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16 Nov 2016

Building a Cool Business with Bitcoin: Three of the Best Bitcoin Business Ideas

Take a monetary system that exists but doesn’t really exist, add in a few creative tech types and let their imaginations run wild and what do you get? Yes, you’ve guessed it: some cool business ideas. Bitcoin
16 Nov 2016

How One Company Evolved an 187-year-old Game

The decision to expand a product line, innovate around a new idea, or move into a new area of business altogether is a difficult one. For example, you might reap the benefits of a larger customer base
28 Sep 2016

Beyond Casual Friday: Energizing The Workplace With Fun

The battle against boredom is one of the toughest that we fight in the workplace. The job that seems so fresh and exciting in our first years can grind its way into monotony as we move from learning
10 Jun 2016

Teach-U: VR – Learns Music Through Virtual Reality

NYU Shanghai students Sean Kelly and Sam Shi want to use the potential of VR to increase access to information. Over the weekend at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in New York, the duo initially looked into assisting students studying brain surgery but they switched their
9 Jun 2016

Star Wars Vinyl Soundtrack Shows Holograms When Played

Even though John Williams‘ score for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been available to fans since the film hit theaters late last year, a vinyl version of the soundtrack wasn’t available until this year. While there
7 Jun 2016

The First Interactive Audience Award – Disappearing Trophy

Technology manufacturer Lenovo got the opportunity to support Humo’s Rock Rally, Flanders’ major battle of the bands. As the main partner they got to hand out the Audience Award. “We didn’t want to give away one of
17 Nov 2015

World Anti-Stress Project

Stress levels in the Ukraine are unusually high given the nation’s extreme political tensions and violence. While not in a position to resolve issues of that scale, cookie company Kresko nonetheless saw an opportunity to inject moments
8 Sep 2015

Music in the office: is it a good idea?

Some yearn for music to aid creativity when others need complete silence. Certain companies blast music through their office while many have a ban on earphones. Music in the workplace, it’s a hotly debated topic. Should your
11 Aug 2015

Cool Business Concepts Catering to Film Lovers Around the World

The film industry has been enthralling and entertaining customers for many decades now and, according to research firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), that trend is only set to grow. According to the company’s forecasts, the worldwide filmed entertainment industry
5 Nov 2014

Shipping Containers as Outdoor Theater

A new Arts and Education centre in Cincinnati is slated to open. The project, called PAR, will include a unique outdoor theater built from re-purposed shipping containers. PAR Project will also be used to teach art skills like
22 Oct 2014

Wearable Band

DrumPants lets you play (music) with yourself by arming (and legging) you with sensors that can be programmed to play more than 100 sounds. It’s you as musical instrument. With the advent of the iPhone and iPad
31 Jul 2014

Drinks Pairing with Music

Ever wonder what libation best complements Lady Gaga? Well, according to Drinkify, it’s a 6 oz. vodka served neat with an olive. Upon selecting a song or artist, the site suggests the perfect cocktail to pair with