20 Feb 2015

Eye Catching Envelopes

Yong-Hwan Shin, of NBDC (Nordic Bros. Design Community) in Seoul, Korea, gave the document envelope an eye-catching Memphis-y update that I’m dying to get my hands on. Needing something that would standout for a proposal, Shin designed
19 Feb 2015

Long Lasting Customizable Modular Smartphone

Opting for a new phone every 18 months or so is not the most sustainable or environmentally friendly way to operate— and this is why Finland-based company Circular Devices is developing the “Puzzlephone”, which is designed to
18 Feb 2015

Would You Like A Lucrative Career In App Development?

If you are seeking a new career move and have an avid interest in web or mobile based development then perhaps you should consider a job in App Development. Mobile gaming has increased emphatically during these past
18 Feb 2015

Cloud Slicer Game for Travelers

Air France’s take on Fruit Ninja, Cloud Slicer has passengers trying to slash the most clouds floating across the screen. Launched at two airports in Singapore and Japan, travelers waiting for their flights were able to compete
17 Feb 2015

Secure Future Custom: 4 Ways to Keep a Client

Whether you have an award-winning sales team or the most competitive prices on the market, the most important part of business is keeping your past and present clients interested in your service. You need to make sure
17 Feb 2015

Daysy Fertile Ground

Daysy is a fertility monitor that learns and tracks your menstrual cycle. With daysy, you can plan or prevent pregnancy just as you choose. Daysy will show you if you are fertile or not with an accuracy
16 Feb 2015

Smart MarCELL Monitor

With MarCELL, we can bring “Internet of Things” type sensors and remote monitoring to places without a wi-fi connection. MarCELL can remotely monitor temperature, humidity, AC power status and detect water leaks (from up to 16 separate
13 Feb 2015

Six Wheeled Skateboard Experience

Adding two wheels “reincarnates” the skate board into a high performance street skating experience.  Reincarnate Inc adds a dose of engineering savvy to elevate the technology in a skate board truck to offer skateboarders, long boarders and

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12 Feb 2015

Pin with Pon

Pon uses a patent pending coil to hug the photos and paper you want to display without prickery. Pon is the best way to display and suspend anything you might have previously used a push pin or
11 Feb 2015

Brevite Camera Backpack for Photographers

Brevite Camera Backpack has taken the classic backpack design and created an ergonomic camera bag from it. The Brevite Camera Backpack not only looks great, but also allows for the wearer to not look like they are carrying
10 Feb 2015

Cricket Flour

While it might sound like something out of the Survivor reality show, two University of Oregon students have found a way to increase the world’s intake of protein without clearing another acre of forest. Cricket Flour is
9 Feb 2015

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 203

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Easy Sock Sorting With Socker
- Blade Tablet And Laptop Lock
- Poopy Cat Litter Box
- Concrete Jewelry
- MeetInvest: Invest Like An Expert
- Dancing Traffic Light

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