10 Apr 2014

Mobile Sauna For Surfers

After a long day at the beach catching winter waves, there’s nothing quite like a good warm-up in a sauna. This portable, propane-heated sauna on wheels is perfect for relaxing your muscles and mind after any cold-weather
9 Apr 2014

Vybe Interchangeable Polarized Sunglasses

Vybe Sunglasses are the world’s first pair of interchangeable and customizable sunglasses. The entire body of the sunglasses is interchangeable including the ears, arms, frames, and polarized lenses. Vybe’s have a twelve color palette and eight different lens
9 Apr 2014

Comfort Home In Winter

La Luge was designed to celebrate the wonders of winter. The secondary home is made up of two volumes, a dark and a light, that exist on different levels but merge in the middle. The light volume
8 Apr 2014

Wineist Wine Delivery

European startup Wineist is disrupting the wine industry with it’s unique way of online wine tasting. Curated premium wine tasting experience delivered to your home. Enjoy a monthly delivery of new quality wine samples, from the wine

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8 Apr 2014

Alarm Clock with Modern Look

Are you one of those people that likes a traditional alarm clock/radio but also keeps your phone within hand’s reach? Soundfreaq has launched the brand new Sound Rise, a clock that brings you all the features of
7 Apr 2014

BIZNESS! Newsletter Issue 186

Top stories in the latest BIZNESS! Newsletter:
- Mobile Sauna
- 3D Printed Photo Figurines
- Lumen Reflective Bicycle
- Learning Japanese Through Gaming
- Lumo Lift Good Posture Gadget
- Tire Pressure At A Glance

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7 Apr 2014

Taking Control of Your Career

You might think that the best way to make your career the best it can be is to switch jobs to a company that really values you and offers up opportunities to you. However, this can be
7 Apr 2014

Build-On Brick Mug

We live in a world of multipurpose products – GPS watches, internet phones, smart fridges. Why should the humble mug be any different? It shouldn’t. So while we track down a mug that’ll drive itself to the
5 Apr 2014

3D-Printed Photo Figurines

Users seeking a more eerily accurate 3D rendering of their full-body selves should consider making the trek to Hamburg, where artists Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel of pop-up studio Twinkind create life-like “photo figurines.” Users choose one of seven size
4 Apr 2014

Lumen Reflective Bicycle

The Lumen is the first of its kind: a bicycle designed specifically for city riding with integrated retro-reflection. This patented innovation returns any light that hits the Lumen’s frame and wheels directly back to the light source.
3 Apr 2014

Starting a Holiday Home Business

Investing in rental property is always a great financial move. But if you’re thinking about renting your property out as a holiday home, there are extra factors which you will need to consider. Holiday homes come in
2 Apr 2014

Tire Pressure At A Glance

RightPSI is a tire cap that shows when your tires are underinflated, saving you money, keeping you safe, and helping the environment. RightPSI has created a tire pressure indicator that screws directly onto your tire valve stem.  The color-coded