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22 Sep 2004

Bad Breath Detector

The mobile phone is becoming more and more useful. It has even become a tool for you to check whether you’ve bad breath! From Reuters: A German telecommunications company said on Tuesday it is developing the first
17 Sep 2004

If you ever got lost…

…just use your mobile phone and you’ll be able to find your way home! That is, if your mobile phone is fitted with a route finder. This navigational feature is available from Netherlands-based Route 66 which has
9 Sep 2004

God and Mobile Phones

If you are in need of faith and religious inspiration, your mobile phone may be able to help you out. For Christians, The Pope’s Thought of the Day will be especially useful! A mobile service by Acotel
9 Sep 2004

Wear Your Mobile Phones

When the mobile phone was first introduced, it was as big as a lunch box. Since then, the mobile phone has undergone countless transformations. It became smaller, more colourful, sleekly designed, and featured newer technologies. Now, mobiles
9 Sep 2004

The Rise of SMS Services

160Characters Association has an article about a SMS service that delivers traffic and train reservation information to subscribers with SNCF French railways. The SMS+ service enables travellers to find out whether the train is on time, delayed
28 Aug 2004

Phones for Kids

Kids want and do get cellphones too, especially in affluent cities like Hong Kong and Singapore. But, you know, kids tend to displace their possessions easily and parents are hesistant about buying their children cellphones when they
14 Aug 2004

Log Your Life With Nokia Lifeblog

Nokia has recently introduced Nokia Lifeblog, an automated multimedia diary. Nokia Lifeblog is a PC and mobile phone software combination that effortlessly keeps a multimedia diary of the items users collect with their mobile phone. Lifeblog automatically
10 Aug 2004

After Games, Movies, and Music Come Novels On Mobiles

First it was games making an appearance on your mobiles. Then it was movies, followed by magazines, news and digital music. Now, novels are set to arrive on your mobile phones in the near future. The copyright
7 Aug 2004

easyMobile is Coming!

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of discount European airline easyJet, is ready to unveil a cut-rate mobile telephone service in Britain as soon as next week. The low-cost wireless voice and text-messaging service will be named easyMobile and
5 Aug 2004

Ear Phones: The Mobile World’s iPod

Apple’s iPod has taken over the world and inspired many look-alike digital music players. Now, iPod’s success looks set to be replicated in the mobile world, with T-Mobile’s launch of Ear Phones. The 3G mobile phones enable