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24 Jan 2018

Personalized Lipstick

3D printing is revolutionizing just about every area of our lives — and that includes ones you may not immediately think of. Researchers in the U.K.’s Cosmetic Science Group at London College of Fashion have been exploring
23 Jan 2018

Woven Into The Future

Prolific New York designer Joe Doucet’s portfolio of work spans a wide berth of projects – bicycles, spirits, brand identity, furniture, electronics, architecture – the reflection of a polygot mind driven by a self-described condition of “debilitating curiosity“, grounded in
19 Jan 2018

Sneakers As Subway Passes?

No ticket? No problem. If you’re wearing Adidas’s limited-edition EQT Support 93 sneaker, you’ll be able to hitch a free ride on Berlin’s metro through most of 2018. To satisfy the conductor, simply kick up your heels. An
18 Jan 2018

Interactive Tiles

This product is great for both children and adults. These colorful gel tiles are an amazing addition to playrooms, classrooms, studios or for any party. Turn any floor into an interactive ad responsive surface. Simply walk on
12 Jan 2018

Tinted Clocks

The 12-hour clock is possibly the most common wall clock in the world. It finds itself in every household, on a wall in the living room or bedroom, above your television or on your bedside/study table. It
20 Nov 2017

Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch Blocks Identity Theft

Faraday Pocket and Ultility Pouch blocks all RFID cell signals, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, mic and camera interception to protect people from identity theft. Inspired by the Faraday Bags used by Military Special Forces to transport critical documents and
8 Nov 2017

New Startup Goes Old School By Launching Analog Tool To Improve Digital App Design

Fusability Apps launched an app sketchbook officially titled Build Apps Sketchbook though Kickstarter. Exciting features of the sketchbook include 120 app screen templates, a full-sheet dot grid on every page, an embossed cover, and a double-coil loop
17 Oct 2017

HURU Expandable, Water-Resistant Backpack

Built-in waist bag, rain hood for the owner and a lifetime warranty make HURU backpack a smart and reliable companion for city and travel. HURU is water-resistant. You don’t need an extra cover for the backpack. No drop
4 Sep 2017

Nest Piggy Bank

Introducing our latest OTHR exclusive preview: a clever play on the piggy bank by returning designer Lance McGregor. Nest redefines this classic typology, in 3D printed porcelain and steel. The idea for Nest came about from designer
3 Sep 2017

High-Tech Heels & Flats that Feel Like Sneakers Inside

Created to be a gorgeous, classic shape to compliment absolutely anything in your closet, Antonia Saint shoes softly hug your feet with a hidden SoftSurround System™ so that you feel supreme cushion with each step. Instead of sacrificing beauty for