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28 Mar 2005

Alternative Searching

BusinessWeek: They aren’t the only ones coming to that conclusion. Increasing numbers of Web surfers are going to alternative search engines, which specialize in finding certain kinds of information or offering additional capabilities to well-known search sites.
22 Mar 2005

Dating idea: Don’t Speak

PSFK: The online magazine for dating service reports on a new dating phenom called Quiet Parties, at which singles aren’t allowed to speak to each other, just pass notes. It’s not surprising that the digital communication
19 Mar 2005

Yahoo! Likely To Expand Into Blogs

Reuters via Yahoo! News: Internet media company Yahoo Inc. is likely to build and buy tools that help its users create, publish and search blogs, Susquehanna Financial Group Marianne Wolk said in a note on Friday. Wolk
26 Feb 2005

Soulmates Online

Yahoo! News: Lycos is making it easier for lonely hearts to find their soulmates online. The company will launch on Wednesday a search engine that only indexes dating Web sites, giving users links to personal profiles found
25 Jan 2005


Trendwatching: Prefer soap shows over reality TV? Then check out this case of GRAVANITY par excellence from The Netherlands: Soapshow, a multimedia concoction that enables any needy individual to create his or her own soap series, for
16 Nov 2004

Search Re-defined

Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft are trying to out-do each other in the search engine war. With these search giants in the limelight, how on earth are young start-ups with new search technologies going to compete successfully? Find
12 Oct 2004

Find Cheap Gas Prices In Your City

That’s the great thing to us consumers when using the Internet to shop. We can easily compare prices among many merchants and save quite a sum of money this way. And guess what, comparison shopping is spreading
13 Aug 2004

Find A Masseur

The Internet can be used conveniently to find all sort of information; now it appears that you can use it to find a masseur in your city too. is a comprehensive global massage therapy and male
12 Aug 2004

Long-distance Prayers

What to do if you can’t make it to France for Pope John Paul’s pilgrimage to Lourdes this weekend? Thanks to a new French website,, you can now say a prayer and light candles there —
4 Aug 2004

Who Lives Near You?

If you love Friendster for bringing you new friends, you would love WhoLivesNearYou as well. WhoLivesNearYou is a Singapore website which is based closely on the concept of Friendster-style online social networking, except that instead of getting