All New Business Ideas in Design

9 Apr 2014

Comfort Home In Winter

La Luge was designed to celebrate the wonders of winter. The secondary home is made up of two volumes, a dark and a light, that exist on different levels but merge in the middle. The light volume
5 Apr 2014

3D-Printed Photo Figurines

Users seeking a more eerily accurate 3D rendering of their full-body selves should consider making the trek to Hamburg, where artists Kristina Neurohr and Timo Schaedel of pop-up studio Twinkind create life-like “photo figurines.” Users choose one of seven size
8 Mar 2014

Bottle Caps Lego

Bottle caps typically serve a humble purpose and aren’t really thought of as the most practical invention ever — instead, they contribute to more than USD 1 billion worth of plastic waste that ends up in US landfills each
3 Mar 2014

Greeting Gift Box

Greetabl is a greeting card and a gift box all in one; you can fit little gifts such as candy, nail polish, jewelry, and even gift cards inside of your handwritten message. What it really is, though, is
19 Feb 2014

Clamp Lamp

This witty idea belongs to Swedish designer Ola Giertz. The simplistic Clamp lamp, produced by lighting brand Oriva, can be attached to many different types of furniture easily. Inspired by a classic clothespin, the piece bears a
14 Feb 2014

Lego Building Electrical Appliances

How to let people to produce, repair and modify their own appliances? Design student Weilun Tseng wants to create a new thinking to define how to produce electronic appliances. He expects that one day household appliances can be produced
27 Jan 2014

Gadget Docker Stand

The VERSI Docker Stand is an awesome compliment for viewing and charging your favorite gadgets. The dual pivoting arm allows you to easily move your devices into the best position to get work done or just kick
22 Jan 2014

The Lovemark Monument

This is the Lovemark: a unique canvas to express your feelings and a unique collective piece of architectural art at the same time! A landmark with a heart, a positive point of reference to inspire us, our
21 Jan 2014

Foldable Wooden Shelf

Reminiscent of a compressible paper model, the ‘stockwerk’ shelf by german designer meike harde appears to negate its material properties. the solid wood structure becomes a foldable object due to cuts in its side walls, which act
20 Dec 2013

Fan-tastic Recycling

Politician and environmentalist Hon. Nida Cabrera set up a challenge for Belgian product designer Sep Verboom to create a new product out of waste found in Cebu, Philippines. Verboom packed his bags and headed to the city
13 Dec 2013

Magnetic Bike Lights

Lucetta is an innovative set of two small magnetic bicycle lights, these ones in black. The lights easily attach to multiple areas on your bicycle, providing awhite light in the front and a red light in the
11 Dec 2013

Pegs Lamp

Crea-re Studio takes your average clothespins and uses them to create handmade lamps in Poland. The Clips lamps appear to be supported with a frame that is then covered in various ways with Polish clothes pegs made