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14 Apr 2014

Made For Your Child

Steps chair by Norwegian company Stokke is designed to adapt to the child’s growth, step by step (hence the name). This modular system will accomodate a baby of 3 to 10 years of age. It can be
24 Mar 2014

Sofa You Don’t Want To Leave

Many would agree that the ideal sofa is the one you don’t want to leave. Milan based designer Burak Kocak expanded this idea and created a sofa you don’t need to leave. This modular piece, called Herb,
6 Mar 2014

Pretty Shoes for IKEA Furniture

IKEA excels at creating basic, functional furniture, but for hardcore aesthetes the lack of attention to detail is sometimes off-putting enough to knock it out of the running. Swedish upstart Prettypegs, founded by Jana Cagin and Mikael Söderblom,
5 Mar 2014

Simple is Blessing

I have written about the tiny house movement before, but some of these houses are so damn adorable, they deserve a separate mention. For example, this 8×20 ft dwelling created by graphic designer Alek Lisefki. Built on
3 Mar 2014

Stealth Kitchen

When you live in a closet-sized city apartment, it’s no fun to cook in a teeny, tiny cramped kitchen. But a kitchen completely hidden behind lovely wood cabinets when not in use? That’s kind of ingenious. Stealth
20 Feb 2014

Coffee Maker for Mason Jars

Pour Mason is a pour-over coffee maker attachment made specifically for Mason Jars. Made from 1100 Aluminum alloy in Williamsburg Brooklyn and finished with electroless Nickel. The aluminium funnel, lined with disposable paper filers, fits into the
31 Jan 2014

The Floyd Leg for Furniture

The Floyd Leg is a tool that gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture. It rethinks the table leg by combining an age old device – the clamp – with a clean, minimal design
20 Jan 2014

Stepladder Chair

This hybrid between a chair and stepladder is so simple and clever – I wish I had thought of it. Designed by Maarten Olden for Altrex, it is perfect for a small space. It’s attractive, utilitarian and it
13 Jan 2014

Immerset Pour-over Coffee

Many devices in the market utilize springs, hidden screws and clever levers that often result in dirt and bacteria traps. Immerset features a patented, tool free helical valve and assembly system that provides a hygienic and easy
25 Nov 2013

Shelf That Can Blast Music

  Arranging sound devices in a small apartment can be a challenge, because they take valuable shelf space we always need for other things. But what if a sounds system is a shelf? This is exactly the
7 Nov 2013

Ceiling Beds

I’m in Europe right now, and I came across this interesting piece of furniture – mobile bed. A clever hybrid between a murphy bed and a loft bed, this piece can maximize space and create multifunctional areas
5 Nov 2013

Small White Loft in Madrid

Could you live in 28 square metre apartment? I don’t think I could. Where would I put all my stuff? I’m such a hoarder. But I’m always fascinated by clever spatial solutions to living small. A puzzle