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10 Jul 2015

Communication without Signal for First Responders

Reachi is a dedicated response device designed to let the 1.8 million volunteers send information directly from their affected communities to the Red Cross organisation. The system utilizes a matured mesh technology, guaranteeing signal without need of vulnerable,
11 Jun 2015

SleepHero Apps for Awakened Babies

Can’t get your child to sleep through the night? There’s an app for that: SleepHero uses a parent’s voice to lull babies into slumber. SleepHero is an app that helps settle babies and toddlers to sleep and keep them
22 May 2015

Smartphone Bike Alarm

This is the bicycle alarm that automatically alerts a smartphone when it is stolen. The alarm looks like a typical bike light that attaches to the seat post and its built-in motion-sensor detects movement and instantly sends
15 Apr 2015

Invest the Change from Everyday Purchases

Acorns is the first mobile investment application that lets you open your own investment account on your phone in a few seconds. With Acorns, invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio. Acorns constructs and optimizes
4 Mar 2015

Ripples Spreading Around The World

Share a thought, local event, or joke with people near you. The Ripple app tests a new concept for social media. Ripple lets you start “ripples” about things you care about and send it to people near
19 Feb 2015

Long Lasting Customizable Modular Smartphone

Opting for a new phone every 18 months or so is not the most sustainable or environmentally friendly way to operate— and this is why Finland-based company Circular Devices is developing the “Puzzlephone”, which is designed to
25 Dec 2014

Back to Basics

So it’s back to basics. With the barrage of new fancy smartphones flooding the market in recent months, it is easy to overlook one of the basic functions of a mobile phone – as an emergency contact mobile
9 Dec 2014

Scan Your Next Glass of Wine and Beer

Most people stick to what they know when shopping for beer or wine, cautious to guess wrong and end up with a bottle or 6-pack they don’t like. A new app called Next Glass is trying to
13 Nov 2014

Artificial Intelligence Restaurant Guide

Finding a new place to eat with a friend or that special someone often requires a trawl through Google search results or Yelp reviews, but they’re not very good at knowing the types of restaurants you already
12 Nov 2014

Fling the World

New app Fling is like a virtual message in a bottle service, allowing users to randomly send photos, videos, and texts to up to 50 people around the world. Senders can then access a map to see