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6 Dec 2017

How to Turn Wood Into Gold — or at Least Graphene

As one of the most obvious and abundant (not to mention renewable) resources on the planet, wood has long been a vital material for construction and crafting — but it has its limitations. As a heavy, organic
21 Nov 2017

Paint Keeps Heat Away

SolCold, a company based in Herzliya, Israel, has developed a novel way of cooling buildings that uses absolutely no electricity. The innovation comes in the form of a coating that can be painted on buildings’ roofs, which
5 Nov 2017

HomeBiogas 2.0 At-Home Biodigester

HomeBiogas 2.0, is the at-home biodigester. HomeBiogas is the first company to present a small scale biogas system for family use. After a successful first campaign, the team created a more durable, affordable and easier to assemble
18 Oct 2017

Team Switzerland’s NeighborHub

This past week, eleven teams of students designed, built and presented futuristic houses at the Solar Decathalon 2017. The competition took place in Denver, and though the challenge was simple it was by no means easy: create a super-efficient
12 Oct 2017

Energy Efficient Bamboo House

This experimental bamboo home is helping to set the pace for sustainable growth in China. Milan-based Studio Cardenas designed Energy Efficient Bamboo House, a home with a minimal carbon footprint and Feng Shui-inspired construction. Located in the Longquan
11 Oct 2017

Sustainable Modular Dwelling

The homes of the future will be smart, responsive, and even save us money. University of Maryland students let us take a peek into what the future may hold with reACT, a smart sustainable home that rethinks architecture as
18 Sep 2017

Organic Lip Balms From Fruit Waste

When Terence Chung was a schoolteacher, he realized his students were on board with sustainability as a practice they should observe in and out of the classroom. He also saw, though, how sustainability didn’t seem to be
11 Sep 2017

Re-Integration For Veterans

Heroic Food is an opportunity to train veterans for employment that is surprisingly congruous with their past experiences, while also helping to solve America’s farming crisis. With six times more farmers over the age of 65 than farmers
12 Jul 2017

Improving Air Quality with Smog-Free Bicycle

Walking around in foul, soupy smog is bad enough; biking through it at a modest clip can feel like hooking your lungs up to a Ford F-150’s tail pipe. But in the future, cycling in heavy air
30 Jun 2017

Restaurants Tie Up with Urban Farming

Over the past decade, urban farming and community gardening have grown in popularity, with small gardens sprouting on top of skyscrapers – but they can be complicated and require elaborate supplies. EkoFarmer is a 13-meter long farming