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2 Sep 2014

Introducing the Tiger EasyRoller: Creating Safer and More Efficient Work Spaces

Despite its importance, the issue of health and safety continues to divide opinion in the contemporary workplace. Even the development of the so-called ‘myth buster’ panel in the UK has done little to bridge this divide, as
22 Aug 2014

Microscope on Mobile Phone or Tablet

The Catalyst Frame Microscope turns your smartphone/tablet into a versatile digital microscope. It combines with your camera’s digital magnification with native 30/50/170x or 30/170/340x to get a range of magnification from 30 to over 1000x. No need to
20 Aug 2014

ZeroHour Flashlight and Charger

ZeroHour is a tactical-grade flashlight with integrated dual USB Battery Backup, wrapped in a patent pending modular design. It can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and other mobile USB devices, and assist in emergency situations and more.
14 Aug 2014

Intelligent Blinker Bracelet

As any serious bicycle commuter will tell you, it’s important to let drivers know what you’re doing by signaling your intention to turn. Needless to say, the more visible your hand signals are, the safer you should
7 Jul 2014

Remote Selfies Control

The Muku Shuttr is a Bluetooth remote control enabling cellphone and tablet users to take the perfect self-portrait or group photo. Shipping from September 2013 and priced at USD 39, the Hong Kong-designed device is compatible with a range
1 Jun 2014

FX-Sport VR2 Sport Headphones Act as a Real-Time Coach

In June, U.K.-based FX-Sport is launching a Kickstarter fundraiser to perfect its advanced VR2 mp3 player, which can be waterproofed through a silicon accessory.  This product is unique in that you can upload text to speech recordings
25 Apr 2014

Washable Keyboard

The Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 is a washable keyboard which is easy to clean and dry with hand-wash-safe design. Ultra-durable, it is built to take a washing and pounding – durable keys with laser printing and UV coating.
22 Apr 2014

Rufus Cuff Smart Wristwatch

The Rufus Cuff is an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist real estate. With a beautiful 3-inch wide screen, radical design, and reimagined form factor, the Rufus Cuff ends the era of the watch
25 Mar 2014

Lumo Lift Good Posture Gadget

Lumo Lift is a small, beautiful device that you wear on your chest to track your daily activity and help to improve your posture. It pairs with an iOS and Android app to allow you to view
13 Mar 2014

TravelCard – Charger in a Wallet

People love their Smartphones – until they run out of power.  Usually at the worst possible time:  Traveling. Outdoors. During a blackout. Or having car trouble. With the TravelCard, you always have reserve power available, in your wallet. It’s the exact
7 Feb 2014

Fragrance Emitting Smartphone

If you were crestfallen when you heard that Scentee’s fragrance-emitting smartphone add-on would be hard to get outside of Japan, you can relax — it’s now available worldwide through the company’s site. The perfume plug-in sells for
20 Jan 2014

P.O.V. Mounting System

P.O.V. Kit mounting system allows the user to mount their GoPro camera directly on any backpack, belt or strap, meaning the video points-of-view are as limitless as the wearer’s creativity. The first ultra-versatile video mount of its kind.