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13 Feb 2018

Up Your Game With This Soccer Ball

We’ve already seen a couple of “smart” soccer balls with integrated sensors that track parameters such as the ball’s spin and trajectory. Well, the DribbleUp takes a different approach to smart training. It doesn’t feature any onboard electronics, but
10 Feb 2018

Can Stackable Soccer Pitch Become A Reality?

Building soccer pitches isn’t typically a priority in London’s limited space, so architect AL_A has devised a way to make the most of the spaces that are available. Its Pitch/Pitch concept can fit multiple five-a-side soccer pitches
25 Jan 2018

Dreaming Of Being Able To Fly?

The Zapata Ezfly looks for all intents and purposes like a Segway of the sky. You stand on a small platform equipped with a series of jet thrusters, holding two handgrips that come up from the base,
24 Jan 2018

Video Assistant Referee The Way Forward

Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology has been calling difficult decisions in U.S. sports for years, but now the global game of soccer is finally set to fully integrate the system with its first use at a World Cup. The
20 Jan 2018

Turning Boring Rehab Into Fun Moments

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NEOFECT, a South Korean firm, was showing off its RAPAEL Smart Pegboard, a new take on a simple rehab device. Pegboards are commonly used in rehabilitation settings to practice hand dexterity, as
15 Jan 2018

Can This Headphone Make You Better At Sports?

These over-the-ear headphones supposedly deliver tiny electrical impulses directly to the motor cortex, the area of your brain that controls body movement, putting those brain cells in a state of hyperplasticity; basically, it’ll make your brain temporarily
14 Jan 2018

Excercise While Pushing A Stroller

Elliptical bikes may provide a good form of low-impact exercise for people who want to get out and about, but what if you’re a new parent with a baby that you don’t want to leave at home? Well,
10 Jan 2018

Secure Your Kayak Boards Conveniently

No more need to use tie downs! LockRack is a new revolutionary system that lets you safely carry your boards or kayak without the hassle and headache of straps and tie-downs. LockRack allows you to spend less time loading
8 Jan 2018

Performance Tracking While Swimming

Numerous connected sports watches, headwear and goggles designed to provide performance stats are now available to serious swimmers and professional athletes. But there’s always a danger of forgetting to take such so-called smart devices to the pool. One thing you’ll always remember
6 Jan 2018

Big Tech In Sphero

Sphero Mini doesn’t have anywhere near the same wow factor as the company’s Star Wars line, but on the plus side it also doesn’t have a $300 price tag. The new addition joins Sphero’s original lineup of round robots, packing many