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31 Dec 2007

Kite Energy

WorldChanging: There’s no quicker way to show somebody that energy is abundant than taking them out to fly a really big kite. My favourite is a five metre, two-lined parafoil, and with lines only 20 metres high,
30 Dec 2007

Turning Food Waste into Fertilizer

Triple Pundit: Surprisingly, the two largest components in a landfill are food and paper, both biodegradable substances. In fact, statistics clearly show that nearly 50% of all municipal solid waste is consistent of only food and paper
22 Dec 2007

All Things Renewable All Things Renewable, located in Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood, is a one-stop shop for everything from non-toxic and sustainable housewares, toys and clothing to renewable energy systems for the home. The products sold at All
2 Dec 2007

Go Green Christmas Tree

Inhabitat: This the season to be jolly, and if you happen to be in New York, green! This year New York’s finest Christmas landmark is going green in the spirit of the Christmas season. For the first
22 Oct 2007

Garden Water

Springwise: Garden watering bans are a fact of life these days, and not just in dry climes like much of Australia and the Western US. But a new Australian invention can keep lawns and gardens green without
16 Oct 2007

Sharkah’s Organic Jeans

The Cool Hunter: The newest front in the ecological war on waste appears to be denim. Hailing from the unlikely origins of India, Sharkah Chakra has appeared on the market as the answer to the organically-leaning, ecologically-savvy
8 Oct 2007

Do Good 4 Debt

Business Opportunities And Ideas: Britain’s personal debt is increasing by a very scary £1 million every 4 minutes. By the end of August 2007 it totalled £1,363 Billion! Amongst those in debt are university graduates, who leave
2 Oct 2007

Eco Burials

Springwise: The pharaohs built pyramids to help protect their mummified remains for millennia. But these days an opposite trend has taken hold: low-impact burials that enable a body to naturally revert back to the soil as quickly
9 Sep 2007

Green Eatery

Iconoculture: Brooklyn, New York’s Habana Outpost restaurant combines Latin American food, environmentally friendly operations and community activism. One of a chain of three restaurants, Habana Outpost is an avant-garde eco-eatery and gathering place for neighbors, environmentalists and
1 Sep 2007

Solar Homes in the Near Future?

cNet News: This summer, teams from 20 universities are busy building enough homes to make an entire “solar village.” The off-grid, self-powering homes will be on display for 10 days in October on the National Mall in