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6 Jan 2018

Libby The Online Library

  When was the last time you thought about going to your local library to check out a book? The Libby app connects local libraries and the thousands of eBooks and audiobooks on their digital bookshelves 24/7.
22 Jun 2017

Movavi Convenient Screen Capture Studio Done For MAC

If you are wondering how to record videos on the gadgets you use, we have the answer. It is obvious that there are times when you want to record a clip or a video or whatever is
19 Jun 2017

Foldio3 Portable Photo Studio

The Foldio3 is a pop-up photo studio that has a massive eight cubic feet of interior space, is self-lit, and folds down to 40% smaller than competitors, thanks to our unique design. Here are the Foldio3’s impressive
13 Feb 2017

How Video Streaming Services Like Netflix and VIDGO are Changing TV Forever

We all remembered when MTV famously played the music video “Video Killed the Radio Star” over and over when the service first aired. On air radio remains a mainstay because it is one of the few information
15 Jul 2016

Using Social Media to Make Your Next Trade Show Profitable for your Business

Many business owners have begun to realize the importance of social media, especially when they’re trying to market their next trade show event. Social media is a powerful tool that can reach the business masses. It’s also
6 Apr 2016

Rough Draft Writing App

Rough Draft is a writing app that wants you to just focus on the writing, not the editing. Instead of being able to delete words as you go, Rough Draft shows a strikethrough of the words instead,
24 Feb 2016

Free Short Stories Vending Machines

In Grenoble, commuters can get their hands on free fiction from one of eight vending machines from publisher Short Édition placed throughout the city, mostly in public buildings such as libraries and city hall. Users can select
25 May 2015

Mobile Input Device Phree Writes Anywhere

Phree is the world’s first digital high resolution, write-virtually-anywhere mobile input device that lets users write in any language, draw, annotate, and express themselves on virtually any surface. Phree connects to practically any device – phone, tablet,
14 Apr 2015

Pay or Share Content

German platform PayOrShare allows readers to first enjoy the content and then decide how they want to pay for it by choosing one of two options: a small amount of money or a post on their social network of
28 Jul 2014

Dual Purpose Book of Barbeque

Offering a more innovative take on a regular cookbook, Brazilian cookware brand Tramontina and JWT Brazil created Biblia Definitiva Do Churrasco (The Bible of Barbeque), which contains instructions and all the tools and materials needed to cook