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17 Jan 2018

How to Choose the Right Business Name

Some new business owners find that creating the business is the easy part, primarily because they are really looking forward to what they’re about to do. It’s the naming of their company that keeps them up at
29 Dec 2017

Top 3 Tips for Businesses on Social Media to Make Sure You Got Everything Covered

Everyone knows by now that everyone is on social media; be it snappy tweets, mesmerising Insta moments or happy birthday wishes on their Facebook wall, your customers are most likely getting connected online. So it only follows
12 Dec 2017

6 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you’re not on social media, do you even exist? People You May Know, a movie coming to theatres near you soon, goes to show just how obsessed our culture has become with our social media personas,
29 Nov 2017

Dittach Attachment Finder for Gmail

Dittach is a beautiful file-finder for Gmail, an attachment manager for Gmail that saves you time and stress. – Search or browse every email you’ve ever sent or received – Search directly from the Gmail search bar
25 Sep 2017

Baby Snap – Snapchat for Parents

Kids grow really fast, and parents even don’t notice how they do it. Almost all parents nowadays make tons of pics and videos about their children, that, however, get spread and lost in gadgets, hard drives and
6 Sep 2017

Mush App for Mums

Mush is the new, free way for mums to meet local mums with kids the same age. The Mush app is your starting point in the world of mush; see who’s around to play, send messages to
3 Sep 2017

Cyber Security Risks Facing Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise, as technology will never cease to amaze us. There’s everything from smart thermostats, to smart pet feeders.  However, hackers and cyber attacks have become a major concern in
27 Jun 2017

How to Start A Booming Online Business In 4 Crucial Steps

If starting a booming online business were easy, everybody would do it. And everybody would make a lot of money. But it’s not easy. Anyone who says differently is probably trying to make a quick buck off
22 Jun 2017

Houseparty Group Video Chat App

Group video chat app Houseparty, which boasts more than one million daily users, raised $50 million from Sequoia this winter. The service bills itself as a “living room” for youth, allowing up to eight people to video
23 Feb 2017

Artificial Intelligence in Careers Opportunity Platform

Opportunity matches you with professionals who can bring you sales, advance your career, help grow your network, and more. Use Opportunity to socialize and grow your network. Discover and meet only those professionals who share your interests