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1 Sep 2014

Control The Lights from Smartphone

The Switchmate Snap is Switchmate’s first product that provides smart lighting within seconds. Switchmate uses rare earth magnets to retrofit over existing light switches, turning them into smart switches using a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) enabled actuating
23 Jul 2014

Homey Voice Controlled Home Automation System

Homey, a voice controlled home automation system, could make it easier for users to get home and relax as it closes the blinds, turns down the lights and cues up a movie all at your command. Its
21 Jul 2014

Vertical Garden Art

You’ve seen vertical gardens, wall planters before but this is next level stuff. Art We Heart makes unique wall art using plants and moss. From trendy symbols like @ and # to cities like LA and NY, each
11 Jul 2014

Artificial Windows

For residents living in the north, where sunlight can be a rare commodity during the winter, a psychological condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder is a very real problem. Light therapy is one way to shake off
30 Jun 2014

Bamboo Compact Charger in the Kitchen

Bamboo Compact smart assistant workstation in bamboo docks and charges your tablet or smartphone while you cook up your favorite dishes.  It neatly cradles your devices, cookbooks and utensils in beautiful eco-friendly bamboo.  With its ingenious cable
23 Jun 2014

Mixed Reality Living Spaces

When it comes to forecasting the future, there are two schools of thought: one that sees our planetary cup still half full, the other alarmingly half empty. You can cast Bernardo Schorr, MFA candidate in Parsons’ Design
4 Jun 2014

Floating Storage

Swedish studio Resize Design created this clever storage system. Frustrated by traditional storage that often leaves unsightly marks on walls, floors and ceilings (terrible for a rental apartment), designers came up with the solution. They attached floating storage
28 May 2014

Folditure Stunning Folding Chair

Folditure designers team, dedicated to creating unparalleled space-saving furniture, announce the debut of their newest (folding) chair. An elegant mix of planar surfaces, curved edges and voids, forms a three dimensional sculpture around Folditure’s patented folding mechanism.
20 May 2014

Convertible Shelf Table

How neat is this? A shelving unit that doubles as a dining table. This unusual fir-and-iron piece swivels in place to rotate between these two functions. Good idea for storing your dishes and other dining paraphernalia and
19 May 2014

Hexagonal Coat Rack

Your bare wall can be turned into a coatrack with Wardrobe, a clever storage system designed by Studio Rene Siebum. Made up of connected hexagonal wooden blocks, the units hang on your wall and when you need
14 Apr 2014

Made For Your Child

Steps chair by Norwegian company Stokke is designed to adapt to the child’s growth, step by step (hence the name). This modular system will accomodate a baby of 3 to 10 years of age. It can be
24 Mar 2014

Sofa You Don’t Want To Leave

Many would agree that the ideal sofa is the one you don’t want to leave. Milan based designer Burak Kocak expanded this idea and created a sofa you don’t need to leave. This modular piece, called Herb,