SendPulse Leveraging on AI to Increase Customers

Fretting over how best to work out email marketing for your business? Most business owners managing an online business would know the difficulties of having to find the golden time to reach out to different target segments to achieve the best marketing results. Traditional email marketing is sent through batches on scheduled timing, but this timing may not be the most effective for all customer segments. Are you one of them who feels the same way with your marketing?

SendPulse understood the situation and came out with a multichannel platform that leverages on artificial intelligence to increase emails and newsletters open rates. It offers SMS and push notifications along with email, and these channels work together so that you can reach your customers in many ways that you’d not thought of. This means that you can contact your most of you subscribers through email, and those who did not respond to email can be (in most cases automatically) reached by web push or SMS. This lets you maximize your audience reach and engagement. Your customers would be pleasantly surprised too at your personalised efforts!

Artificial intelligence is the sexiest trend in recent years with many readers picking up news from AlphaGo, a computer Go program beating 18-time world champion Lee Sedol. Through cognitive science, pattern recognition and machine learning, Google DeepMind was able develop AlphaGo. In the similar fashion of applying artificial intelligence, SendPulse understands user profiles and uses predictive behavior to create emails and other form of communication with best engagement potential. With the use of smart data analytics, Sendpulse allows you to automate your campaigns based on actions taken by customers. This can double your open rate and user engagement.

The innovative service unlocks new value by teaching the AI how to answer customer service questions across text-based communication channels such as email, social media, and mobile messaging platforms. The results are promising. With AI technology, your open rate will likely be 70% higher (in comparison with other email sending services). The “Resend to Unopened” feature increases the original open rate by 30-80% depending on the industry. The Email Follow Up and Webpush Follow Up messaging can also increase open rate by over 30%. This is particularly important to continue to keep in contact with your customers, especially in a digital world where most consumers are overwhelmed with information and spam that they may miss out certain emails.

Other cool features from SendPulse include providing free web push notifications. SendPulse also offers the largest quota on its free plans for email and SMTP services and with the least functionality restrictions. SendPulse, of course, provides you all the information you need to know about your campaigns; detailed statistics review showing the number of opened emails, the links that are clicked, the recipient’s country and much more. This allows detailed analysis of your email marketing or campaigns to better track results and better inform your marketing strategy.

Notably, SendPulse is a progressive innovative company that invests in development of advanced functionality that allows the customer to achieve better results than with any competitor’s service. SendPulse was among the three finalists of The Next Web SCALE 2016 program and was recognized as one of the best startups of 2016 by The Next Web.