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21 Feb 2018

Cabinet Without Drawers And Doors

When you think of console cabinets, your first thought is probably storage hidden behind a series of drawers and doors. But, Santiago-based industrial designer Alessandro Criscito has changed all that with a cabinet called Enigma. While its shape references a
14 Feb 2018

Keeping Your Feet Cooler

Graphene – the “wonder material” composed of a one-atom-thick sheet of linked carbon atoms – has already been used in products such as helmets, microphones and light bulbs. Now, it’s found its way into a prototype shoe that helps keep your
10 Feb 2018

Spider Silk Jacket

Sports apparel manufacturer Goldwin and biomaterial research company Spiber are teaming up to deliver a new prototype ski jacket. This garment features Qmonos construction, a protein material that takes inspiration from spider silk, and it is the first of its
9 Feb 2018

Walk In This Ski Boots With Ease

Although downhill skiing itself is a lot of fun, trying to walk around in the boots can be … challenging. It was with this limitation in mind that British skier and entrepreneur Rony Shirion designed Zuke, a
8 Feb 2018

Passcodes Hidden In Your Clothes

If you don’t like the idea of your boss implanting a chip in your hand to let you open doors and log into office computers, a team from the University of Washington has developed a system that doesn’t require
3 Feb 2018

Wearable Breast Pump

What you see is what you get. This sleek wearable breast pump from Willow, a Mountain View, CA-based company is an autonomous unit designed to pump and collect breast milk. There are no wires or any other external
31 Jan 2018

‘Human Web’ Labyrinth

Tape may seem like an odd art medium to some, but one exhibition is changing minds by turning people into scurrying arthropods. Visitors to the Des Moines Art Center are getting lost inside this giant human-scale spider web made
30 Jan 2018

Heat-Conducting Ink To Keep Olympians Warm

As part of the uniform, Ralph Lauren designed a parka and a bomber jacket that each use a heat-conducting ink to generate warmth like an electric blanket. “We’re looking back and celebrating what’s iconic and symbolic of
30 Jan 2018

Recycled Minerals For Making Jewellery

Did you know that there’s gold and silver in your computer? These precious metals end up in landfills when people don’t recycle their laptops and other electronics. According to Dell, American consumers trash $60 million in silver and gold every year just by not recycling smartphones. The technology
24 Jan 2018

Personalized Lipstick

3D printing is revolutionizing just about every area of our lives — and that includes ones you may not immediately think of. Researchers in the U.K.’s Cosmetic Science Group at London College of Fashion have been exploring