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7 Oct 2014

Kinetic Energy-Powered Football Stadium

It’s a strange partnership, but Brazilian football legend Pelé and Shell Oil have teamed up to launch the world’s first player-powered community football field–right in the heart of a Rio de Janeiro slum. Built for the Morro
22 Sep 2014

Sustainable Customizable Sunglasses

Sustainable surf / snow /skate brand Epicstoke is changing that by kicking out the middleman and offering customizable, polarized, and environmentally friendly wayfarer style Carvers sunglasses for as low as $39 per pair with a 7-in-1-option of
8 Jul 2014

Shoes Made From Plastic Waste

With so many products being made out of plastic, it seems inevitable that when us humans are done with said products, we toss them. They, in turn, end up in the landfill or washed ashore on some
4 Jul 2014

Infinite Light for Rural Populace

Around the world, there are lots of rural households which do not have access to electricity and its implications are worrying. Upon nightfall, many families are forced to use kerosene lamps, spending approximately 25% of their weekly
12 Jun 2014

Community Shop for Less Affluent Customers

Opened in December 2013, Community Shop is a British supermarket that sells discounted branded products to families receiving government welfare. The project is supported by high street chains and brands such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Asda and Tetley,
26 May 2014

Plant In A Cap

Looking for a productive and environmentally-friendly way to combine your love of recycling with gardening? A new product called Petomato allows aspiring gardeners to convert plastic bottles into hydroponic micro gardens by filling the bottle with water
30 Apr 2014

Solar Roadways

Eight years ago, Scott and Julie Brusaw had a vision of replacing the asphalt on American roadways and parking lots with energy-producing solar panels that are strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic. After a lot of experimentation
28 Apr 2014


It’s almost time for balcony gardening, and this compact solution can be a perfect contender for a limited outdoor space. UrbMat is a small-space garden idea that takes the guesswork out of growing your own herbs, vegetables, and flowers. All
21 Feb 2014

World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant

Clean energy got a big boost this week as Ivanpah, the world’s largest concentrating solar power plant, officially started generating energy for California’s electric grid. Located just southwest of Las Vegas, the massive solar facility can produce
6 Feb 2014

Neighborhood Exchange Boxes

Boîtes d’Échange Entre Voisins — or Neighborhood Exchange Boxes — are a network of brightly-decorated repositories where residents can leave books, toys or other items they’d like to give to the community. The idea, which was conceived by
5 Feb 2014

Street Store For the Homeless

South Africa’s Street Store doesn’t just help to clothe the homeless, but also gives them the retail experience of choosing their own wares. With the idea to give the homeless the same dignity as customers who can
18 Dec 2013

Dog Washing Machine

The ‘Woof to Wash’ enables specially trained dogs to unlock the machine with a bespoke footpad and start it with a simple woof. A doggy footpad and a microphone system have been added which recognise a dog’s bark. This