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1 Dec 2017

Fynoti – The $9 Home Security System

Fynoti is a Danish-based startup company that aims to deliver the most cost-effective home, personal and neighborhood security solutions to its clients. Customers can buy a Fynoti for as low as $9 with no ongoing monthly fees.
23 Nov 2017

Torchcity, The Only All-In-One Bulb Smart Home Security Kit

Making homes smarter shouldn’t be rocket science. At Torchcity smart light bulb, making homes smarter is as simple as installing a light bulb. Its intuitive mobile App allows users to have full control of a suite of smart home
7 Nov 2017

Egloo Personal Fireplace Powered By Candles

Egloo is a new eco-friendly way to heat, scent and humidify your room enclosed in a smart product with a unique design. Egloo gives users a simple and sleek cost-effective heating method. Egloo utilizes the natural heat
6 Nov 2017

Patented Cleaning PollyCloth without Chemicals

PollyCloth has developed a patented cleaning cloth that removes more bacteria than disinfectant wipes with just water.  Independent lab tests show that Polly removes bacteria better than bleach and paper towels. At last, you can finally remove bacteria from
19 Oct 2017

Wheat Bran Tableware

Biotrem’s disposable tableware is perfect for home use. Plates, bowls, dishes are all made from wheat bran which is an environmentally friendly alternative to other disposable products that are made from treated papers and card or plastic.
23 Aug 2017

Living In A Cube

How can a large piece of furniture safe space? By combining several rooms in itself. The piece called Kammerspiel (Intimate Theatre) is the largest piece of furniture the German designer Nils Holger Moormann ever created. And its role is to
14 Aug 2017

Tiny House

As the Tiny House market grows bigger, the design of these dwellings becomes more and more elegant and lavish. Take for example this artisan little item, built by Handcrafted Movement. Beautifully laid out in a 24? x 8.5? trailer, the house
7 Aug 2017

RoomMe Gives Your Home the Sixth Sense With Its Smart Sensor For Connected Homes

RoomMe identifies and adjusts everything in your smart home to your specific likings by syncing directly with your smartphone for hands-free, voice-free smart home control. We’ve all seen the videos with kids asking Alexa for a song
27 Jun 2017

How to Have the Ultimate Weekend House Clearance

It doesn’t matter who you are; you’ll have piles upon piles of useless items that have accumulated over the years. Whether it’s gifts that never left the box, or just items that you haven’t touched in years
28 Apr 2017 Complete Hydroponic System with Internet of Things

Meet, self-described as “the world’s most intelligent hydroponics system.” Creator Doug Slemmer was inspired to make the system when his wife was undergoing cancer treatments and used medical marijuana to combat the resulting nausea. Slemmer wanted