5 Apr 2017

Software Options Comparable to Tableau

Tableau first hit the market in 2003 and has been a hit for large corporations and non-profits alike. The software is incredibly versatile in providing necessary data analysis for budgeting, implementing new products and even assessing a removal
5 Apr 2017

Cocofloss – Floss with Fruits Flavour

Cocofloss is a super-cleansing, high performance dental floss. Its microfiber filaments are designed to scrub your pearly whites refreshingly clean. Coconut oil invigorates your smile. Subtle fruit hints such as orange, mint, coconut and so on relax and
4 Apr 2017

Capsule Personal Pharmacy

Billing itself as a “better, smarter, kinder pharmacy,” Capsule is the brainchild of an investor and former pharmacist who had grown frustrated with the disconnect between pharmacies and the rest of the healthcare system. To make the experience
3 Apr 2017

Curated Sneakers Resale Platform

Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is a mobile-only marketplace for footwear fanatics to buy and sell collectible sneakers. Those wanting to sell new, coveted kicks must send them to the company’s office for inspection so that experts
1 Apr 2017

5 Things MBAs Know About Marketing

There are plenty of good reasons to earn an MBA. From increased earning potential to greater opportunities for advancement, the reasons for enrolling in Business school are as varied as students themselves. In fact, a growing number
31 Mar 2017

Wuu Sharing Love Network

Wuu’s ethos is all about creative expression in the interest of sharing love without the worry of being seen. “A lot of the reason social media makes us feel unhappy is that you feel like you’re losing
30 Mar 2017

Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet

Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your cycle, your fertility, and your health. Ava is clinically proven to detect the very beginning of the fertile window—in real time, as it happens. That’s totally different
29 Mar 2017

Reshopper Resale Marketplace App for Parents

With children quickly outgrowing their clothing, parents are frequently left with unwanted garments and the constant expense of having to buy bigger ones—not ideal given that Millennial parents are actively trying to buy fewer things in an

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28 Mar 2017

Green Retreat

Overlooking a private bay along the Northern Coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, The Tongsai Bay Hotel boasts more than luxurious seaside accommodations. The award-winning family-owned resort was built within a 28 and a half acre landscape that
27 Mar 2017

Experimental Luminaries

You might have been able to tell that we weren’t completely sure what to call these. Viride is so unique and interesting that we haven’t even gotten a name for them yet. Goula / Figuera Studio, which
26 Mar 2017

5 Solid Income Streams for Your Blog

Whether you’re just launching a new blog or have been running one for years, likely one of your top concerns is bringing in the income necessary to sustain it and grow. For most blog owners, advertising is
24 Mar 2017

McDonald’s Weddings

Engaged couples in Hong Kong can celebrate the love they have for each other, as well as their mutual love for McDonald’s, by tying the knot at one of its restaurants. The chain developed its branded wedding