to express individuality. This is the
6 Apr 2015

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 206

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- The Raht Racer<
- PickMeUp Service Marketing
- Pet’s Shelter; Owners Coffee Table
- Woodpuck Wireless Charging For Gadgets
- Lux Pedal With Adjustable Strap
- Re-nuble Nutrient Solution From Vegetative Waste

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1 Apr 2015

Find a Roommate Service

Forthcoming service LeaseBuddies seeks to reduce the likelihood of such occurrences. Users looking to share a living space simply create a profile detailing their respective rent budgets, quiet hours needed, cleaning habits, general level of introversion or extroversion,