28 Jan 2016

Water saving Smart Shower

At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an overly “smart” showerhead called the Hydrao was shown. It basically detects how much water you’re wasting with those long showers. Using sensors and LED lights, when it
28 Jan 2016

Understanding Merchant Accounts as a Sole Trader

When customers enter your shop the majority of them will probably want to pay for goods using a variety of payment cards. In order for a sole trader to offer this easy and convenient method of receiving
27 Jan 2016

The Ergon Desk

There are now plenty of standing desks for buyers to choose from, along with desks that allow users to switch between sitting and standing. The Ergon Desk, however, takes things a step farther. It’s a six-person unit
26 Jan 2016

Pastoral Roof

This modular social housing project for Tangier, Morocco, utilizes prefabrication and passive design principles to create a sustainable neighborhood with enviable views of the Atlantic. Stephane Malka of Malka Architecture envisioned the four modules as adjustable green-roofed
25 Jan 2016

Seed Sculpture

Here is one unorthodox way to lift your greenery off your counters – sculpturesque planters. SEED by Taeg Nishimoto of studio TN/MOS created these beautiful wall mounted objects that can hold and showcase small house plants. Inspired by river stones,
24 Jan 2016

Creating Timeless Presentations with Software

The point of any presentation is simple. People expect to hear a specific message and it is up to the presenter to deliver that message. However, the days of people needing to gather face to face in
21 Jan 2016

Smart Remote to Control Any Smart Device

Smart Remote by Sevenhugs is the world’s first contextual remote to control anything at home with just one touch. Control all your connected devices with the Smart Remote. It instantly recognizes where and what you’re pointing to, adapting its
20 Jan 2016

ZERO1 Local Deformation Helmet

You don’t need to see Concussion to understand the dangers inherent in contact sports. Research increasingly connects sports-related head injuries to chronic brain issues like light sensitivity, depression and anxiety. Yet, despite awareness and huge leaps in

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20 Jan 2016

Headset That Monitors Brain Activity For Under $500

You probably associate EEG headsets with hospitals and research labs, and although the technology is invaluable within these industries, the sheer expense of headsets in the past meant that it was rare for individuals and smaller teams
19 Jan 2016

Snap, Send and Post with Shyp

Shyp is the easiest way to ship anything.  When you send with Shyp, you don’t need to worry about packing your stuff or standing in line at the post office. Just open the app, and snap a photo of what
18 Jan 2016

ALEX Neck Posture Tracker and Coach

ALEX is the first posture tracker and coach that helps prevent back and neck pain caused by ‘text neck.’  Because ALEX is positioned on your neck, it can track the exact position of your head and neck to determine bad
18 Jan 2016

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 219

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