All New Business Ideas in Gadgets

19 Apr 2016

PowerLight Mini – Be Seen and Be Charged

PowerLight Mini, a rechargeable light that fits in your palm and has a useful wire clip that allows you to hold it hands-free, hang it or stand it up. There are four light modes and, on red
1 Mar 2016

LOOP Table Lamp

Inspiration for design can strike anywhere at any moment, even when it’s something you’ve walked past many times before. Such is the case for the LOOP table lamp designed by Timo Niskanen. Founder of HIMMEE in 2014, Niskanen
25 Feb 2016

Privoro Privacy Guard for Smartphones

The Privoro privacy guard (with Px[P3] technology for the iPhone 6 and 6s) helps you take back control of your digital privacy. Our device works seamlessly with your mobile phone to prevent location tracking and RF hacking, as
17 Feb 2016

Fitti Guard Brings Cutting Edge Sensor Technology to Your Wrist

Beyond well established functions like step- and levelcount, calories burned and heart rate, Fitti Guard offers advanced features including automatic recognition of activities (e.g. golfing, basketball, tennis etc.), sleep analysis and GPS tracking, supporting an active and
15 Feb 2016

HELCY Laptop Case for Good Posture

HELCY is the only laptop stand integrated into a case which enables you to work healthily and productively as well as anywhere and effortlessly. Designed for our digital lifestyle, showcasing a sleek and modern look, HELCY is the
29 Jan 2016

This Smartphone Case That Transforms Itself Into a Selfie Stick is Clever AF

Arguably, nothing is more annoying or embarrassing than walking around with a huge selfie stick as you roam the globe. Luckily, Stikbox takes care of all of your selfie needs and won’t take up any extra room
28 Jan 2016

Water saving Smart Shower

At this month’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an overly “smart” showerhead called the Hydrao was shown. It basically detects how much water you’re wasting with those long showers. Using sensors and LED lights, when it
21 Jan 2016

Smart Remote to Control Any Smart Device

Smart Remote by Sevenhugs is the world’s first contextual remote to control anything at home with just one touch. Control all your connected devices with the Smart Remote. It instantly recognizes where and what you’re pointing to, adapting its
25 Dec 2015

Washable Phone

Waterproof phones are beyond old news in Japan; practically every phone released by a domestic manufacturer has been toilet-droppable for several years. But until now, that waterproofing didn’t protect phones from the kind of rigorous scrubbing needed
16 Dec 2015

Classic Watches Can Be Smartwatches Too

A few years ago my wife bought me a nice Citizen Eco-Drive watch as an anniversary gift. I feel bad seeing it in my desk drawer as I test out various smartwatches, but thanks to the upcoming
15 Dec 2015

Algae Growing Ink

Christmas wish lists aren’t usually the sort of thing this writer pens, but I may make an exception this year for an exciting new writing implement. Living Ink Technologies has created a writing utensil inked with live
19 Oct 2015

Elbee Wireless Smart Headphones

Elbee is the first wireless headphones that control smartphones with subtle head movements and voice commands. A Kickstarter campaign is underway to raise funds for production and distribution of the in-ear headphones with smart features. The Elbee enables true screen-less interaction with