Thinking Out of the Window Box

Urban gardening is a romantic endeavor, it requires more faith than virtually any other aspect of city life. Some citi dwellers, author included, bravely line up their little plantations on fire escapes. But as charming as it is, the idea is exposed to two dangerous elements – squirrels and superintendents… Thankfully, Paris based company Barreau&Charbonnet had a better solution. Their innovative window planter, called Volet Végétal, uses the air space outside a window. This drawbridge-like construction is mounted against a windowsill and, with a pulley system, extends out about five feet. The planter easily moves back to a vertical position for watering, maintenance and, if you’re lucky, harvest. Integrated planter boxes fit into pivoting frames to prevent plants from falling out. The entire system is easily removed from the window and brought inside to become a free standing garden – perfect for winter.

Outside the Window Box [Shoebox Dwelling]