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20 Feb 2008

Disobedience or Discovery?

While the trades rank who’s who in discovering ways around the norm, Boston takes time to pay homage to pranksters disobeying the status-quo completely. In true copycat behavior, city artists replicated events that had once shut down
30 Aug 2007

Tips for Getting Organized

Iconoculture: Recently debuted Organize Magazine gives consumers a guide to regaining control of their lives by eliminating clutter. Covering an array of topics, from neat-freak products to the question of letting go (knowing when to say “when”
10 Jun 2007

Media Market Value

Springwise: Think consumers can predict the next big book, CD, television show or movie better than top producers and publishing houses can? Media Predict challenges users to put their virtual money where their mouths are with an
29 Mar 2007

Bottle Mag

Springwise: Coca-Cola Belgium will be the first soft drink company to use the Magazine on a Bottle concept. On Product Publishing, which created the innovative labelling technology, worked closely with Coca-Cola Belgium to adapt the labels to
20 Dec 2006


Marketer Media: The Eupinion (EUrope oPINION) is the innovated and unique newspaper (digital media concept software), based on real citizen journalism concept. The main goal is to build a community of top columnists, writing on any global
3 Oct 2006

Your Own Radio Station

TrendCentral: Commuters and road trippers already know that satellite radio makes gridlock more tolerable, and Sirius is still continuing to spread their innovation wings. Their latest development, D.I.Y. Radio invites listeners to create and host their own
29 Jul 2006

Novels for Cellphones

IHT: In Japan, cellphones have become a tool for writing and reading e-mail messages. Now, publishers in Japan want mobile subscribers to read more than simple text messages. Publishers like Shinchosha and Kodansha and their distribution partner
15 Jun 2006

Liquid Mag

Iconoculture: Step into liquid. Imbibe magazine covers everything from cocktails to wine to beer to juice to coffee to tea. The motto: All that’s fit to drink. The premiere issue of the bimonthly publication features hot chocolate
26 Apr 2006

Foreign Tunes

DailyCandy: Q. What do the following lyrics have in common? a) I would walk 500 miles. b) Who let the dogs out? c) You oughtta know. A. There’s a really good chance they are now going to
6 Oct 2005

Looking on the Bright Side The news menu was stuffed with the dreadful and appalling yesterday. A massive hurricane bearing down on Texas. A bus fire killing 24 elderly people near Dallas. Floods ravaging New Orleans — again. And that was