Real World Transactions in Bitcoin with Welto

If you are a blockchain miner and your electricity consumption costing you a lot, you may want to pay for it by peace of your monthly cryptocurrency earning. You might be a blockchain enthusiast who wishes to be on blockchain trend and mean while have an ability to spend your cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. Not only for purchasing a cap of tea or cofee, but also for other regular staff.

A lot of people around the world have Bitcoins or other altcoins in their wallets. There are two ways to earn digital currency. You could buy it on exchange or mine it with specialized mining equipment.

As blockchain industry grows, more and more Bitcoin owners want to spend it on whatever goods and services they wish. So why not to spend it on everyday things like your COMCAST internet or Verizon phone bill.

It might be very comfortable for you to pay for your electricity consumption with Bitcoin, especially if your earnings it in BTC, Ethereum, so, if it was in fiat money. Pay it immediately, without any delays for exchange.

Early adopters of blockchain technology really wish more places accepted digital money. They can spend cryptocurrency and make their dreams come true, dreams of freedom.

This demand gives rise to a proposal.

The first US-based company who recently released their functionality for paying utility bills with cryptocurrency is Welto. You need to put short info for your bill and click Pay with Bitcoin. That’s it. The rest will be done by the App.

So, you may want to pay your utility bill with Bitcoin immediately to reduce transaction delays and fee.

Let’s take this opportunity for immediate spending cryptocurrency in real life right now.