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11 May 2015

WheelRider – Luggage on Wheels

WHEELRIDER is a new generation of modular top cases for motorcycles that allows riders to use their top cases also as a wheeled case, to check  it in as an airplane carry-on, to travel on a train,
7 May 2015

Uber Drive Shelter Dogs for Play Dates

If you are a dog lover living in Canada, you will be thrilled to know that organization 3 Million Dogs has partnered up with Uber and dog shelters across the country to deliver puppies to offices for
24 Apr 2015

Volvo Invisible Paint Glows at Night

Volvo and a start-up made Life Paint – a wash-off reflective spray for bikes. The invisible spray covers anything in reflective particles and glows at night. It contains powder-fine reflective particles designed to react to a car’s headlights,
27 Mar 2015

The Raht Racer

If you love biking to work, but wish you could get there a bit faster, then the Raht Racer is just the cycle for you. This hybrid vehicle amplifies pedal power to enable cyclists to travel at
24 Mar 2015

Lux Pedal with Adjustable Strap

Loki Cycles has been working for the past year designing and prototyping the Lux Pedal, a new bicycle pedal system for urban commuters. The pedal is designed with an integrated adjustable strap to give riders the comfort
16 Mar 2015

Sustainable Travel Rewards App

Changers is a free tracking app that rewards users for choosing sustainable transport options. When users take a journey on foot, or by public transport, the app compares the carbon imprint of the journey to that of
9 Mar 2015

Luggage-free Travel

Source: Travelling can be made more fuss-free when you are able to travel without any check-in baggage (containing your clothes, toiletries etc.). Packnada is a travel baggage concierge-like service that allows you to do just that. Packnada,
6 Mar 2015

Innovation In Seating: Upgrading the Way We Sit

At first glance it seems entirely ridiculous that seating could be upgraded or innovated upon. After all the concept of a chair or bench is relatively simple, and the height is pretty standard. So how is it
18 Feb 2015

Cloud Slicer Game for Travelers

Air France’s take on Fruit Ninja, Cloud Slicer has passengers trying to slash the most clouds floating across the screen. Launched at two airports in Singapore and Japan, travelers waiting for their flights were able to compete
7 Feb 2015

Dancing Traffic Light

Source Creatively taking on the question of “How can we make our cities safer places?”, smart  embarked on a #WhatAreYouFOR campaign that keeps pedestrians occupied while waiting to cross street. It installed a “dancing traffic light” which puts
23 Jan 2015


Surf Air is an “all-you-can-fly” start-up for frequent fliers that is disrupting the market for intercity air travel in California, offering private jet travel at near-commercial pricing. Surf Air’s business model is radical in its simplicity. After
20 Jan 2015

What Commuters Should Expect in 2015

New business ideas curated by Emma Bailey. Thanks! Looking for a new way to commute to and from work? Recent technological advancements in the cycling and commuting world have created a whole new perspective on transportation. From electric