14 Mar 2017

What If There Was A Way To Change How You Looked On Google?

Negative perception from consumers often results in poorer sales and margins just because of negative search results. The role of online reputation management in today’s business and media landscape is of paramount importance in today’s digital age.
14 Mar 2017

Luxe Marijuana Subscription Delivered Every Month

A new company called Au Box has introduced a monthly subscription service, available only in San Francisco at the moment for pre-order (they will begin actual deliveries in November), where clients with a medical marijuana license can
13 Mar 2017

3D-printing Entire Houses in just One Day

A quick, affordable solution to escalating housing construction costs, Apis Cor’s 3D-printing system actually prints an entire small home out of concrete in under 24 hours. The SF-based start-up recently tested the process in Russia, delivering a
13 Mar 2017

Free CBI Report – Global. New. Business Ideas: 2016 Edition

This free 56-pages PDF ebook (worth $50), contain the global new business ideas that are making a world of difference, now. The future is now, and the new wave of innovative smart new business ideas has already
11 Mar 2017

How To Promote Innovative Thinking

Sometimes, it can seem like your brain is teeming with thousands of ‘useless’ ideas that you do not actually need at the time. But, when you are asked to come up with an innovative business idea –
10 Mar 2017

Aura Powered Suit

When we talk about designing for an aging population, the standard approach has been to provide aid in the home– completing tasks, welfare modules, accommodating lack of mobility, which results in a life lived more statically. While
9 Mar 2017

Virtual Reality: Taking 2D Business to The Next Level

Virtual reality has always been a carrot, so to speak, at the end of a stick in the technology industry. No matter how fast they have run or progressed, the carrot continued to sit in front of
8 Mar 2017

WakeMode App Launches to Let You Know if Your Internal “Battery” Needs Charging

WakeMode is launching a new sleep and fatigue management app that predicts fatigue levels during the day using advanced data analysis technology. Similar to the way cell phones display a bar indicating battery life, WakeMode shows you

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7 Mar 2017

Egloo Candle Powered Heater

Egloo is a design object thought to be beautiful at any time; it embellishes the house both when in use and when not. With Egloo you have the convenience of being able to move the source of
6 Mar 2017

FALCORE New Racing Drone with Wireless Streaming HD Video

Drone racing is one of the fastest growing sports/hobbies in the world. Now, drones come equipped with cameras allowing for First Person Video (FPV) flight, having the pilot strap on goggles and fly the drone from a
3 Mar 2017

Rewritable Paper

Developing efficient photoreversible color switching systems for constructing rewritable paper is of significant practical interest owing to the potential environmental benefits including forest conservation, pollution reduction, and resource sustainability. Here we report that the color change associated
2 Mar 2017

Facial Recognition for Boarding

Dutch airline KLM has started a pilot project to see if facial recognition software would make boarding any easier and quicker for passengers. The “biometric boarding” technology has been designed so that passengers do not have to show their