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10 Nov 2015

Skreemr Concept Jet

Meet Skreemr, the concept Mach 10 jet that would make the Concorde look like a hot air balloon. The proposed hypersonic aircraft would travel at the equivalent of 7,673 miles per hour, five times faster than the
3 Nov 2015

Virtual Reality Travel Experience

Holiday company, STA Travel concluded its UK wide ‘Find Your State of Play’ bus tour at Westfield London yesterday (11 August). From 10am to 8pm, passers-by were invited to don an Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset,
30 Oct 2015

Turn Your Car Into Caravan

Think “rounded caravan” and you probably think of the teardrop trailer. But a new British outfit has a different shape in mind for the towable living module. Go Barefoot molds the camping trailer into a more three-dimensional,
15 Oct 2015

Flying Bubble Car

Created by design team Akki Reddy Challa, Fabien Chancel, and Michael Harboun, The Aeon Project takes on the challenge of melding interactive apps with a flying car. Their vision can be driven manually or in automatic mode
7 Oct 2015

Gi FlyBike Free Folding Urban Bicycle

Gi FlyBike is an electric, smart, maintenance-free, folding bicycle with full size, 26” wheels that we created for the future of urban commuting. Crafted from ultra lightweight aircraft grade aluminum, Gi FlyBike can be taken anywhere––bus, train,
24 Sep 2015

Ford Transit Gets America’s Small Businesses on the Road

There are plenty of small businesses which have to get on the road, from time to time or every single day. For these businesses, the vehicle that transports them from point A to point B becomes one
24 Sep 2015

Read To Commute For Free

In most cities around the world, commuters are faced with the familiar sight of their fellow passengers absorbed in their smartphones. The once popular habit of the losing oneself in a book on the way to and
22 Sep 2015

Office on Wheels

Belgian-based studio FIVE AM designed a compact, mobile office, or training facility, on wheels that they call #dojowheels. Built within a camper trailer, the “dojo” reflects the design studio’s idea of working together. The modular design lets
15 Sep 2015

Expanding Trailer Camper

The 3X trailer deploys with the push of a button, tripling its interior space in a matter of seconds, turning a cramped road can by day into an expansive set of rooms at night. Designed by French company Beauer,
19 Aug 2015

Alcolock Breathalyser for Drivers

The Alcolock DS-10 is a tethered alcohol breathalyser which is connected direct to a vehicle immobiliser. This unit is designed to prevent any driver from starting the vehicle while over the pre-set alcohol limit, by giving a simple
17 Aug 2015

WalkCar in your Bag

A Japanese engineer just invented a nifty new way to travel: A transporter called a “WalkCar” that’s small, light and apparently easy to use. The product is battery powered and is about the size of a laptop.
6 Aug 2015

Three Business Ideas That Help With Doing Business Internationally

The first things to remember when doing business overseas are to have patience, conduct diligent research, and have someone on hand who understands the local context. Fortunately, in addition to patience and preparation, businesses of all sizes