Life Saver In The Wild

“In many mountain areas there is no mobile phone coverage, and it is not possible to contact emergency services,” José Ángel Berná Galiano, a mountaineering enthusiast and professor in UA’s Department of Physics and Systems Engineering and Signal Theory, told Digital Trends. “In this situation, the injured person can only wait for the rescue teams to find him after the disappearance is reported by friends or family. The technology that I have developed allows the conversion of a smartphone without mobile phone coverage into a distress beacon, emitting the coordinates of the place where it is located and a text message using the Wi-Fi interface. The rescue teams can detect this distress signal with a specifically designed device, weighing just 500 grams, and at distances of at least three kilometers in open areas. Thus, the search operations of a person are faster, allowing saving the life of a person.”

Lifesaving app lets users share their location even if there’s no cell signal [Digital Trends]

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