29 Sep 2015

App to Make Gatherings

The hassle of mass texts can take the fun out of group events and puts much of the onus on the person who initiates plans. Tossup streamlines the process. Users simply post an idea for an activity,
29 Sep 2015

5 Big Business Needs You Never Knew Existed

To an outsider, it can seem that all big businesses are one smooth operation with very few kinks involved. We assume that they must be perfectly efficient since they are so successful, and that they are for
28 Sep 2015

Content Marketing Business Ideas – 8 Highly Effective Ways to Enhance Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the popular ways of promoting products and services on the Internet. It is about creating and sharing content in various forms or formats, from articles to images and videos, to raise awareness
28 Sep 2015

Ultimate Guide to the Best Video Conferencing Equipment for your Business

Now that you’ve decided you need interactive video conferencing for your business, where do you go? Choosing the right video conferencing equipment may seem like a daunting task, but with this guide you’ll find it to be
24 Sep 2015

Will Apple’s iOS 9 Affect Mobile Marketing?

The new iPhone 6S and iPad Pro might have turned heads as the latest shiny new products released by Apple but arguably more important is the accompanying release of the company’s new iOS 9 operating system, which
24 Sep 2015

Ford Transit Gets America’s Small Businesses on the Road

There are plenty of small businesses which have to get on the road, from time to time or every single day. For these businesses, the vehicle that transports them from point A to point B becomes one
24 Sep 2015

Read To Commute For Free

In most cities around the world, commuters are faced with the familiar sight of their fellow passengers absorbed in their smartphones. The once popular habit of the losing oneself in a book on the way to and
23 Sep 2015

V-Commerce Is Poised To Shake Up The Retail Industry

Virtual reality is set to revolutionise the way in which we carry out many tasks in our personal and professional lives and the adaptable contrive of this exciting technology is unprecedented. There are many ways in which

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23 Sep 2015

Unboil An Egg

Un-boiling an egg may seem like a breakfast experiment, but Raston’s findings could make serious waves in other industries. With the Vortex Fluidic Device, the scientists were able to isolate and unravel the egg’s congealed proteins, returning
22 Sep 2015

How To Optimize Receivables Management

In order to achieve financial success, a company must collect from customers, vendors, clients, and others involved in doing business. When looking at your company’s accounts receivable processes, you can follow a few simple steps to improve
22 Sep 2015

Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call #dojowheels. Built within a camper trailer, the “dojo” reflects the design studio’s idea of working together. The modular design lets
21 Sep 2015

Overnight Guest Bed

Growing up in Soviet Russia, I remember an odd piece of furniture that most of us bought to accommodate an occasional overnight guest. It was an uncomfortable pull-up chair that could be transformed into an equally uncomfortable