5 Dec 2017

Chicken Rice and Laksa Flavoured Potato Chips

When we heard F.EAST was coming out with Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa flavoured potato chips, we rushed over to buy some from their launch today at Raffles Xchange. Battling our way through the crowd, we managed to
1 Dec 2017

Fynoti – The $9 Home Security System

Fynoti is a Danish-based startup company that aims to deliver the most cost-effective home, personal and neighborhood security solutions to its clients. Customers can buy a Fynoti for as low as $9 with no ongoing monthly fees.
30 Nov 2017

Vespa Elettrica in 2018

At the 75th International Cycle and Motorcycle Show (EICMA), The Piaggio Group — the Italian motorcycle maker behind the classic Vespa — finally revealed the initial design and details for its planned electric scooter. Dubbed the Vespa Elettrica (which is simply
29 Nov 2017

Dittach Attachment Finder for Gmail

Dittach is a beautiful file-finder for Gmail, an attachment manager for Gmail that saves you time and stress. – Search or browse every email you’ve ever sent or received – Search directly from the Gmail search bar

Free Business Reports from CBI

28 Nov 2017

Podbike Bridging Gap Between Bikes And Cars

Podbike was invented to help bridge the gap between bikes and cars. This innovation brings together the best of both worlds by creating a closed vehicle environment that combines human power with electric assistance. The design was made
28 Nov 2017

Ten Benefits to Outsourcing Employee Safety Training

Whether you run a restaurant, startup, construction business, or any other company, teaching your staff safety guidelines is always a vital feature of any healthy workplace. However, it can be difficult to find the right person to
27 Nov 2017

Seatylock Gel

Seatylock Gel is a wide structured seat, combined with orthopedic medium-density foam and integrated with two special compound Gel pads. So riding a bike with the Seatylock Gel is a relaxing and comfortable experience. Seatylock is a patented
24 Nov 2017

Chic and Dry Umbrellas from Beau Nuage

Beau Nuage umbrella (meaning “beautiful cloud” in French) is not a “simple umbrella”: it is a revolutionary project, bringing several innovations together to make your life easier. We created the first high quality and chic umbrella with its own drying cover,
23 Nov 2017

Why is Application Monitoring Vital for Your Business

  Businesses worldwide are facing increasing competition in today’s super-fast digital market. To retain a competitive advantage and drive business ROI, organizations have to focus more on their web and mobile applications. Applications are the channels through
23 Nov 2017

Torchcity, The Only All-In-One Bulb Smart Home Security Kit

Making homes smarter shouldn’t be rocket science. At Torchcity smart light bulb, making homes smarter is as simple as installing a light bulb. Its intuitive mobile App allows users to have full control of a suite of smart home