1 Dec 2014

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 198

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Smartlation Smart Translation Services
- Wine Rack In Any Nook
- Exploring The World With Little Passports
- Kalipak Portable Solar Power Generator
- In The Nutshell
- Bracket Macbook Cable Dock

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1 Dec 2014

Sitting Stool in Backpack

BAGOBAGO is a sitting backpack that allows you to sit down comfortably just about anywhere. BAGOBAGO is a sitting backpack with built-in stool. The interior is designed to prevent damage to its contents while keeping the stool
1 Dec 2014

Night Cable

I am a big fan of Native Union‘s innovative designs. But my favorite, by far, is this charging solution, called Night Cable. The piece is a clever response to two problems we’ve all encountered with charging cables
29 Nov 2014

Project Tripod: Time-Lapse Photography

An Australian start-up – Project Tripod – has developed an app that captures pictures via a smartphone and takes a snapshot of a landmark or object over a period of time that ­allows people to view changes throughout that
28 Nov 2014

Exploring the World with Little Passports

          Even children these days can have their fun (and education) with specially curated materials for them to learn about the world. Little Passports is a subscription company that sends children tiny suitcases filled
27 Nov 2014

Wine Rack in any Nook

The stale traditional wine rack space has been reinvented by this ultra-simple modular design that can be built to fit any Nook. This is the first time anyone has done this in the world; it’s ultra-stylish and
26 Nov 2014

7 Strategies For Launching A Successful B2B Private Label Skin Care Company

If you want to run a  B2B (business to business), becoming a wholesaler who provides retailers with products to sell, you should look into the Private Label business model. By forging successful relationships with retailers in your niche,
26 Nov 2014

KaliPAK Portable Solar Power Generator

If you’ve ever survived a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy or last year’s Oklahoma City tornado, you know that the worry and hardships don’t end when the weather clears. It’s not uncommon to be knocked off the

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25 Nov 2014

Heated Insoles for the Winter

Heated insoles are made of high-tech EVA material, it is waterproof, flexible and it has a wireless charger. Inside the insoles there is a heating element and built-in accumulator. The insoles start working when you put on
24 Nov 2014

Bracket Macbook Cable Dock

Bracket is a new invention. It’s a minimalistic aluminum dock for your Macbook Pro Retina that is designed to fit your Mac perfectly. We have created a simple device with a unique nordic design, a Bracket, that
21 Nov 2014

In the Nutshell

SVA Product of Design Student Eden Lew created Nutshell, aimed at reducing stress and providing a kind of respite from urban life. It’s a pod-inspired platform for productive break-taking. Social Solitude: In a Nutshell [Swiss Miss]
20 Nov 2014

Sewage Mining Revolution

The SRS (Sewage Recycling System) by Applied CleanTech is a ground-breaking technology for recycling sewage solids in wastewater treatment plants. This revolutionary treatment approach extracts the bio-solid waste from sewage water on-site, and recycles it into Recyllose