All New Business Ideas in Pets

21 Apr 2017

Modular Sofa for Humans and Pets

PET is a modular sofa from Zero First Design, made of teak wood. This is a perfect space to share with your pet – whether it’s a cat or a dog; you can make different modules: put the
16 Feb 2017

Pod Launches World’s First Customizable Modular GPS Tracker for Pets

Pod, the tiny, light, fully waterproof GPS Pet Tracker, which has transformed animal tracking around the world, has announced a breakthrough approach for tracking: modularity. Based on an overwhelming demand for customization of its trackers, they created
10 Jan 2017

Piqapoo Takes Away the Shittiest Part of Being a Dog Owner

Owning a dog is the best. The love, companionship, and happiness you get from your dog is undeniably special. However, there is one aspect to owning a dog that could be considered less enjoyable – yep, you
20 Apr 2016

Photo Taking and Uploading Tool to Facebook for Dogs

The Posting Tail enables your dog to take pictures and automatically upload these to social media platform Facebook. It comprises a tail sensor and Raspberry processor that detect when your pooch is especially happy before the camera
29 Mar 2016

Why Having Dogs in the Office Can Improve Employee Morale

Within the next decade, millennials will become the largest demographic in the global workforce. Businesses are preparing for the Generation Y invasion by introducing fresh approaches to work that meet the needs of this new wave of
16 Feb 2016

PetPal WiFi Automatic Feeder joins the Pet Tech Revolution

The PetPal WiFi automatic feed enables pet owners to watch their pet from the built in video camera and talk and listen to their pet and to feed their pet at the same time from the office,
11 Dec 2015

Pets’ Window to the World

Small pets, such as cats and rabbits can be difficult to keep in carriers. U-pet’s semi-sphere window can stop them from escaping and keeps them safe in your care. Your pet carrier’s window can be switched to
24 Jul 2015

Finding Rover App with Facial Recognition for Dogs

Returning a lost dog’s a snap with facial recognition using the Finding Rover app. Using revolutionary technology, Finding Rover scans the unique features of your dog’s face and keep it on file in case he or she
21 May 2015

Self Cleaning Fish Tank

Owning an aquarium can be quite enjoyable, but it comes with plenty of headaches. There’s a lot of maintenance that’s a part of owning one – maintenance that Aqua Design Innovations aims to get rid of with
26 Mar 2015

Pet’s Shelter; Owner’s Coffee Table

French design studio Fabbricabois is the creator of this inventive coffee table that doubles as a pet bed. Comprised of seven pieces of wood, the table is held together via rubber bands, without any glue or fasteners.