Sea Fort Hotel



So you’ve already toured all of London, and seen all there is to see? Then it might be time to head out to sea for a weekend stay at the Spitbank Fort private island sea hotel.

Nestled just a mile outside Portsmouth Harbor in Hampshire, England, this newly born boutique hotel is located in an abandoned sea fort (formerly used to defend against naval attacks from the French). Guests can access the hotel by ferry, and have the option of staying in several rooms from the Commodores and Admiral Suites, all the way up to the Crow’s Nest luxury suites. As with most hotels, Spitbank Fort also serves as a venue for weddings, and other group events as well. Rooms start at $750 USD per night, and that gives you access to the many of the amenities offered throughout the retreat.

Spitbank Fort Private Island Sea Hotel [Hi Consumption]

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