25 Jun 2014

Cool but Pricey Business Ideas

Starting your own business will always entail some initial costs, but some ideas are considerably more expensive than others. It takes a brave person to go into such a venture, knowing that there’s always the possibility they
24 Jun 2014

The MindRider

While many people will tell you that commuting by bicycle is less stressful than driving, the fact remains that it can still be … well, stressful. While you could try to determine the least-taxing route by jotting
24 Jun 2014

Starting a Business without Experience

A large number of new business owners set up companies with only a very limited knowledge of the field they propose to work in. This may come as a surprise and it may even sound foolhardy. Yet
23 Jun 2014

Z Dress

Z Dress is a patent pending invention of one dress that converts to four styles! Enables women to transform their look in a matter of minutes. Great for light travelling. Z Dress Lookbook from Anastasia on Vimeo.
23 Jun 2014

The Entrepreneurs Who’ve Made Big Bucks Online

We’ve all seen the headline figures slapped onto those big internet business deals. Remember when Facebook acquired Instagram for a hefty $1 billion? Or when the Draw Something app sold for $250 million, just a matter of
23 Jun 2014

Mixed Reality Living Spaces

When it comes to forecasting the future, there are two schools of thought: one that sees our planetary cup still half full, the other alarmingly half empty. You can cast Bernardo Schorr, MFA candidate in Parsons’ Design
22 Jun 2014

How to Make Your Office Cool

Office designs have come a long way in the past 100 years. In the early part of the 20th century, office spaces – as they were then – were seen to be restrictive and impractical. The idea
19 Jun 2014

Scribble Colour Pen

Scribble is the first coloring device of its kind that can take the world of color around you and transfer it directly to either paper or your favourite mobile device. The Scribble pen and stylus pairs with

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18 Jun 2014

Lumoid Photography Rental

Lumoid helps you try before you buy expensive (or not so expensive) gear. Lumoid offers a daily trial price – pick a start and end date, and pay exactly for the days you’d like to keep the items.
17 Jun 2014

Upright for Bad Posture

UpRight, a small, comfortable wearable device and app to improve posture and well-being, is today launching a 60-day Indiegogo campaign to begin production and distribution. The UpRight posture device uses multiple sensors and advanced algorithms to achieve unparalleled accuracy.
16 Jun 2014

TIK Lightest Keychain

The keychain: your daily companion. If it’s a bulky piece and you keep it in your pocket, it might be an unpleasant cargo. Your keychain is a personal statement: it is a fix item among your everyday
14 Jun 2014

Volumetric Printing Looking Glass

Looking Glass is the world’s first volumetric printing service over the past year so that we could bring any 3D scene from digital space into the real world in magazine-resolution color.  A bioluminescent jellyfish. An amoeba magnified 100X.