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22 Feb 2018

A Toast To This Avocado Restaurant

Avocados have become the United States’ favorite fruit with consumption growing over the last 15 years. It’s led to the opening of a new all-avocado restaurant called Avocaderia in Brooklyn, New York. All of their options, from breakfast to smoothies,
19 Feb 2018

Plant-Based Milk?

We’ve seen a major trend of plant-based meats entering into our supermarkets and restaurant menus, but it isn’t limited to that category. In fact, farms are making the transition to cruelty-free and plant-based products more than ever.
14 Feb 2018

Chococurb Makes Ordering Chocolate Easier

A happy lover makes for a happy home, and what better way to bring joy to your doorstep than with a box of chocolates for that special someone this Valentine’s Day? But not just any chocolates (because
11 Feb 2018

Lush Platters The New Gastronomy Trend

Grazing. No, it’s not just a term restricted to livestock and grassy fields. Nor does it refer exclusively to the green stuff we line our salad bowls with. Grazing has been increasingly used in the domain of
8 Feb 2018

Say Cheese

Your favourite childhood snack, the humble cheese toast, just got an upgrade. Say Chiizu, Thailand’s stretchiest Hokkaido-style cheese toast opens five outlets across the island this week. The first takeaway kiosk made an appearance at Vivocity yesterday,
8 Feb 2018

New Instagrammable Bobii Frutii

The Return Of The Taiwanese Bubble Tea craze in Singapore sees old players such as Gong Cha, Singapore brand LiHo and Taiwan’s PlayMade ??, all of them with difference in their areas of specialty. Let’s just say Gong Cha is known
5 Feb 2018

Never Worry About Your Packed Lunch Getting Cold Again!

This portable box is a lunchbox that is equipped with a built-in oven that lets you eat your meals hot, just like if they were prepared fresh. Reheating food in the office microwave means standing in line,
2 Feb 2018

Self Regulating Temperature Mug

  MY DAILY COFFEE routine goes something like this: I arrive at the office, drop my bag next to my desk, grab my mug, and head to the kitchen. I fill it to the brim with the delicious
20 Jan 2018

Chill Your Booze Naturally

Use nature to chill your drink with the help from Blitzen. Blitzen is a rooftop beverage chiller that allows for natural cooling (as long as it’s cold outside) to prevent you coming to a holiday party with a warm of
17 Jan 2018

Ending Food Wastage With FoodMaven

Waste has been an accepted norm in the food industry with businesses anticipating those costs. A new startup from Colorado, FoodMaven, wants to change that by turning potential waste into something useful. Walton Enterprises, who own 50