All New Business Ideas in Gadgets

8 Apr 2015

Phone to Game Boy

A gaming peripheral development company called Hyperkin is in the process of creating the Smart Boy, a device that will allow you to plug and play Game Boy cartridges on your iPhone. The project, originally planned as
25 Mar 2015

WoodPuck Wireless Charging for Gadgets

WoodPuck: Bamboo Edition is a cutting edge development and is becoming an important way to charge smartphones. Wireless Charging is quickly becoming a standard built-in feature for many smartphones, such as the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6
10 Mar 2015

Elbee: Control Devices With Voice or Head Gestures

Introducing the Elbee, smart wireless earphones that can perform custom shortcuts to your favorite actions without the need to use your hands. They enable you to receive notifications directly in your ear and to control devices with
25 Feb 2015

Smart Connect Cradle ’n Swing

Rocking a fussing baby back to sleep is certainly a crucial part of the bonding process, but there are times when doing so just isn’t convenient … right? Well, regardless of your feelings about it, Fisher Price’s
3 Feb 2015

Blade Tablet and Laptop Lock

When people mention computer security these days, they usually mean cyber-warfare and hacking. Yet, stolen laptops and tablets remain a prime source of data theft. Last year, for instance, Coca Cola admitted that the personal information of
12 Jan 2015

Cuff Wearable Device

Cuff is a small wireless module that can be slipped into companion jewelry and unisex accessories. The unit vibrates when the user receives a call or text from favorite contacts, and also doubles as a fitness tracker,
25 Dec 2014

Back to Basics

So it’s back to basics. With the barrage of new fancy smartphones flooding the market in recent months, it is easy to overlook one of the basic functions of a mobile phone – as an emergency contact mobile
8 Dec 2014

Lost and Found with Lymbit

Losing your everyday objects has ceased to be a problem with the Lymbit system. Lymbit created and developed a system that allows you to locate your items using your own mobile phone (app), smart watch, Google Glass, or any
4 Dec 2014

Subconscious Menu

When scanning a menu, many of us are just justifying the profiteroles rather than actually choosing a dessert. Pizza Hut wants to skip your super-ego middleman and just let your id order that triple-cheese bacon pepperoni directly.
24 Nov 2014

Bracket Macbook Cable Dock

Bracket is a new invention. It’s a minimalistic aluminum dock for your Macbook Pro Retina that is designed to fit your Mac perfectly. We have created a simple device with a unique nordic design, a Bracket, that
19 Nov 2014

Everykey Password Secure Wristband

Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. Like a credit card, you can instantly disable your Everykey if it ever gets lost or stolen. Everykey utilizes AES 128-bit encryption, the same encryption that’s used by
15 Nov 2014

Bone-Conduction to Guide Blind

While the act of walking down the street might be second nature to most of us, it can be a much more difficult experience for those who are blind or visually impaired. To combat the issue, Microsoft