13 Sep 2016

Practical No-Nonsense Tips For Starting A Profitable Blog

With the Web 2.0 boom in recent years and the advent of social media, it is easier than ever today to start a business. And it is also possible to extend the marketing scope of your business
13 Sep 2016

iBand+ EEG headband that helps you Sleep and Dream

Imagine that while you are dreaming you could become aware of, and control your thoughts. You would have your own Inception like dream sequence – and could make the impossible, possible in your own virtual sleep reality.
12 Sep 2016

City Living just got Smarter with Nello Tello

The current problem with city living: People living in cities are hardly ever home to answer the door, meaning they miss out on deliveries and have to be at home when a service provider rings. This is not
12 Sep 2016

Taking on Chef’s Role

Diners who manage to book a place will quite literally “take over the restaurant”, choosing their own menu and even naming the restaurant after themselves. Those wanting to try their hand at some Scandinavian cuisine are in
10 Sep 2016

Benefits of an Online Spell Check Tool

It is very common for people to make a few spelling mistakes in their writings. If you have written an essay, the best way to make sure it is free from errors is to spend some time
9 Sep 2016

Precison Cheese Board

Serve your cheese in precise portions. CHEESE DEGREES has all the measurements you need for utterly accurate cuts. Durable 6 7/8″ x 8 1/2″ bamboo board with engraved measurements. Cheese Degrees [FredandFriends]
8 Sep 2016

Minimalist Tape Dispenser

Designer Pascal Heiler’s comma-shaped, centrifugal-cast niclafor (copper, nickel, and tin alloy) accessory is finished by hand and specified to fit 12 mm width adhesive tapes. To use, press onto the rocker-shaped ZYP-ZYP’s tapered end, cut required length
6 Sep 2016

Embracing Biodesign

Baubotanik, or Living Plant Constructions, is the brainchild of architect Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig who found inspiration in the ancient art of tree shaping that’s spanned cultures worldwide, from medieval European topiary to Japanese bonsai. Baubotanik puts a

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29 Aug 2016

New Stockbroker Business Ideas Trends

Depending on the end-customer’s needs and level of knowledge in the stock market and investing, you can basically choose from two types of stockbroker business ideas in the new market space today. Full Service Brokers: Typically associated with
29 Aug 2016

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 222

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Rubiks Bookcase
- Pen That Repurposes Old Plastic Goods
- Open Source Precious Plastic Recycling Machines
- Chocolate Lego Sculptures
- Eating Europe Food Tours
- Geometric Shelves

Click here to read more.
29 Aug 2016

How Group Insurance Works for Small Businesses

These days, smaller businesses have to be able to offer incentives to employees that are just as competitive as those that are being provided by larger corporations. Having the ability to provide health insurance can be a
28 Aug 2016

Innovative Online and Mobile Games That Can be Found Today

The gaming industry in the UK is worth an estimated £3.9bn and is constantly undergoing periods of evolution and that trend looks set to continue in the coming years. Virtual reality led innovations in the gaming industry