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1 Feb 2018

Three Wheeled Scooter?

Relync set out to make a scooter that’s not only functional but stylish, looking to classic 1960s race cars for inspiration. It hasn’t exactly created the next Ferrari 275 GTB/C, but the R1 definitely has a compact, modern
27 Jan 2018

Versatile Bottle With Coffee Press

The Espro is a well-designed and versatile water bottle that measures 235mm high by 65mm diameter and weighs 269g. As we can see from the images, the water bottle shows off a minimalistic modern appearance design, and the compact
20 Jan 2018

A New Kind Of GoPro

The REMOVU R1+ is a device that allows GoPro users to remotely operate their camera and enjoy Wi-Fi live view capabilities while you are in action. The major improvement of this “Plus” version over the previous model is a
18 Jan 2018

Turning Trash Into Gold Again

Actress Nikki Reed has announced her partnership with Dell through her company Bayou With Love. Together, they’re recycling gold scraps from Dell’s old motherboards and turning them into a new line of jewelry, Engadget reports. The line includes
16 Jan 2018

Intelligent LED Lights For Bikes

This is an affordable and practical LED bicycle tail light that measures 3.2 x 1.1 x 2.7 inches. As shown in her images, the LED bike light sports a minimal and low-profile design, and the black body allows it
12 Jan 2018

Iron Smartly

The Laurastar Smart Ironing System is the thing to get if you aim to improve your ironing skills to professional level. This sleek combo includes a super dooper smart iron with extreme steaming power and an active board to
12 Jan 2018

The Go-To Travel Bag

The slight downside to carry-on bags is that with limited space you have to be fairly selective in what you pack. But the GoBag has a neat solution to help you pack everything you need, with space
12 Jan 2018

Sun Shower Air Purifier

Air pollution in across East Asia is a truly frightening problem. The concentration of ultrafine dust in Korea particularly is getting worse over the years, while 1.6 million people were killed by air pollution in Northeast Asia
11 Jan 2018

Ultra Mega Storage Space

The Apollo Cloud 2 is a powerful and easy-to-use personal cloud storage device that measures 4.84 x 5.39 x 8.39 inches and weighs 5.07 lbs. As we can see from the images, the storage device shows off a minimal
11 Jan 2018

A Titanium Knife & Tool For Your Wallet

TACK is an acronym for Titanium Anywhere Card Knife which was created using a minimalist design philosophy. There’s a lot of credit card type tools out there, that just don’t “cut it”.  We knew that we could make something much