What to Look for in a Financial App


Regardless of what kind of investments you have, you need to keep track of your holdings to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. This means keeping an eye on the headlines, looking at stock charts or the performance of world stock markets, paying attention to opinion and analysis and interacting on social media regarding the best investment strategies. Even an expert investor cannot claim that he or she knows everything about investing because there are so many game-changing developments occurring all the time.

A financial app guides investors through these developments, whether it is day-to-day stock fluctuation or a long term real estate trend. Apps provide a multitude of services right in the palm of your hand and take the guesswork out of the kind of research you would ordinarily do on your holdings. Whether you make your own investments or use a financial  manager, an app can bring you macro news that can affect your investment portfolio decisions with data from world markets, currency comparisons, analyst predictions and much more.

Staying on Top of the News

Some types of news can affect certain asset classes in predictable ways. Political upheavals are usually accompanied by a rise in gold prices whereas negative economic news can cause a rise in the value of packaged food stocks. Some effects can be more subtle, but they can also be instantaneous, and that is why it is essential that your financial app has a news feature that aggregates headlines from around the world as they happen. In addition, you need news that is focused on business and finance, particularly for different industries and locations. The Bloomberg app can provide this data and is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Look for a financial app that brings news to you from a variety of different sources and provides you with the balanced view of what is currently happening. Some people get investment ideas from browsing the headlines, or for others, positive company news can indicate that is time to sell and take profits. Since so much hinges on a new story, find an app that brings you information quickly. The new Fisher investments app on iTunes is a news aggregator with detailed information and analysis on a wide variety of investments. FI’s team of researchers also provides opinion, analysis, and investment strategies. You can also find news-related financial apps, including those associated with Barron’s, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

Charts and Data

You do not have to hunt for stock charts for all of your holdings, but you can have them delivered to one place with a financial app that provides you with the information you need. Charts change from moment to moment, so you will need an app that delivers the most current version of charts or markets. For example, the Yahoo Finance app lets you track real-time performance of indices down to individual stocks. , you can do an instant side-by-side currency comparison and reduce your search from hours to minutes. In addition, you can receive an investment-related news, including earnings reports.

Analysis and Strategies

Whatever investments you hold, you will want to know what analysts have to say. You may agree or disagree with the prevailing opinions but is important to know what kind of story is being told about a stock, commodity or real estate investment. MarketWatch on Google Play is a financial news app that delivers the current analysts estimates to you as well as opinions from market experts about what to expect. While no one is a mind-reader when it comes to the performance of various asset classes, it is useful to peruse a wide selection of opinion and analysis to reevaluate your current holdings or to explore new investment thesis.

In addition, your app can give you links to articles that can help you reconsider your investment strategies and take a new approach. If you are wondering whether to use the services of a money manager, you can explore a variety of services with the help of a financial app that will guide you along the way to growing your investment.

What Your App Can Do for You

An app can greatly reduce the time it takes to research your holdings and increase the information you receive regarding all of your investments. With an app, you can track real estate, commodities, currencies, stocks and other asset classes. The advantage of an app is that it fits all of the information you need on a small screen so you can take it with you and execute trades whenever it is convenient.