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6 Feb 2018

Using “Kevin” To Keep Off Burglars

Bold they may be, but most burglars would avoid an encounter with an angry homeowner if they can. But because we can’t stay at home 24/7, maybe we can leave it to Kevin? He’s a light-emitting speaker
6 Feb 2018

Dream House On The Ocean?

The tiny home trend is now taking to the open ocean with this beautiful tiny houseboat. The Nautilus Hausboote is a sophisticated floating home with a stunning interior. The compact houseboat is outfitted with numerous space-saving features and enough room for
2 Feb 2018

Dual Purpose Purifier & Humidifier

Dual purpose purifier and humidifier, specifically designed with refill. Keep the environment 360° clean with 2 liter tank (up to 20 days when run 30 to 40 mins/day on low setting per refill). Excellent coverage (up to
31 Jan 2018

Compact “Swiss Army” Style House

Making tiny spaces livable is a complex process, but innovative space-saving features can yield amazing results. Italian architect Leonardo Di Chiara converted a 96-square-foot structure on wheels into the aVoid House – a small-space wonder with collapsible furniture that folds into
28 Jan 2018

Future Hurricane Proof Home?

This futuristic, hurricane-proof home is cleverly designed to use the force of storms to withstand extreme wind loads. Margot Krasojevi? Architects designed house to rotate around a helicoid retaining wall, burying itself into the land. The stronger the storm,
26 Jan 2018

Control Your Plant’s Growth With Your Phone

Garden year-round with growing light to grow fresh herbs, vegetables, salad greens, flowers in the smart counter top garden. sPlant planter has App to take care of your flowers, so you can take more time to do
21 Jan 2018

Control Your House Devices With Just A Touch

The Eve Button is an advanced smart remote controller powered by Apple HomeKit. It measures 2.1 x 2.1 x 0.5 inches and weighs 1.28 ounces. As we can see from the images, the button shows off a
19 Jan 2018

Houses To Float When Flooding Occurs

Architects, designers, and other climate change researchers are always exploring new ways to deal with coastal flooding, from retrofitting entire cities to be flood proof to changing domestic building plans to account for weather events like hurricanes. On both large
17 Jan 2018

A Woven House

Located in the small Maharashtra town of Ichalkaranji, India, Woven House was designed by Sunil Patil & Associates with inspiration coming from the textile weaving industry that the city is known for. Throughout the house, the textiles can be spotted on
10 Jan 2018

Control Your Smart Home With A Turn Of Your Wrist

Nanoleaf‘s new Remote allows users to easily control the company’s Light Panels and other HomeKit products. The device aims to take the frustration out of controlling multiple smart home products with numerous apps by simplifying tasks into the single