All New Business Ideas in Technology

4 May 2016

Creating Plant-based Recipes

What would be the best way to deliver nutrition to the 7.1 billion odd people on this planet? Science would tell you that it is not the animals. Researchers at the Not Company (NotCo) which is a food-tech startup based
18 Apr 2016

Glowee Sustainable Light from Bacteria

Glowee is the light from the sea. A living lighting energy, needing no electricity, emitting very few CO2 and light pollution. A light coming directly from nature, at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology, ready to
14 Mar 2016

Urine-Powered Socks

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you know ‘urine’ trouble when you have to rely on your own bodily fluids as a source of electricity. Yet, on occasion, to riff on a popular adage, it happens.
4 Mar 2016

Raspberry Pi Got Cheaper and More Powerful

Raspberry Pi was a genuinely interesting idea to begin with. It was – and still is – a general purpose miniature computer. The first model created by the Raspberry Pi Foundation cost $20 to $25, and was
23 Feb 2016

Polaroid 3D Printer for the Masses

The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer is the world’s first 3D printer for the mass market. Passionate about 3D print technology, Polaroid aims to help 3D printing become part of everyone’s everyday life. The Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer
10 Feb 2016

Handsfree, Mobile VR

2VR is the first VR headset that fits in your pocket, while taking any phones 4.7″-6″ meaning most iPhones and Androids. 2VR allows you to view hands free, this really allows you to fully immerse yourself in all
2 Feb 2016

Eco Batteries Made From Leaves

When we gaze up at a tree full of lush, green leaves we are actually looking at hundreds of tiny batteries. These tiny appendages save energy for the tree to use at a later time, a natural
29 Jan 2016

How Faster Internet Benefits Digital Startups

Image credit: Average Internet speeds per country, reddit In the recent years, digital startups have been disrupting traditional business models. This has been made possible by several digital companies tying in their services directly with otherwise offline
20 Jan 2016

Headset That Monitors Brain Activity For Under $500

You probably associate EEG headsets with hospitals and research labs, and although the technology is invaluable within these industries, the sheer expense of headsets in the past meant that it was rare for individuals and smaller teams
15 Jan 2016

OM Smart Bra

Introducing the ‘OM Bra’, the first-ever smart bra that will keep records of all the essential data for every active woman. Designed by San Francisco-based company OMsignal, the smart bra is an alternative to other wearable techs.