Urban Green Buses

Urban Green Buses

For Marc Grañén, the test of his concept was the reaction from his young children. When he told his kids, ages 6 and 9, about his idea for creating green roofs for city buses, the boys began drawing pictures, telling their friends, and offering up wildly imaginative suggestions. “They go crazy when they talk about it,” Grañén said about his children’s response.

With his project, Phyto Kinetic, Grañén aims to energize drab public buses with vibrant, gardened roofs that he hopes will contribute a bit to improving the urban ecosystem. “Urban green areas are crucial for photosynthesis, vital for purifying the air we breathe,” he said. “But much-needed green areas are not always available.”

Phyto Kinetic: Green Roofs for City Buses and Improved Urban Ecosystem [Urban Gardens]

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