Stable Revenue Streams for New Business Ideas and Startups


Are you getting the most value out of your website? The primary purpose of your website may be to let people know about your new business idea or startup, but you can get much more out of your website service and the content to create stable revenue streams. This added income can more than cover your online operation costs. When you use relevant, well-placed ads and other website monetization strategies on your site, it’s possible to generate stable revenue streams to supplement your core new business idea or concept.

Display and Banner Ads

This is one of the oldest forms of website advertising, and it’s still relevant today when done right. Banner ads are visual displays with a marketing message that can have a fixed placement or pop-up on screen. Many users have become so accustomed to banner ads over the years that they have to be highly relevant and eye-catching to get clicks.

In-Text Ads

Many marketers like to use in-text ads because of the high visibility. These are ads that are worked into the body of the content on the page. They can be a simple link, a banner or a video. Careful consideration has to be put into making the ads fit as seamlessly as possible on the page to increase the clicks.

Cost Per Impression (CPM) Ads

These are great because visitors don’t have to click on the ad in order for you to make money. Each time someone lands on one of your pages and the ad displays you’ll get a small payout. The agreement will stipulate that a pre-determined amount will be paid after a certain number of impressions. For example, it’s very common for advertisers to pay $1-3 per 1,000 impressions.

Video Ads Through YouTube

Does your company make videos? If you enter the Partner Program you can make money each time the video is viewed. Embed your YouTube videos on your website, and you can make additional money on those views too.

Google AdSense

Websites that join Google AdSense will have ads placed on their webpages by Google. However, you can select where the ads appear and what type of ads show up. Google AdSense ads are run on a pay-per-click basis with a fairly low rate per click. It’s a viable way to make money, but the payout isn’t nearly as good as other types of advertising.

Sponsored Content

Content marketing is a key strategy for businesses today. One part of that equation is running sponsored or guest posts on another website. This is also known as native advertising, and spending on this type of marketing is expected to reach $21 billion by 2018. Focus on partnering with businesses that are related and well established, and you’ll benefit in more ways than one. It’s a win-win all around because you can make a set amount with each post, your audience will get valuable information and the marketer is able to get their name or a link to their website in front of new viewers.


This is another type of content monetization. One of the website writers will create a post that directly promotes the product or service of an affiliate. Usually this is done for a set fee, but payout could also be based on the number of views or the number leads/sales the affiliate receives.

eBay Partner Network and Amazon Associates Ads

When you join the eBay Partner Network you can run ads on your website that drive traffic to eBay auctions. It’s an in-house affiliate program that can be used alongside other affiliate partnerships. You’ll be able to choose whether you want to use links, banners or buttons for the ads. Anytime someone from your site clicks on the ad and ultimately makes a purchase on an eBay site you’ll get part of the proceeds. This same concept is used for the Amazon Associates affiliate program.