Smart Kid Scale

With the progress of science and technology, we are in an unprecedented position where we are able to control almost every part of our lives. One of the latest fears is the growth of childhood obesity. Parents are looking for different ways to curb this phenomenon, and the latest weapon to join the fight is the Withings Smart Kid Scale. The people over at Withings, pioneers of Internet connected devices, have combined cutting edge technology and exquisite design to create a scale that allows parents to monitor, understand and share their child’s growth. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows for the instant transfer of data measured by the scale. This measured data is sent wirelessly to the accompanying Withings Baby Companion application. This application stores the history of your baby’s weight issues, and lets you access it at any time. You can also easily communicate the progress of their child’s weight with their doctor, pediatrician, family and friends.

The Withings Smart Kid Scale: For a healthy start to life [Gizmodiva]