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12 Feb 2006

DIY Energy Bars

Triple Pundit: Everyone loves Clif Bar, and recognizes them as one of the more admirable companies out there by just about any measure related to the integrated bottom line. But there’s one problem that Clif bar has
5 Jun 2005

Clean Gardening

Cool Hunting: About this time of year green thumb urbanites are struggling to find corners of land, or more realistically window sill space, to grow a few little herbs or vegetables. Garden in a Bag, available at
26 May 2005

Alpaca Farming

Iconoculture: Urban escapists looking for the perfect artisanal farm like the idea of raising animals for fun and profits that don’t involve slaughter. They’re cute as heck and they can fetch big bucks: One alpaca stud recently
13 May 2005

‘Hanging’ Strawberry Plant

Haaretz: Tutlui, a strawberry that grows on a bed suspended in midair, is one of the most successful agricultural inventions of the past two years. The innovation is expected to change the way this veteran yet problematic
26 Mar 2005

The Green Goat

Wired News: Hybrid cars, trucks and buses have already hit the road. Now, make way for the Green Goat, the world’s biggest hybrid. It’s a 2,000-horsepower locomotive that radically reduces fuel consumption and emissions of pollutants. The