29 Mar 2016

WHEELA Lightest Collapsible Scootbike

WHEELA the Scootbike is the world´s lightest collapsible scootbike. The project is an international team start-up, currently in its launch phase. WHEELA is a personal transportation device with a unique patented design, combining the advantages of a
29 Mar 2016

Why Having Dogs in the Office Can Improve Employee Morale

Within the next decade, millennials will become the largest demographic in the global workforce. Businesses are preparing for the Generation Y invasion by introducing fresh approaches to work that meet the needs of this new wave of
28 Mar 2016

The Cool Tech Transforming the Daycare Business

If you don’t have children, or have never worked in daycare, you probably don’t think much of child care as a dynamic and evolving industry. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. Even though the
27 Mar 2016

Stable Revenue Streams for New Business Ideas and Startups

Are you getting the most value out of your website? The primary purpose of your website may be to let people know about your new business idea or startup, but you can get much more out of
26 Mar 2016

What Every New Business Idea Startup Needs to Know About Marketing

If you are new to business, you need to know that marketing can make or break your new business idea or concept, no matter how brilliant. There is a feeling that even when the word about your
24 Mar 2016

Spherical Tires Provide Magnetic Levitation

The Eagle 360, a new tire design concept from Goodyear, is a rounded sphere held in place by magnetic fields and designed for a smoother ride in your future driver-free car. An organically-patterned, 3D-printed tread is designed to adapt
23 Mar 2016

Unconventional Concepts for Managing a Mobile Workforce

The face of modern small business has changed dramatically over the years. We are living in a modern age where everything seems to be tied to the internet. One major change that has occurred in recent years
23 Mar 2016

Make Sure Your New business Idea Startup has a Web Presence

In the past, if you wanted a service or product, the yellow pages would be the obvious place to look. However, in today’s digital age, every business should have an online presence, as the Internet is the

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23 Mar 2016

The Nap Bar

Who doesn’t love a nap? Even better are things that make naps easier and more cozy. Smarin are known for their nap-friendly lounge pieces and the France-based studio recently completed an installation in Dubai called the Nap Bar.
22 Mar 2016

Dashboards Monitoring Apps and Strategies to Increase Productivity for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

Many would-be entrepreneurs bolt out of the gate with excitement when it comes to setting up their new ecommerce business, only to find that the business fizzles out after only a few months. It’s important to find
22 Mar 2016

4 in 1 XSTAND Adds a Little Luxury to your Desktop

Dale Rorabaugh, the creator behind the X STAND has designed a stand that holds your laptop, tablet and smartphone.  This multi-functional stand changes from sitting, standing or typing mode in seconds.  When not using it with your
21 Mar 2016

FUBi Fixie Transforms Your Bike into a Folding Bike

The idea with FUBi fixie is to replace the existing frame of your bike with a folding one. With the affordable FUBi fixie folding frame you get a folding bike that has the same riding features and