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24 Feb 2018

Generating Wind Power From Trains

We can harness the power of wind in a field or on the ocean – but what about in drafty train tunnels? 27-year-old Charlotte Slingsby’s startup Moya Power seeks to generate electricity by capturing wind in existing infrastructure, Wired reported. The company employs a lightweight sheeting
20 Feb 2018

Now You Can Use Your Smartphone On These Chinese Air Carriers

For the tech-savvy traveler, taking a flight on any Chinese airline (not including carriers based in Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan) tends to be bothersome because these carriers don’t let you use smartphones or tablets on their
19 Feb 2018

Predicting Your Next Flight Delay

Google is updating its Google Flights feature with machine learning software that hopes to accurately predict if your upcoming flight will be delayed. The company recently revealed the update in a blog post, saying “Using historic flight status
17 Feb 2018

Weekend Stay On A Research Ship?- Yes You Can

When it comes to contests with amazing prizes, Airbnb is certainly bringing their A game. First, it was watching the solar eclipse from a transparent bubble, and now the rental service is offering three lucky winners the chance
16 Feb 2018

Powered By Mustard Seeds

The world’s first biofuel flight between the United States and Australia landed in Melbourne after a 15-hour trip. The Guardian reported the blended fuel was 10 percent derived from brassica carinat, which Qantas describes as a “non-food, industrial type of mustard seed.” They said
5 Feb 2018

Motorcycles “AirBnb”

Twisted Road offers a vision of a motorcycling utopia where bike owners all across the United States put their bikes up for rent, and riders have their pick of wheels wherever they travel to. But something about
4 Feb 2018

Flying Taxi By 2026?

Self-driving and electric cars are already changing how we travel on streets and highways, but flying taxis are aiming to get us off the ground entirely. AirSpaceX, an air mobility company based in Detroit, revealed their flying taxi — dubbed
3 Feb 2018

Norway To Switch To Electric Planes By 2040

Norway is going to be electrifying all of their short-haul airplane flights by 2040. Avinor, who operates the Scandinavian country’s public air transport, announced the move last week, which would further boost the nation’s clean energy portfolio.
1 Feb 2018

No More Language Barrier!

Imagine if understanding a foreign language you have never learned was as easy as just listening. Australian startup Lingmo International has leveraged IBM Watson technology for its Translate One2One, an earpiece that can translate languages in near real-time.
29 Jan 2018

Living In Your Own Bubble

Camping out in the wilderness certainly isn’t for everyone. Sure, there are some beautiful sights, but it can also mean battling extreme temperatures, bugs and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. The recent trend of glampinghas certainly made the outdoors more