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30 Aug 2017

What Customer Service Software Can Really Do For Your Business

The key to generating revenue and building a reputable brand is staying in good graces with your customers and closing deals quickly. Great customer service is necessary for brand longevity, and no business owner can afford to
18 Jul 2017

Innovative Changes to e-Commerce Payments Solutions

International payments are one of the most important components of e-Commerce operations. The Internet has facilitated a global marketplace of willing buyers and sellers, with multiple platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and others driving the industry.
28 Jun 2017

Boro Lend Out Clothing To Strangers

With fast fashion wreaking havoc on the environment, the founders behind a local startup wanted to help divert clothing from landfills by giving barely used garments new life. That’s why they started Boro, a company that lets people lend
4 May 2017

Share and Shop Right From ShopChat

Share and Shop right from your chat keyboard. ShopChat is the world’s first shopping keyboard. Share it with friends to shop together while you chat. Founded in 2016, San Francisco-based ShopChat offers a downloadable iOS app (Android coming later)
5 Apr 2017

Software Options Comparable to Tableau

Tableau first hit the market in 2003 and has been a hit for large corporations and non-profits alike. The software is incredibly versatile in providing necessary data analysis for budgeting, implementing new products and even assessing a removal
22 Mar 2017

How To Prioritize Your Ecommerce Startup

Electronic commerce, or ecommerce, can do almost everything that a brick-and-mortar store can do. Moreover, it’s cheaper to set up, easier to attract buyer traffic, easier to process orders, and easier to distribute electronic or physical goods.
16 Feb 2017

Selling on Amazon – Maximizing Your Profit for Entrepreneurs

When you sell more on Amazon, you make more profit, right? Wrong. If you can only sell more by cutting prices, your profit on every item you sell is less. How do you find the perfect price
15 Feb 2017

The Basic Things You Need To Know About Setting Up An Online Commerce Website

If you are a budding entrepreneur, it is pretty normal to want to start somewhere where the playing field is evened out: the Internet. Now, you could go old school and set up a physical store, go
19 Jan 2017

Ask For Shopping Assistance

An innovation to get all those salespeople to leave you the hell alone while you’re shopping has finally arrived. On Thursday, a Reddit user shared a photo of a shopping basket rack inside an Innisfree, a Korean
28 Sep 2016

5 Cool Ways Creative Talent Can Help You Market Your Business

It takes a village to grow a business. The creatives of the professional world bring an intangible element to a marketing campaign. Without their unique skills, brands wouldn’t be memorable and a logo wouldn’t be able to