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9 Mar 2015

Luggage-free Travel

Source: Travelling can be made more fuss-free when you are able to travel without any check-in baggage (containing your clothes, toiletries etc.). Packnada is a travel baggage concierge-like service that allows you to do just that. Packnada,
6 Mar 2015

10 Business Ideas to Streamline Your Sales Funnel Using Automation

More and more, the sales process is becoming increasingly professional and organized. Today, sales people utilise automation to increase efficiency and boost turnover for their companies. There are 10 good ways to streamline your sales funnel by
5 Feb 2015

meetinvest: Invest like an expert

Image credit Husband-and-wife team, Maria and Michel Jacquemai, founded meetinvest – with a vision that ordinary people can now invest as Warren Buffett, James Slater or Sir John Templeton do, by using a free algorithm that mimics the stock-picking, buying,
19 Jan 2015

Enter the Venture Builders

The venture-building philosophy is a rapidly rising movement in the tech and start-up industries. If you haven’t yet heard of venture-builders — also called tech studios, start-up factories, or venture production studios — then this recent piece in VentureBeat
18 Nov 2014

Smartlation Smart Translation Services

Using a patent-pending algorithm that analyses translator data from a vast pool of registered translators, Smartlation promises to give users the freedom to select the translation services that best meet their requirements and budget. What does this
9 Nov 2014

BasisBank’s Business Club for SME Clients

BasisBank has launched a new unprecedented project, its Business Club, which is a combination of their Business Card and Business Portal. It is a product that assists SME clients in empowering their business with the support of
30 Aug 2014

How to Maximise Your Business Storage Space

Economic growth in the UK may have finally reached pre-recession levels, with forecasts for the remainder of 2014 now up to 3.2%. This is good news for business owners, although it does not mean that they can
21 Aug 2014

Dear Inbox – Greeting Cards in Gmail

Dear Inbox is a new innovative plugin which allows you to send real printed greeting cards to your family and friends right from Gmail. With Dear Inbox, in just a few clicks, users can send printed greeting cards
30 Jul 2014

Starting a Cool Boutique Hotel Business

Boutique hotels became very popular during the 1980s, particularly in major cities such as London, New York and San Francisco. Take a quick look inside one, and it’s easy to understand their appeal, right across the board.
12 Jul 2014

Los Angeles Plumber Now Accepting Bitcoin?

In sunny Southern California, a plumber has taking the unique step to start accepting Bitcoin for payment. This plumber in Los Angeles realizes that many clients probably will not offer to pay with the unique crypto-currency that