9 Jan 2015

HeadgeHog Multi-functional Comb

If you’ve ever carried a comb in your back pocket or cut one in half to fit it in your wallet before, this is the comb for you. If you’ve ever opened a beer, this is the
8 Jan 2015

Solar-powered Portable Emergency Flashlight

Torchia Solar LED Lamp/Charger offers portable emergency flashlight that uses solar energy as its main power source. Just like handy flashlight, this concept device fits several needs in both multiple usages. Charged by photovoltaic panels in four
7 Jan 2015

Egloo Candle Powered Heater

Egloo is conceived for contrasting continuous waste of electricity used for warming domestic rooms, offering, as a option, a candle-powered way that provides a cheaper and more ecological energy, taking advantage of features of terracotta that stores
7 Jan 2015

Strategies For Launching a Successful Start-up

Here’s a nice bummer statistic to start things out with. 80% of new businesses fail within a year-and-a-half. That’s 8 or 10 in 18 months, folks. This stat should be a scary warning to anyone who fancies
6 Jan 2015

Blaze Laserlight

Laserlight is the world’s first front bike light with a laser projection. It aims to mitigate the biggest cause of cycling fatality—being caught in a blind spot—by projecting the symbol of a bike onto the road six
5 Jan 2015

How to Finance a New Business

Many people spend years dreaming of running their own successful business like Sukanto Tanoto. They have an idea and some experience, but they know that financing their dreams is hard. Unless you come from a wealthy family, you
5 Jan 2015

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 200

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Solaroad Solar Bike Path
- Hotel To Go
- Back To Basics
- Classpass Flexible Subscription
- #SetInTheStreet
- Sitting Stool In Backpack

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5 Jan 2015

Brayola is Helping Men Buy Bras For Women

Brayola, a bra discovery website that takes the frustration out of bra shopping, wants to help men find the perfect intimate gift for their loved ones. The “Brayola For Men” feature is there to help. Brayola, the

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3 Jan 2015

BLOCKS Playground for Cats

BLOCKS is a cat playground for cats built by you. Cats play a lot, not only is this good fun, it is also imperative for their development. BLOCKS stimulates mental and physical exercise in a natural way
2 Jan 2015

Electronically-enhanced Cycling

If a new crowdfunding campaign is successful, yet another “smart bike” will soon be available to consumers. Called the BiCi, it was designed by a team from Shanghai-based AOAO Studio after a four-month period of focusing on
1 Jan 2015

3D Car For Sale

It was at this year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show that we saw the launch of the world’s first 3D printed car, created by Local Motors. The Strati was the result of four and half months work and
30 Dec 2014

L-shaped Partition For Small Apartments

Japanese apartments are notoriously tight on space, but Tokyo-based architecture firm Sinato managed to make the most of a small footprint in their recently renovated Fujigaoka M apartment. Located within a 26-year-old apartment complex, the unit was