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6 May 2011

CollabraCam Multiple Shots

Springwise: The ability to direct a live video shoot across multiple cameras in real-time has historically been a luxury reserved for professionally equipped directors. However, once again, app-based technology has turned a well-established norm on its head.
8 Jan 2011

Offline Guidebook with Online Links

Springwise: Italian has launched the SpagoGuida 2011, a physical directory of restaurants that links to online reviews. The guide is available from the company’s website for EUR 15.90, and offers listings of over 1,000 restaurants throughout
13 May 2010

New Kodak Picture Kiosks

Chip Chick: Kodak is a company looking towards the future of picture sharing. Introducing a new line of products that focuses on accessing and sharing photos through social networks and e-mail, Kodak products are moving away from
1 Dec 2009

Tweet and Print with TweetBookz

Let your tweets exist in real world! TweetBookz allows you to create and order high quality books of your tweets. Soft and hard cover versions are available in four unique designs. The books have full color covers
30 Nov 2009

3D Software for Publishing A small La Jolla company thinks it has a technology that could represent the future of scientific publishing. The company, MolSoft, recently launched a platform it calls ActiveICM that enables authors to include three-dimensional, interactive graphics
10 Dec 2008


Spot.Us – Community Funded Reporting Intro from Digidave on Vimeo. TrendCentral: Harnessing the power of the people, new online experiment Spot.Us hopes to change the face of journalism by putting a new spin on community-sourced content. During
6 Dec 2008

Self-Publishing for Children, a leading online children’s book community, makes it possible to give your children’s own original stories captured in beautiful hard or soft cover books for between $15-$20 as very personal gifts for family and friends this
29 Aug 2008

Wall Street Journal’s Mobile Reader

Silicon Alley Insider: Yes, newspapers are screwed. But that isn’t stopping some of them from coming up with some really interesting digital projects. So far we’ve seen the New York Times release a slew of cool gizmos
22 Jun 2008

Write Together on WEbook

What is All About? from on Vimeo. is an online publishing platform that allows writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators and others to work together and create great works of fiction and non-fiction, thrillers and essays,
13 Jun 2008


Guardian: If you fancy being a journalist, there has never been a better time – provided you don’t mind giving your services for free. Dozens of websites now want you to report for them, especially if you