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9 Feb 2018

Recycle Your Toner Cartridges

According to the European Toner and Inkjet Remanufacturers Association, approximately 500 million printer cartridges end up in landfills each year, worldwide. And those cartridges, although supposedly empty, can still contain up to 8 percent residual toner by
4 Feb 2018

Vacuuming Air Pollution

Daan Roosegaarde is bringing the Smog Free Tower to Krakow, Poland, in February. The 23-foot tall structure is described as a smog vacuum cleaner that first appeared in Rotterdam and later China to fix their urban areas
2 Feb 2018

Sucking Trash Out Of The Ocean

Sadly, plastic pollution in our waters considers to be a serious problem. Companies and startups are becoming more and more creative with tools and approaches to curb and collect pollution, saving both coral reefs and ocean wildlife.
31 Jan 2018

Super Bowl Stadium To Offset It’s Own Energy

The home of the Minnesota Vikings will be this year’s host for Super Bowl LII. While the team and fan base have to be disappointed in coming up just one game short of being in the championship
30 Jan 2018

Recycled Minerals For Making Jewellery

Did you know that there’s gold and silver in your computer? These precious metals end up in landfills when people don’t recycle their laptops and other electronics. According to Dell, American consumers trash $60 million in silver and gold every year just by not recycling smartphones. The technology
29 Jan 2018

Phasing Out Plastic Rings

When we purchase six-packs of soda and beer, we have to remember to cut up plastic rings before tossing them away. If undestroyed rings end up near wildlife, they can be caught and trapped. In order to
28 Jan 2018

Biomimicry Design To Make Wind Turbines More Efficient

A North African company has developed what it contends is a paradigm-shifting wind turbine technology based on the flapping of hummingbird wings. Any potential paradigm shifts are down the road a bit, but based on some remarkable images and
26 Jan 2018

Space Lasers To Remove Trash?

Not only do we need to worry about pollution on Earth, but also in space. A team of six scientists in China are working on a very science-fiction-sounding solution: zapping that space trash with lasers. Could a space-based laser really help clean up the tens
26 Jan 2018

Mushrooms To Be Used For Future Packaging?

When combined with agricultural waste, mushroom material is rapidly renewable, naturally fire resistant, easily molded, high performing and cost competitive. The part of the mushroom that is most important for Ecovative is the mycelium or the mushroom roots. The company has two
25 Jan 2018

1st Electric & Emission Free Barge

Diesel-fueled ships from all around the world visit busy ports every year to ensure that essential supplies reach millions of people. During the process, these vessels can create significant congestion in the ports and leave behind a