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21 Feb 2014

World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Clean energy got a big boost this week as Ivanpah, the world’s largest concentrating solar power plant, officially started generating energy for California’s electric grid. Located just southwest of Las Vegas, the massive solar facility can produce
6 Feb 2014

Neighborhood Exchange Boxes

Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins — or Neighborhood Exchange Boxes — are a network of brightly-decorated repositories where residents can leave books, toys or other items they’d like to give to the community. The idea, which was conceived by
5 Feb 2014

Street Store For the Homeless

South Africa’s Street Store doesn’t just help to clothe the homeless, but also gives them the retail experience of choosing their own wares. With the idea to give the homeless the same dignity as customers who can
18 Dec 2013

Dog Washing Machine

The ‘Woof to Wash’ enables specially trained dogs to unlock the machine with a bespoke footpad and start it with a simple woof. A doggy footpad and a microphone system have been added which recognise a dog’s bark. This
30 Nov 2013

Plastic Recycling Machine

Hakken’s Precious Plastic recycling system consists of a plastic shredder, extruder, injection moulder and rotation moulder, which have been adapted from industrial models to be more user-friendly. Hakkens intends to make the design available online so that people can set
29 Oct 2013

The Aqualibrium

The Aqualibrium was developed by two law school students and an aquaponics expert who were inspired by designer Jacque Fresco to bring food production back to the grassroots level. The modular units stand four feet high and
15 Oct 2013

Underwater Metropolis

Phil pauley has designed the ‘sub-biosphere 2?, a self-sustainable underwater habitat conceived for use by aquanauts, tourism and oceanographic life sciences and long term human, plant and animal habitation. The concept is an arrangement of eight living
28 Sep 2013

Algae: Your Next Petroleum

A new study from Bioresource Technology finds that algae-based biofuel can reduce CO2 emissions by 50 to 70 percent when compared to petroleum-based fuels. The study also found that algae biofuel is close to matching the Energy Return on Investment
23 Aug 2013

Urban Green Buses

For Marc Grañén, the test of his concept was the reaction from his young children. When he told his kids, ages 6 and 9, about his idea for creating green roofs for city buses, the boys began
21 Jul 2013

Vegan Animal-free Shoes

RIDEBRO’S  Eco-Friendly Barefoot Shoes leave your feet feeling barefoot, but at the same time provides you with the protection, and comfort you need. With an organic canvas, and no use of animal products you can finally get
2 Jul 2013

Banana Bioplastic

As fruit, bananas are perfectly packaged – all the protection they need is provided by their flexible, resilient peels. As sixteen-year-old Turkish student Elif Bilgin discovered, the starches and cellulose contained in their outer layer can also
16 Jun 2013

IceDream Challenge

Today, almost a billion human beings across the world are without access to drinking water, while more than 2.5 billion have no water purification systems. The consequences of this include illness, malnutrition and failed harvests. The water