Read a Book; Plant a tree

One innovative company shows how consumers can be socially responsible for the things they purchase and consume. It shows how consumers can make purchases and at the same time create a resustainable environment to care for Mother Earth. Ecolibris, a green business worth supporting.
TriplePundit: I admit it. I have an amazon addiction. As a researcher and reporter, I’m committed to buying books. I try to buy used when I can, but sometimes I break down and buy new. I wish I had the option to buy the books I want on recycled paper, but unfortunately, that’s not always offered. But now I can buy a planted tree for every book I buy with Ecolibris.
Ecolibris is an innovative triple p company that helps communities and the environment every time you buy a book. For a buck a book, they will plant a tree. Ecolibris has partnered with tree planting organizations in Africa and Latin America to bolster developing communities and aid in enriching their environment.
It is a sad shame that the majority of publishers today do not print their books on recycled paper. There is no logical reason why books should be printed on virgin paper that equals 20 million trees each year. I highly encourage publishers, online booksellers, and retail stores to reconsider the environmental impact of printing books on virgin paper and partner with Ecolibris.
Plant A Tree Every Time You Buy A Book: Ecolibris Shows You How [TriplePundit]

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