8 Jan 2016

Skeye Nano Drone

Meet the SKEYE Nano Drone, measuring just 4.0 x 4.0 centimeter (or 1.57 x 1.57 inch)! An incredible quadcopter, so small it can easily sit on your thumb and fly on precision controlled exercises into the narrowest
7 Jan 2016

The Hypnos Hoodie with Inflatable Pillow

The Hypnos Hoodie is an everyday hoodie that inflates for sleep (and support) on the go. Hypnos is redefining the hooded sweatshirt for sleep through an engineered, patent pending pillow system. The form contours and wraps around
6 Jan 2016

The Light Phone for Less Connectedness

The Light Phone only makes and receives calls (and tells the time). It works with your existing phone so that calls get forwarded, so you can leave your “personal computer” at home when you go for a jog,
5 Jan 2016

Kingii Wearable Inflatable for Water Safety

Kingii is the new wristband for all those who love water. If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface. Kingii is lightweight and can be worn
4 Jan 2016

AVG Invisibility Glasses Help Protect Privacy

Developed by AVG Innovation Labs, the AVG invisibility glasses help protect your visual identity in the digital age. Through a mixture of technology and specialist materials, privacy wearables such as invisibility glasses can make it difficult for
4 Jan 2016

Social Trading with wikifolio

The Internet allows anyone to connect with individual in more advanced way. One can also follow and copy trades of top investors. Traditional asset managers and mutual funds that charge quite high fees might become obsolete in
30 Dec 2015

Swipe the Light Direction with Fluxo

FLUXO is the first smart design lamp where you can move the light in any direction with app and sensor control. It is an award winning design pendant lamp that allows you to move the light in
29 Dec 2015

Different Suit Furnitures

Michael Jantzen’s transformable chair and table can be swapped out and changed in order to suit your moods and changing style. The knobs can be turned on the chair and table and different colored and/or printed fabrics

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28 Dec 2015

HEAVN Daylight Lamp

The HEAVN lamp is not only lighting for the workplace but also imitates the ideal variation of the sun over the day. The thereby used therapeutic frequencies of the light activate the biorhythm and fosters health and
28 Dec 2015

Cable Organizer

A cluttered desk makes for an uninspiring workday. Clean up the tangled cords around your workspace with this Cable Organizer, which securely holds a wide-range of wires between its grid of flexible knobs. With an adhesive back
25 Dec 2015

Washable Phone

Waterproof phones are beyond old news in Japan; practically every phone released by a domestic manufacturer has been toilet-droppable for several years. But until now, that waterproofing didn’t protect phones from the kind of rigorous scrubbing needed
24 Dec 2015

Urban Algae

As populations explode and natural resources dwindle, global visionaries are exploring alternative sources of sustenance – and ecoLogic Studio has been at the forefront of this pursuit for several years. Their most recent project, the Urban Algae