Developing Snake Antivenoms for Dogs and Pet Animals


Every year, hundreds of thousands of dogs get bitten by snakes in the United States. While the number of fatalities is more subdued, every dog which succumbed to a snake bite and died is one too many for the loving pet owners.

Despite the fact that humans learned how to make snake antivenom more than 100 years ago, there are critical shortages when it comes to developing antivenom for dogs and other beloved animal pets.

This gap represents a market opportunity to present pet owners and medical workers worldwide with newly developed antivenom treatments designed specifically for animals.

Making antivenom is a painstaking, resource-intensive and time-consuming process, but innovative medical tech companies such as Veteria Labs are at the forefront in developing antivenoms in order to provide pets owners with effective protection and treatment of theirs against venomous snake bites.

Veteria Labs was formed by experts in antibody production and processing. It is located in Mexico City, Mexico with international partnerships in human and veterinary medicine. Armed with expertise in producing high specificity immuno-therapeutics antibodies for use in antivenom production and other immunotherapeutics, Veteria Labs produces powerful veterinary snake antivenoms from pit vipers, coral snakes and scorpions.

The new veterinary F(ab’)2 snake antivenom produced by Veteria Labs in Mexico City is created from the active ingredients and compounds from the rattlesnake. The polyvalent snake antivenom consists of F(ab’)2 fragments derived from horses hyperimmunized against snake venoms of Crotalus durissus and Bothrops asper, both being from the family of snakes consisting of pit vipers and rattlesnakes.

In the fight to ensure the safe treatment of dogs and other pets which are unfortunately bitten by poisonous snakes, the new antivenom being produced by Veteria Labs is a much needed product for the hundreds of thousands of dogs envenomated each year in the US. The team of veterinary antivenom experts of Veteria Labs is committed to developing the highest quality snake antivenoms for veterinarians and pets lovers alike.