Wish Finance: SME Lending Meets Ethereum Blockchain

Wish Finance is an innovative cutting-edge technology start-up company aiming to bring an alternative option to the traditional lending industry, beginning with the Singapore and Hong Kong SME marketplace.

Located in Singapore the company is built and based on technology and is the first alternative lender on numerous fronts, including have direct access to real-time merchant POS payments as well as being the first lender with a transparent portfolio on the Ethereum Blockchain of all funds including borrowers and investors.

Publication of the entire history of issued loans including currently active, paid-up and defaulted are on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as the whole history of active loans performance and transactions on Tendermint blockchain. This will make Wish Finance fully transparent to government agencies, borrowers, community partners, current shareholders and potential investors.

By directly connecting to the real-time transactions of a company and analysing the POS data, Wish Finance can score a merchant based on real cash flow and change the status quo.

Using big data analytics Wish Finance performs the credit underwriting process, approving or declining loan applications based on the borrower’s’ risk score in near real time. Relying heavily on proprietary algorithms and the collection of numerous sources of data directly from the borrower or third parties.

Focusing on fully insured business loans and a limited number of SME’s which accept cashless payments such as debit/credit cards, Apple Pay etc enables the ability to process a loan proposal in less than 24 hours.