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13 Apr 2016

Slide Down Drawers

The Cabinet Plus kitchen drawers from Magnet made my wishlist instantaneously. How cool are they? Hiding behind upper cabinets, these drawers give an easy access to the items we need and use the most in the kitchen. Storage
11 Apr 2016

Homegrown Veggies from IKEA

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own veggies and herbs, but don’t have a yard where you can set up a garden, IKEA has the perfect product for you. The furniture retailer just unveiled its new
23 Mar 2016

The Nap Bar

Who doesn’t love a nap? Even better are things that make naps easier and more cozy. Smarin are known for their nap-friendly lounge pieces and the France-based studio recently completed an installation in Dubai called the Nap Bar.
22 Mar 2016

4 in 1 XSTAND Adds a Little Luxury to your Desktop

Dale Rorabaugh, the creator behind the X STAND has designed a stand that holds your laptop, tablet and smartphone.  This multi-functional stand changes from sitting, standing or typing mode in seconds.  When not using it with your
29 Feb 2016

Closet Into Flexible Room Divider

This closet, created by Studiomama, can transform to a flexible room divider. A great news for open layout studio apartments. The piece includes a central hanging rail, as well as ten drawers in different sizes. The doors expand to
11 Feb 2016

Scorpion Lamp Adjustable

Scorpion Lamp a desk lamp that offers the user huge range of adjustability. The product is lengthened from 30cm to 65cm. It is really easy adjusting it to intended level with the help of ergonomic handle and
9 Feb 2016

Modular Hand Tools

Getting bored of heavy and solid traditional hand tool sets, Modular Hand Tools is an innovative set consisting modular pieces to create tool combinations including the stand for the storage and the turn-screw accessories. The set contains
8 Feb 2016

Retromixer Water Taps

Two friends, Denny and Artur, dealt with separate taps for months themselves and realized this is a widespread problem. However, no such product was commercially available. They concluded that there has to be a market for a
1 Feb 2016

Oristand Flexible Standing Desk

Oristand is there when you need it and folds flat when you don’t. Finally, a stand up desk that’s good for your back, your wallet & our planet. No screws. No assembly. No instructions needed. Ori’s simplicity is
1 Feb 2016

Apartment With A Slide

An. Apartment. With. A. Slide. You read that correctly. Childhood fantasies can come true no matter how old you are! This Ukrainian apartment is split between two levels on the top floor of a 1917 building and
25 Jan 2016

Seed Sculpture

Here is one unorthodox way to lift your greenery off your counters – sculpturesque planters. SEED by Taeg Nishimoto of studio TN/MOS created these beautiful wall mounted objects that can hold and showcase small house plants. Inspired by river stones,
13 Jan 2016

Alarm Clock That Forces You to Get up

Tired of sleeping through your alarms? Do you hit the snooze button over and over again? Introducing Ruggie – the World’s first talking rug alarm clock. This revolutionary clock will not only get you out of bed on time