15 Nov 2017

Hybrid Chair

The Hybrid Chair is currently Kickstarting by Rotterdam based Studio Lorier. A desk chair by day and a lounger by night (or during breaks), the piece is the ultimate small space staple. The frame, made of locally sourced solid oak wood,
14 Nov 2017

The LEGO House

Get ready to live out your childhood dream! The LEGO House in Billund, Denmark has partnered with Airbnb to offer one family the chance to spend the night in a home made of 25 million bricks. This is an incredible opportunity, and
13 Nov 2017

Standup Varibike Full Body Scooter Bike

The invention of the “Standup Varibike” is diverse and somehow brilliant. Probably no other outdoor sports equipment offers that much variety, flexibility and fun. In addition, it is convenient for getting around like a scooter. However, it
12 Nov 2017

Closca Bottle and App, Redefining How You Drink Water

Every year more than 80 billion plastic bottles are cast adrift into our oceans and landfills – with each bottle taking more than 400 years to decompose. Closca Bottle has a stretchy silicone flap-strap with a magnetic

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11 Nov 2017

Picking The Perfect Web Hosting Platform

When it comes to starting your own online business, blog, or personal website, there are a ton of options. Just deciding what you want your website to be and look like is a monumental task in it
10 Nov 2017

SendPulse Leveraging on AI to Increase Customers

Fretting over how best to work out email marketing for your business? Most business owners managing an online business would know the difficulties of having to find the golden time to reach out to different target segments
10 Nov 2017

Canary Mail aims to do for secure email what Tesla has done for electric cars

Canary’s stunning new email app makes cutting-edge email encryption as easy and hassle-free as it is in modern chat apps, such as WhatsApp. Just like WhatsApp, Canary automates the key exchange needed for end-to-end encryption. The email
9 Nov 2017

Wanderwatch Brings Kids Outside With Gamification

Children spend less time outdoors than prisoners. We all know that outdoor play makes children smarter, healthier and happier. Outdoor toys have hardly evolved since the 1960s. “That is why we have developed Wanderwatch”, says Ellie Karssemakers.
9 Nov 2017

Making An App? Three Localisation Tips For Taking It International

The global market has seen a huge increase in the number of smartphone users, and with this comes an increase in the number of apps being downloaded and used on a daily basis. The Apple App store
8 Nov 2017

New Startup Goes Old School By Launching Analog Tool To Improve Digital App Design

Fusability Apps launched an app sketchbook officially titled Build Apps Sketchbook though Kickstarter. Exciting features of the sketchbook include 120 app screen templates, a full-sheet dot grid on every page, an embossed cover, and a double-coil loop