UrbaNext Converts Any Bike to Electric in 60s

UrbaNext is an all-in-one, 60 second solution to convert your traditional bike into an electric bike with a 30 mile range and a 20mph top speed. UrbaNext works great on road bikes, mountain bikes, bmx bikes, beach cruisers, etc. Install UrbaNext in under a minute, swap out batteries in one simple click and squeeze the throttle to go electric or stay traditional and pedal as normal.

Unlike most eBikes that are hard to pedal and designed for electric only riding, UrbaNext allows you to comfortably pedal as you normally would or easily switch between electric modes:

  • Full-Electric Mode – Sit back, relax and press the throttle down on your new eBike and allow the UrbaNext Electric Wheel do all of the work.
  • Pedal Assist Mode – Your bike will now sense you pedaling and how fast, activating the any of UrbaNext’s 3 levels of assist you’ve selected.
  • Traditional Bike Mode – With our front wheel motor your traditional bike it pedals as it normally would, not affecting your chains, gears or pedals like most eBikes.

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