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7 Apr 2016

Fighting Mosquitoes with Motorbikes

A cheap and effective method of dealing with mosquitoes was unveiled in Thailand in February 2016 by the Duang Prateep Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to combating mosquito infestation and mosquito-borne illnesses. MotoRepellant attaches magnetically to the exhaust pipe
4 Mar 2016

50 Story Tower For Tenants To Grow Food

Hydroponic technology has come a long way in a short time, so it’s no surprise to see architects integrating growing systems into new projects. D+DS architecture is taking this idea to the green extreme with their new
26 Jan 2016

Pastoral Roof

This modular social housing project for Tangier, Morocco, utilizes prefabrication and passive design principles to create a sustainable neighborhood with enviable views of the Atlantic. Stephane Malka of Malka Architecture envisioned the four modules as adjustable green-roofed
24 Dec 2015

Urban Algae

As populations explode and natural resources dwindle, global visionaries are exploring alternative sources of sustenance – and ecoLogic Studio has been at the forefront of this pursuit for several years. Their most recent project, the Urban Algae
17 Dec 2015

Food For Fines

In 2014, 14 percent of US households had unstable food resources, so it is no wonder that we have seen a number of initiatives that help distribute food among the hungry. In Minneapolis, for example, the police
14 Dec 2015

Carbon Positive

While prefab houses are rapidly becoming a thing, designers create more and more reasons to consider this type of living arrangement. I was really pleased to see this beauty by Australian company Archiblox, aptly titled Carbon Positive House. The
11 Nov 2015

Hexagonal Vertical Village

A vertical village in Singapore has been name the World Building of the Year 2015 at the World Architecture Festival. The Interlace is a residential development designed by OMA / Buro Ole Scheeren. It comprises 31 six-story
3 Sep 2015

Clean Energy to Power all Railways by 2018

When its citizens demanded clean energy, The Netherlands responded in the best possible way. Following a ruling earlier this year when 886 citizens sued their government to reduce CO2 emissions, a court at the Hague ordered the
21 Aug 2015

Podzook Living In a Pod

Remember Archipod? Well, Judy Bernier instantly fell in love with them (just like us) when she spotted them online. The sad fact was that they were only available in the UK. After working with Archipod’s inventor Chris
5 Aug 2015

The Green-Roofed Wave Home

The Wave Home has two floors. On the ground level the living room, kitchen and multimedia space open up towards the exterior by sliding walls. The upper level houses two bedrooms and a bathroom that can be
4 Aug 2015

PaperJohn For Groceries

Plastic carrier bags are typically petroleum-based, take a long time to decompose and are often imported from distant countries. They’re also tricky to carry when cycling. The new PaperJohn tackles all of these issues. It’s a backpack
30 Jul 2015

Ocean Plastic Waste Into Shoes

adidas is taking the phrase “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to a whole new level. They’ve teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, an organization that aims to raise awareness about ocean pollution. On June