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20 Jan 2018

The Future Smartphone

DOUBLE-SIDED SMARTPHONE When it comes to smartphone screen design, Samsung seems to be bending possibilities more than other mobile phone manufacturers. Or at least, they beat the others to it. The South Korean tech giant was the
15 Jan 2018

Can This Headphone Make You Better At Sports?

These over-the-ear headphones supposedly deliver tiny electrical impulses directly to the motor cortex, the area of your brain that controls body movement, putting those brain cells in a state of hyperplasticity; basically, it’ll make your brain temporarily
13 Jan 2018

Zero-Electricity “Washing Machine”

We’ve all been there – you need to wash just a few clothing items but you don’t have nearly enough for a full load of laundry. The gentlewasher offers a solution, washing clothes in five minutes with less water than washing machines and zero electricity. The hand-powered
12 Jan 2018

Tinted Clocks

The 12-hour clock is possibly the most common wall clock in the world. It finds itself in every household, on a wall in the living room or bedroom, above your television or on your bedside/study table. It
6 Jan 2018


The monitor’s alarm will vibrate to wake you if SpO2 drops below your setpoint (80-95%); Improve quality of sleep using customizable O2 thresholds and smart alarm settings; Track SpO2 while lightly exercising to maximize fitness regimens; Wearable
5 Jan 2018

Smart Heated Jacket

  This jacket is Slim fit design and jacket run small. Smarkey heated down jacket designed with 3 heating zones on waist and back and can keep heating 4-8 hours after full charged No Chest Slim Fit
4 Jan 2018

Smarter Vision

There are four modes to the Relúm?no app and glasses, each using image processing software to enhance vision. Regular mode helps to better define shapes by making outlines more visually prominent, reducing blurriness, while Color Invert mode
3 Jan 2018

Shapa’s Scale- Helping Weight Loss Using Psychology

  Weighing yourself after the holidays can be an emotionally trying process, especially if you’ve gone heavy on the turkey sandwiches. Oftentimes, the bad news sends you reaching for the comfort of the leftover chips and candy
2 Jan 2018

Not Just A Lamp

Designed to look like an hourglass, but one filled with light, rather than sand, the JAL is rather appropriately named because its conception wasn’t intentional. It’s beautiful no doubt, but its inspiration seems so casual, it’s almost
31 Dec 2017

The Most Innovative Smart Home Devices for 2018

In recent months, smart home devices have made huge strides in the tech industry, with tech behemoths such as Google and Amazon paving the way for this futuristic technology. Here we’ve come up with a list of