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5 Apr 2016

Stealth Sock

Maison Impeccable’s first product is the Stealth Sock, the first dress sock on the market to blend the performance properties of silver and carbon with advanced construction features. The result is a sock that doesn’t smell, breathes well, and
2 Mar 2016

Sleek Stool Made From Single Sheet of Plywood

Mu Hau Kao, a design graduate at the Camberwell College of Arts, has created a stool made from a single sheet of plywood in a design that is so sleek, it won the coveted 2015 New Designer’s
27 Jan 2016

The Ergon Desk

There are now plenty of standing desks for buyers to choose from, along with desks that allow users to switch between sitting and standing. The Ergon Desk, however, takes things a step farther. It’s a six-person unit
7 Jan 2016

The Hypnos Hoodie with Inflatable Pillow

The Hypnos Hoodie is an everyday hoodie that inflates for sleep (and support) on the go. Hypnos is redefining the hooded sweatshirt for sleep through an engineered, patent pending pillow system. The form contours and wraps around
28 Oct 2015

MistR Portable Cologne Atomiser

MistR is a refillable, portable, card-sized stainless steel cologne atomiser which protects your fragrance, and has a visually appealing clean look while being highly durable. 7mm at its thickest, MistR is designed to be kept in the
14 Sep 2015

Live Comfy Wearable Technology

Traveling can either be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. So Live Comfy decided to do something about that to make it tolerable for everyone. No more neck pillows, blankets, and tangled headphone cords. The Live Comfy travel jacket incorporates a bluetooth enabled smart pump that not only inflates air chambers surrounding your head in the hood, but can be done so with your phone via the Android or iOS app. The pump doesn’t just make your transit more comfortable, but also acts as a back up battery for any USB powered device should you need it. While Live Comfy boasts fantastic innovation in “Wearable Technology” they also didn’t take any shortcuts in style and comfort. Using a textured cotton blend on the outer shell of the jacket helps maintain breathability with an ultra soft microfiber for ultimate comfort. The fit of the jacket is undeniably perfect with tapered chest and waist, so you don’t look like you just threw on a poncho. The internal media pocket protects the pump and streamlines headphone wires for easy, handsfree listening.
11 Sep 2015

TO-DO Watch Organizer

«To-Do» watch organizer philosophy is simple and clean: with a help of liquid chalk marker and chalkboard paint surface you can write down all necessary tasks and make important notes on the go.  All you need is to
15 Jun 2015

TOFU Chair

Vegetarians of the world rejoice — the world’s first TOFU chair is here! Designed by Leonardo Talarico, the Tofu Chair lives up to its name and is made entirely from tasty soy bean curd. Using portion-sized chunks
26 May 2015

3DPrinted DINO Clothes Rack

Just when you thought that clothing racks are to remain forever mundane, KAYIWA excavates the DINO. After eight intensive years of research and development, the DINO clothes rack is now available in three versatile models: straight, wavy
20 May 2015

Lollypop Pencil Sharpener

Lollypop is a wooden pen sharpener that has eight holes for pencils in different diameters and also different cross section. This eco-friendly sharpener consists of three main parts; top and bottom wooden covers and a round steel
28 Apr 2015

Ultimate Modern Foldable Lounge Chair

Designer Alexander Gendell and Folditure, creators of innovative space-saving furniture announce the launch of Star, a uniquely elegant and functional lounge chair. Like all Folditure products, Star is a beautiful piece of furniture that folds into a
10 Apr 2015

Quirky Cabinets

Israeli design company Magenta Workshop designed a family of quirky, gravity-defying cabinets that rethink how storage is supposed to look. Made up of boxes in different shapes and sizes, the cabinets not only provide you with a bit of