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15 Jul 2015

Tentative Smart Compact Post Disaster Shelter

Tentative is a smart compact post disaster shelter. Due its compact size – 30 cm when closed – it is possible to transport 24 units in a single semi-trailer truck to the disaster zone. Designed by Hakan Gürsu
17 Jun 2015

Cleans Road; Cleans Air

Empa, ETH Zürich and Bucher Municipal have developed a hybrid-electric powertrain for road sweepers that’s said to consume half the energy of diesel-hydraulic vehicles and reduce emissions by more than 60 percent. The design replaces conventional hydraulic
16 Jun 2015

The Shoe That Grows

It was then that the idea for ‘The Shoe That Grows’ began to form. “I thought, wouldn’t it be nice for them to have shoes that could adjust and expand?” Lee told Christian Today. “That was the
5 Jun 2015

Green Business In France

France just passed a trailblazing new law that requires that all new buildings constructed in commercial areas to be partially-covered by either solar panels or green roofs. Not only will this bring dramatic changes to the nation’s
18 May 2015

Parabosol Water Cleaning Unit

More than 1 billion people globally lack access to safe drinking water. Parabosol is a portable solar powered water treatment system for use in remote areas. The system purifies water by using parabolic mirror that boils water
14 May 2015

LEGO Windmill Assembly

The German company EMAMIDESIGN has developed an innovative way to harness the power of wind. Interlocking, compact windmills combine to make the Windflock energy system capable of powering devices and buildings large and small. The three dimensional
31 Mar 2015

Peeback Paint

A neighborhood association, Interessengemeinschaft St. Pauli e.V., put “Don’t pee here” signs all along the Reeperbahn. Now the people who choose to ignore the message will be punished without further notice. The walls were recently covered with a
30 Mar 2015

Trash to Toys Design

In a remote rural village in Kenya or Malawi, you won’t find a toy store, but you’ll probably find a shop selling soda. That fact inspired an idea: What if old soda bottles and other packaging could
20 Mar 2015

Re-Nuble Nutrient Solution from Vegetative Waste

Re-Nuble has developed an innovative process that transforms food waste into high-performing, low-cost nutrients, not only keeping waste out of the landfill but also providing organic fertilizer alternatives for hydroponic growers. More affordable, healthier inputs means more
18 Mar 2015

Urinal Powered Prototype

Not only is this prototype an ingenious way of providing electricity by using a set of microbial fuel cell (MFC) convertor stacks powered by urine, but it may also help to harness and reduce the vast amounts
17 Mar 2015

Gift Economics

Mark Boyle, better known as the “Moneyless man“, is bringing his message of unconditional giving to a permaculture project in Ireland called An Teach Saor; Gaeilge for “the free house.” When it’s complete, Boyle’s community center will offer
16 Mar 2015

Build From Retired Materials

Seattle-based design/build firm Dwell Development LLC partnered with architect Julian Weber to realize this net-zero house in Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. The eco-friendly digs combine modern design with consciously chosen, local materials, that are either natural, recycled,